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  1. It looks like what my head feels like this morning.....
  2. middleforkminer2

    4 M1 carbine magazines

  3. middleforkminer2

    Hillside fine gold

    You can always check and see who the owner is....one never knows what they may find out.
  4. middleforkminer2

    Hillside fine gold

    IIRC, you have a vacuum right??? Dig down to bedrock below the outcrop and clean it...
  5. middleforkminer2

    Attention Military Veterans!

    I've only got one beef with them and I hope they've fixed the problem by now...a few years ago I knocked some boiling water off the stove and burnt my foot pretty good. I was taking care of it myself and it seemed to be healing OK, but three weeks later (it was nearly completely healed) I developed a really painful hurting which felt bone deep...I went to the local VA "clinic" and was told they couldn't see me because I was registered in a different district (they wouldn't even look at it) ...I ended up having to drive over a hundred miles just to get somebody to look at it and tell me if it was somehow infected in the bone (Took about two minutes by the triage nurse)....what puzzled me is that since my records are computerized by the doctor real time when I see him, why can't I see another doctor in the VA system in any city I happen to be in at any given time??? Especially for something like a semi emergency....or a flu shot???? Speaking of which, I just got a notice about the flu shot last week...I'm gonna go to the local clinic again and see if they'll give me the shot....I'll report back.
  6. middleforkminer2

    4 M1 carbine magazines

    1 marked KI, 1 with a circled II and 2 marked IU...$80 shipped priority mail TYD....will ship only where legal....really good cond. ETA: 15 Rd.
  7. middleforkminer2

    Between my boot tip and coil!

    I almost got bit yesterday....My brother had piled some junk against the fence and while I was being careful while picking it up, I wasn't thinking when I opened the cardboard box that had the ends folded to keep the packing paper inside.... Well, I reached in and started to pull the paper out, when a little one started slithering out of the paper..
  8. middleforkminer2

    Sluicing Question for CA

    That looks pretty good....
  9. middleforkminer2

    Sluicing Question for CA

    Yes they are....because WE allow it....if we were as united and as loud as the abortion crowd, maybe the politicians would even pay us to remove the mercury left over from the gold rush days... instead of letting it break down and enter the food chain....
  10. middleforkminer2

    Sluicing Question for CA

    Actually, "introduction of foreign material" is against the law....even for panning IF the F&W guys want to press the issue....like I said in an earlier post, if they want to stop you from doing something, there's already a law or regulation written somewhere, that they can use to stop you....
  11. middleforkminer2


    It's English DNA....
  12. middleforkminer2

    eye problemssssss

    Yeah, but you said this started happening about 5 months ago....if it's neurological, you might get plastic surgery and still have the problem....you might need to see a neurologist instead of the eye doc or plastic surgeon....
  13. middleforkminer2

    eye problemssssss

    Good for you...I'd not use botox for anything...at best, it would be a temporary fix. An ophthalmologist is the right direction.
  14. middleforkminer2

    MicroNugget showing how it's done!

    Hmmm....I've never found gold in loose sand like that.
  15. middleforkminer2

    Hunting rifles!

    Before long, "sporting bullets" containing lead will be a distant memory...it's only a matter of time,