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  1. middleforkminer2

    Bedrockbob contact? Glorieta

    If there's something you don't know or haven't done....it would surprise me....
  2. middleforkminer2

    Bedrockbob contact? Glorieta

    Funny stuff......
  3. middleforkminer2

    panning cons

    Mesh screen your material....
  4. middleforkminer2

    Crevicing for Gold another day another crevice

    Dude...get or build yourself a vacuum....
  5. middleforkminer2

    Gold Bug 2 - 550 Dollars

    Exactly how do you "Tune a coil" to a box???
  6. middleforkminer2

    Was It An Alien Probe???

    The only problem with contact between us and any other civilization, is the vast distances involved....I remember reading that even for as long as we've been transmitting radio waves, the earliest transmissions would have only made it to something like the 7th or 8th closest star.....which is why I think that if we have been visited by alien spacecraft, the operators of that craft would have to be some form of highly advanced robotics with artificial intelligence....
  7. middleforkminer2

    Was It An Alien Probe???

    IMHO, I find it almost incomprehensible that there wouldn't be other intelligent life forms scattered throughout the universe...the sheer number of stars within our galaxy alone suggest to me that it's a virtual mathematical certainty...
  8. middleforkminer2

    Full time prospecting?

    There's a big difference between prospecting and mining....both require perseverance, long hours and a lot of physical effort....
  9. middleforkminer2

    Happy Birthday Middleforkminer2

    I'll be headed to town later today....my last two tickets had both the power number + one....I'm gonna double down...
  10. middleforkminer2

    Happy Birthday Middleforkminer2

    I didn't win the lottery....sooo, nothing great, but thanks for the thought.
  11. middleforkminer2

    Attention Military Veterans!

    It was my pleasure....Wish I could do it all again...
  12. middleforkminer2

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    Thank god she's a white, socialist, snowflake type....
  13. middleforkminer2

    Attention Military Veterans!

    Well....I had a pretty interesting day yesterday. I went to the local clinic to see about getting a flu shot and initially started getting the run around about not being registered in "their" geographic area....then I mentioned that I read on a "prospectors forum" about a new "hotline" number direct to the White House.......the attitude immediately changed and the desk clerk got on the phone and started talking to somebody....before I knew what was really happening, the nurse comes out from the back and asks me to follow her...we get back to one of the rooms, asks me for my card, goes into her computer, then says she'll be right back....a couple minutes later she returns with two needles and explains that one is for the flu and the other is a pneumonia booster......cool....after she gives me the shots, she asks me when the last time I ate was....I told her about 14 hrs....she gets back on her computer and the next thing I know, she's got me scheduled for an appointment with my "New Doctor" and walks me down the hall for a blood draw....funny how attitudes can change so quickly....thanks for the number Terry...
  14. middleforkminer2

    Shalom, shalom, ladies and germs

    A fine place to steam nuggets....
  15. middleforkminer2

    Falcon md-20

    Around here, some of the creeks and drainages are too steep to effectively use a metal detector and climbing them (even with two hands) is challenging proposition....I've never bought one, but for checking cracks and crevices in really steep bedrock, I can definitely see their value.