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  1. Roger, Ditto all of the above, you have done a grate job. Tanks Mucho!!!!! Jeff G
  2. Bill, Rogo, Dennis, I read all the above posts with interest, and I have no interest in any pissing contests between the participants, although I do find John B's use of the Kings Engligh always interesting and entertaining. That there, as they say is "the real deal". Bumps, rocks, soft ground and hurdles arewhat makes life interesting. I would be willing to bet most members don't give a hoot about the "stuff" in question, rather, like me, they are just very grateful to be a part of such an incredible organization, where they can prospect on great ground and yak with some of the best
  3. John, Grate ideer on the motto. Im furit... Jeff G...
  4. Bill, Roger, John B., Denny and all likely suspects, Prior to joining the WSPA I joined a local club which has claims in the El Paso Mts. I went out there a couple of times and felt like they should have valet parking as crowded as it was. What I am saying is the money spent to join WSPA is a pittance when you consider all of the acres now available to members. I sit here looking at the computer and enjoying the members adventures and finds vicariously but enjoying them nontheless. People, we got the deal of a lifetime is how I see it and I want to say to you guys doing all the wo
  5. Martin, thanks for helping the organization. Looks like pretty spiffy laywer lingo to me, probably have the most intrepid ambulance chasers shakin in their booties..... Regards, Jeff G.
  6. John, Thanks for a great story, is that Alamo shaft far from the area you guys went and checked out, I believe you had a chat with a border official at that time, kinda makes your mouth water don't it?? :innocent0009: Jeff
  7. Hi Perry, I was at Rye Patch in April and I think you could drive to the area where we camped out on the flats in a passenger vehicle, the mainaccess roads are pretty good. A quad or something to travel to other areas would be nice, but you can walk for miles and miles and it is pretty easy going. Regards Jeff G. WSPA # ??
  8. Bob, Lay off fur a day or so and get better, as one of our sage associates opined, the gold will still be there in the next millinium. I don't have any clever gopher lines, but think mebe my cat is pals with them, don't know what to make of that cat. Get better real soon. I look forward to meeting you and visiting the desert of my youth. Oh yea when Jim Caminish shows up DO NOT I repeat DO NOT let him put any nuggets anywhere near his teeth, the guy is an animal I tell ya!!! Regardz, Jeff G. WSPA # ??
  9. Jim, When I was at Rye Patch (in March I think) I met a young man who has leased I think five claims from the large mining co. which has many many sections claimed in this area. If you think the Majuba area is worth getting a lease on let me know and I will contact him and sound him out, perhaps he would be interested in assisting us, never hurts to ask. Please pm me if interested. Beautiful area. Thanks, Jeff G.
  10. Bill and Roger Thank you for correcting me, Roger, Jim Jennings received yur letter requesting his email address. JJ is rather compooter non literate and asked me to drop you a line. He has email at work but I am not sure of the address. When I receive any updates I will share until I can ship you his email address. Lessee, that is about it, but while I have yur attention I just want to say Thanks for putting this club together, I am confident it will prosper with the great guys participating. If I can be of assistance from Bakersfield please advise. In closing, I am goin to Ganes
  11. Sir Micro, I just got a chance to view the WSPA posts and have not gotten far. Having said that, I think your ideer is smashing. The greenies see us as a very fragmented group of unsophisticated, beer swilling, unwashed, uncouth, despoilers of the environment. Now while most of that is obviously true, we all, insofar as I have observed take our stewardship of the wonderful gift of galavanting around the sticks seeking almost, barely can see em chunks of gold vera vera seriouslie. So as to not beet the bush further I am all for your Ideerz and offer my very own self as a flak to spr
  12. Jason, Thank you for serving... When I say grace with my kids I ask God to be with our service men and women and to comfort their families it is vitally importand that they understand and they aren't getting these lessons in public schools today.. Without you and our brothers who served before we would not be here.. Please thank your buddys for all of us.. Keep your head down and return safely.. Respectfully, Jeff G.
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