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  1. First off, none of the vaccines are considered “experimental” any longer and secondly, her obituary lists the cause of death as being from natural causes..... go ahead and believe some yahoo who has a BA degree in bible studies and Greek from a bible college and whose income source is a conspiracy website.... is he still living on a defunct coconut plantation in the P.I.?????
  2. Look up his bio and education.....lmfao....
  3. Brian Shilhavy???? Yeah...right...certainly a trusted source....
  4. For all I know, maybe it’s the tart cherry juice that’s kept me from catching the bug....I know for sure that it works really good at keeping my knees semi limber....
  5. IIRC, wasn’t President Trump on a regimen of quinine and zinc?....... He’s lucky he was president at the time and was able to get the monoclonal antibody treatment in time to have it work....
  6. I seen that quite a few of them have a solar panel and they’re fairly inexpensive.... I’m gonna have to pick one up the next time I go to town... thanks for the input.
  7. Bob....are you related to Jen Psaki???
  8. I got to thinking about the 12 hour run time of the Equinox and the probability that I’ll be off the grid at times for 2-3 days in the summer.....up the proverbial creek so to speak.... any recommendations on quality chargers?
  9. I asked Minelab in an email and they said unless the jack was plugged in, water would probably ground out the speaker while submerged... it seemed like more of a “maybe” answer to me...I’m about halfway to being able to plunk down enough cash for the detector, 6” coil and the waterproof headphones, so I guess I’ll find out later this spring/summer.
  10. If “listening” is all you’re paying attention to, it’s no wonder you don’t have a firm grasp on reality...Actions speak louder than words...
  11. We know what “they want”....because they tell us.... there’s no conspiracy involved...you’re either being willfully ignorant or you’re not paying attention to what’s being said/done... The only side effects I’m feeling are injection site tenderness that has a slight itch to it....not unlike any other vaccination I’ve received...
  12. We’re STILL funding them and the timing of the arrival of the virus is also highly suspicious....all of a sudden, there’s a huge push for mail in voting and changes in voting laws... if it smells rotten, it probably is....
  13. Laugh all you want now....but apparently you aren’t paying attention to the rapidly changing narrative on what is “acceptable” speech and thought....have you burned all your Dr. Zeus’s books yet???
  14. The virus itself is an experimental biological agent.... scientists took a naturally occurring virus that was pretty much benign to humans and genetically modified it... it then escaped the confines of the lab and here we are today....my hope is that enough people get immunity either through vaccination or natural means to halt the spread.....sadly, I suspect this masking, social distancing, mass shutdowns of the economy are here to stay.... I also suspect the release of this virus was NOT an accident and was done purposely....
  15. The added frequencies of the 800 gives you a lot of extra control....another big plus (IMHO) is that it’s a Minelab product and THAT inspires confidence because I’ve never been unimpressed with any of the Minelab products I’ve owned... Confidence breeds success...
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