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  1. Bob....I guess I wasn't clear enough in the OP....Even lifting the hose up, stretching and shaking it, it still traps the shot....
  2. There's nothing wrong with the vacuum....I first tried it on my back pack vac then on the shop vac...same results....the best I can figure is that the same design that allows the hose to stretch is what traps the heavy stuff....I'll keep looking.
  3. I was testing my gold vacuum this past winter, with some bird shot dumped in a gravel driveway and found that regular shop vac type hose was trapping most of the shot within the hose itself.........I kinda figured this might be a problem when I built it, but didn't realize how bad it might be. I tried stretching the hose while it was running and it helped, but I still had about half the shot still rattling around in the hose. I tried googling "smooth bore vacuum hose" but geeze, most of it looked either to thick to make it a good choice or too thin to use for rock and gravel.....anybody have
  4. If there's something you don't know or haven't done....it would surprise me....
  5. Mesh screen your material....
  6. Exactly how do you "Tune a coil" to a box???
  7. The only problem with contact between us and any other civilization, is the vast distances involved....I remember reading that even for as long as we've been transmitting radio waves, the earliest transmissions would have only made it to something like the 7th or 8th closest star.....which is why I think that if we have been visited by alien spacecraft, the operators of that craft would have to be some form of highly advanced robotics with artificial intelligence....
  8. IMHO, I find it almost incomprehensible that there wouldn't be other intelligent life forms scattered throughout the universe...the sheer number of stars within our galaxy alone suggest to me that it's a virtual mathematical certainty...
  9. There's a big difference between prospecting and mining....both require perseverance, long hours and a lot of physical effort....
  10. I'll be headed to town later today....my last two tickets had both the power number + one....I'm gonna double down...
  11. I didn't win the lottery....sooo, nothing great, but thanks for the thought.
  12. It was my pleasure....Wish I could do it all again...
  13. Thank god she's a white, socialist, snowflake type....
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