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  1. I am 72 yoa just to give you a time frame. When I was a boy my dad and I were camped about 45 miles northwest of Gerlach Nevada and my dad made a large loop in his catch rope and put it around our bedrolls, when I ask why he said to keep the Rattlers out. He went on to tell me when he was a young man working for the Fly Ranch he was camped in the mountians he woke up with a Rattle Snake in his bed roll....He said he did not know if the rope worked but never had a snake in his bed since he started putting the rope around the bedrolls..............Idaho Al
  2. Hey, You Idahoians I live in Challis, mostly pretty busy in the summers with fire season but would like to hook up with other Idaho prospectors..............Idaho Al
  3. What's on your mind?

  4. What's on your mind?

  5. Mr Meteorite, I got onto your website for the first time today and I realy injoyed it and your video''.............Idaho Al
  6. Hey Allen, Question, does a person have to be present at the drawing to win ? I will try to make it but have to see how work goes....Idaho Al
  7. Hello All, As a retired Law Enforcment Officer and former Sheriff I have been involved in numerious search/rescue and recovery mission, mostly lost hikers or hunters and Mountian Climbers. Most are reported at night. I will get the logistic started and get a Command Post set up but I would never send my people out on a search or Mt. rescue in the dark...People with broken legs ect. will be of no help...The safety of your people is first priority-Always............Its hard for the family of the person that is missing to understand. Also The chances of completing you mission is so much gr
  8. Hi Jeremia, There is a prospecting shop/small engine repair shop in Victor Mt. The owner will be able to give you some good info/ there is a local chapter of GPAA and the sometimes have outings...This little shop in about 1/16th mile off the highway. Turn East befor you get to the main intersection in v Victor if you are comming from Darby..There is gold in Placer Creek off the highwaY that takes you to Wisdom..I hope this helps... Dusty..Are Idaho folks welcome to that outing?? ..............Idaho Al
  9. G'day, I have two speakers, one from Doc's and one radio shack, I added a on/off switch on both. They work well alone or as a dual system, cant tell the difference between the two other than the name and they cost about the same. The on/off switch is a must in my opnion. I also use Doc's screamer system and that is GREAT not having a cord to the battery in the harness..........Idaho Al
  10. Allen, I will say 164....Au Seeker, get the eraseable markers and go over the perm. marker and wipr off after it dries, some times it takes a couple of treatments..Works good for taking perm marker off of a white board.......Idaho Al
  11. Fred, can you freeze a bowl and send it to IdaHO?????
  12. Clay-You Might go to Australia Goldfeilds Prospecting forum, AOZ forum and Nuggethunter forum..Go back a few pages to when there were lots of questions about the operation of the 4500. You can start hunting with your 4500 in factory preset while you learn. I would take Bill Southerns offer, he is one of the Minelab GURU's...............Idaho Al
  13. Very good post Bill, most realy good nuggetfinders say,"low and slow". ...............Idaho Al
  14. Hello Glenn and Terry, My day was'nt to bad. Worked on the lawn mower, mowed the lawn, shined the Harley. Headed for Red Fish Lake in Stanley Basin, two many pepoles to detect the beaches so Rode over Galena Summit to Sun Vally and then back to Challis, nice ride. My X- Terra 705 fits in the Tourpack Trunk on my Ultra Glide. Nice day, nice ride........Terry I live in the 3rd largest county in Idaho, Custer County, no stop lights, no train tracks, very little traffic, population about 5k..................Idaho Al
  15. G'day All, As a retired Law Enforcment officer ( City Officer then Deputy Sheriff and then Sheriff in rural Idaho) I am appauled at this type of behavior mostly by the actions of the Deputy Sheriff, I have worked with federal officers from variuos agencys and had a hard time considering them real law enforcment. I have personaly seen and had contact with Law Enforcment Officers that were so parinoid that it made for a scarey situation. I may be the one who gets hauled off to jail in someone tries to seize my eqipment when a photo works just as well in most cases.........
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