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  1. Chrisski....ignoring the problem is only gonna delay the day when digging for gold, minerals etc. is banned .....yesterday was oil/gas...what will it be tomorrow??? They are never satisfied....
  2. CRT.......really???? How on earth could even a brain damaged retard, believe that crap...wake up people....it ain’t funny anymore....
  3. Good....maybe the govt. will divert some of that “infrastructure” money they have earmarked for “social infrastructure” to the REAL stuff that needs it....
  4. The entire world is laughing their collective arses off at our naive stupidity.....
  5. I suspect that we’re also going to lose our energy independence....my main concern is national security, followed closely by high utility and transportation costs....IMNSHO, the inflation we’ve been seeing this past half year is only a fraction of what we’ll see within the next year or two....
  6. China, Russia, Iran and the rest of OPEC thank the good old US of A.....well, at least the Biden’s..... Any bets on how many of Hunters paintings will be displayed on Kremlin walls????
  7. I’m all for a political section as I like to know who the enemies of America are so I can avoid interacting or doing business with them.....(hint)....I no longer watch baseball, football, basketball...nor will I shop Amazon.... I also deleted my Facebook account....
  8. I’m surprised they have as many viewers as they do...
  9. Imagine the overhead $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  10. Maybe AFTER somebody shoots it with a high power rifle.......since these elusive crystals have also supposedly been found in high energy asteroid impact sites....
  11. Don’t you need an electron microscope to look at them?
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