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  1. Capt, Out of respect for the rest of the forum members, I wish you could clarify your latest post, "Might want to research this?". It suggests that you are privy to information that the rest of us are not. Please, state your case on the subject, in order that maybe the masses can understand what your intended thought is. I'm sure the rest of us on the forum will benefit from whatever you have to say on the subject. Dean from Mariposa
  2. I donated twice. Figured that if the fed's wanted to fight, then let's give them a good one!
  3. Great decision, it is truely an incredible nugget! Dean
  4. Dale, Before you can get an idea of what way to go with your mango grove, you are going to have to make a estimated comparison of what the profit is going to be from the production of 800 mango trees, for the productive life of the grove, and what the annual net production will be from a full scale mining operation to extract the gold values from the same piece of ground. I don't know, but maybe you should focus on the gravel operation in the stream. If you do, you should check into the boundary rights of the property owner. Next, what are the laws regarding mineral rights in general and regarding property owners in specific? The last thing I want emphasis is that, in areas where gold is recovered in the Philippines, there has already been a lack of government safety measures to control pollution of the environment. The biggest threat is the indiscriminate use of mercury in the extraction process of gold. For this reason, I strongly suggest you should have the water in your stream tested for the prescience of heavy metals. Dean
  5. Unfortunately every time I attempt to make an in depth post, on any subject, what I have written gets dumped. So here it is without the points and explanations for why you are totally wrong in your thinking on this subject, Bob. Bedrock Bob, the vast majority of the membership on this forum do not appreciate untruths and half truths you offer, to get a point across that is inconsistent with their beliefs. If we had a sub forum for political arguments, that would be great! But we don't, so kindly refrain form using this forum for your liberal crap! Dean
  6. The problem in The United States of America, with respect to M/L USA, is not the fact that there are not enough technicians here to maintain the M/L instruments sold here, M/L Australia does not want to support a product that was coming down in quality. They knew it was coming and pushed sales, knowing full well they could escape any responsibility for what happens through a USA Distributer. Agreements are made in advance of actual business. Accordingly, if you are doing business with a crooked organization, contracts are completed and business is started before anyone knows whats going on. What a shame, neither can Australia, or, the USA can have any effect on this criminal activity What a shame! Dean
  7. I have never heard so much self gratifying crap, any where else! Sgt, don't let the strange one's get to you. 40ty years ago I moved into a county, 50miles long X 50miles wide, which boasted to have 2,500 registered voters at the time. If I could survive four Sgt's and the local cronies, to retirement, I'm sure you can tie any local dorks into knots. Even though you retired a Sgt, I'll keep your back. That's where we come from! Dean
  8. Very strange! Most forums have sub forums, like "off topic" and "classified", to allow the members to communicate outside of the principle subject for which the forum was created. I can understand the frustration of the members that have objected to the many "off topic" discussions that have been on the forum. However, on the other side of the coin, those posts were made by forum members needing feed back from people of like interests. Dean
  9. Maybe you should send a thank you card to the other seller c/o his Realtor, thanking him for rejecting your last offer? On that garage sale, you've been a cop too long! Those people along the street were just wondering where the water was. Dean
  10. Absolutely, Hook'em up and give'm a useful purpose in our society! Dean
  11. I hope your question was serious, because I've never a snake, with those before

  12. darin, why not ask your question for Colorado straight out, instead playing guessing games. How else is he going to know what specific information you are referring to.

    I've made this comment not to be facetious or critical of your question, just to make clearer the intent of your question so that Colorado can better respond.


  13. Excellent job Allen. I thought I knew it all, until I saw your video. Thanks for expanding my thoughts. Dean
  14. John, That's why I call them scum sucking pigs! Their income is derived totally, out of our tax dollars, and what ever they can steal under the table. They have slowly built a government, from our Constitution, that suits their needs and preserves their existance as overseers. How? Why? You ask! Because, In more recent years, let's say 1800 to the prescent, we have been one idology after another in the name of our Constitution. Even our Declarition of Independance has been twisted to suit the needs of others. that were not even conceived at the time of Its creation. Granted, our Constitution is the foundation of our government, but it's the combination of the Declariation of Indipendence and the Constitution, that was created contemperanious with the period that establishes the continuity between the two documents. To date the controllers have been laughing up their sleeves at us, because they some how believe they are in control of the power of authority of our fore fathers, by the Declaration of Independance and our Independance. Who would have ever believed that Congress could pass a bill that would affect the lives of every citizen in the Country on the word of the speaker of the House, without the visible Vote of every Member of Congress and every Member of the Senate. Something is really wrong in Washington DC, and unfortunately it has infected to the state governments, with all the kick backs, the Federal Govt gives to the states. Those kick backs are your tax dollars! Homefire, You are absolutely correct, socialism!
  15. Randy, I like you, am wondering what is going on? Here, the one subject that is most responsible for the establishment of The State of Arizona and its' continued existence, however it is being consumed by the process demonic socialist influence. Granted, these are hard times for everyone, including governments. However we should not turn our backs on what originally created our political subdivisions. Arizona was populated and gained statehood because of its' mineral wealth. So therefore, why should Arizonans abandon what created their statehood? If anything they should be exploiting their wealth, rather than burring it. It's easy to be a thumb sucking liberal. It takes no real effort, just go with the flow! It started with a chicken in every pot. Unfortunately the gentleman who's' design that was died before he could see it to completion. Soon a group developed, though very small, with a different philosophy-Socialism. I'm a Californian, with a bigger uphill battle to survive. However, your battle is in it's early stages. Now is the time to aggressively wipe this liberal vermin from your society. They are like a cancer, they just draw off the producing cells. Dean
  16. Greg, I think what the problem is with the PLP getting their information out to the people that need it, is that they have poor connections with the various groups that have an interest in the use of public lands. In the mining community there are tons of organizations that connect the individual miner to the community. The problem is, these groups are widely dispersed over a huge mass of political subdivisions and there are no connecting links. As a result the community is fractionated and powerless. I'm sure there are other organizations within the mining community, that are dedicated to the legal aspect of mining. The problem here is that some are concerned with purely legal issues and others with political issues, but add a lack of communication between the groups and you have chaos! This is where we have been lacking for too long. Divide and conquer, how simple it was! Play one political subdivision against another and maintain chaos. I don't think I have to explain myself any further at this time. I have several forums that I monitor at this time, which require most of my on line time to follow. Do not expect rapid responses to any inquiry.
  17. I have to admit, I skipped through this discussion rather quickly. However, it appears that it is yet another case that should have been referred to the PLP for legal assistance. If the (victim), defendant in this case was represented by an attorney, the attorney was either incompetent in this type of case, or just plain incompetent. In any case, it should have been referred to the PLP for evaluation before an attorney outside of the field of interest was consulted. I can tell you right now, in my cross examination, of the very unqualified Ranger, the very first question I would ask of him would be, when was the very last square nail produced? Then I would ask when was it sold? And then, when was it used? This whole line of questioning may sound crazy, but the law was written with this type of questioning to get to the truth. In my opinion, all mining cases should be referred to the PLP for evaluation. This is your "freebie" line of defense. It is the only clearing house, that I know of, that is tracking mining related cases for the small and intermediate miners. Every case that is not reported to the PLP, is a case that will be possible damaging to the mining industry. In closing, let me say I am not an attorney, or a paralegal! However, I'm not stupid and I know where to go for advise. Dean
  18. David, How does one extract your message from YAHOO. I used to have an account with them, however when I clicked the link you provided, I was directed to a link that suggested, I subscribe to a listing that, implied I would receive your message. So far now, it has cost me $19.00+, to hopefully receive your message, which I haven't received, as yet. I may be INTERNET illiterate as are most older people that sign on these days. But why would you, or anyone else that communicate regularly with net mail, that is a hustle for commercial internet intrest's,ie, Yahoo.
  19. I appreciate your situation and I know you are going to get to where you want to, eventually. However, I suggest read the forum daily, paying particular attention to the advice, others in similar situations as yours, are receiving. In addition, read as many books on the subjects of prospecting and nugget shooting as you can afford. At the top of your literary list should be all publications by Jim Straight. Beyond Jim's books I'll Leave it up to suggestions by others. However, keep in mind, the knowledge you are looking for, is how to select the ground you are going to prospect, (metal detect), and how to metal detect with the equipment you have. By now you should have the answers you are looking for. If you have read..read and practiced..practiced, you should be well on your way. Remember one thing above all, it doesn't come easy. Dean
  20. Excellent subject Bill, however I do worry about censorship. Sometimes it is a fine line between censorship, and good forum practice and adequate. I for one, would not want to be sanctioned for something that is verboten on this forum, however not written in stone on this forum. Don't get me wrong, I have no claim to the creation of this forum, however I'm thankful that it was created by you. Under your watchful eye and guidance, the Nugget shooters forum has been an open plat forum where people of like interest can communicate and express themselves. This can not be disrupted! Out of debate, some of the most unbelievable achievements have been achieved. After all, the open forum is where all great ideas have been introduced and acted upon. Think about it like this, small miners and prospectors are the only people interested in our endeavors. Any interest to the contrary is irrelevant. Dean
  21. Obviously the machine was working before it was worked on by the technician. This brings us to the question, is the tech. qualified as an electronic technician, and, or is there a problem with the electronic design of the unit or of its' mechanical construction. I would believe that working on circuit boards that are covered with paint, would be a nightmare that is the next thing to impossible to work with. If you have never seen a Minelab circuit board, they look like are double dipped in heavy paint after all the parts were assembled. Dean
  22. Wow, Grubstake! As you can see, it took me some time to get back on, but thanks for your reply. You brought up a good question, why can't our existing moderators be trusted to perform their duties? The answer is, they can do an excellent job! I can understand most any of Bill's reservations, but what is a forum- the membership! Understandably no one wants a maverick, to take over. This is why protocols and procedures must be established, otherwise chaos will be the rule of the day. I'm getting the feeling, from this thread, that Bill has some sort of challenges that prevent him from performing his duties as he would like. We owe it to Bill, to step up and carry on with what he has started, with this forum. I'$d step forward, but I'm not INTERNET, or forum savvy. Maybe, we should have a presidium of dedicated members to oversee the forum. The last thing I would want to see, is this forum to disappear from existence for lack of intrest-What say you? It's up to the decision of the membership! What is your answer? Dean
  23. Bill, Take notice! I have not published photos, nor have I used any of the controls located in the upper margin. Please excuse me, if I had the knowledge to carry your banner on, I would have. I truly believe that your desire, is to share your knowledge with those of similar intrests. Grubstake, enter in here! I've been off-line for the past week and I am at a disadvantage in the current discussion. To the forum! sincerly! We have a situation, where we have contributers that lack status, and are worthy to present
  24. Bill, Does this mean we are going to be allowed to discuss current events, or politics, on the subjects of gold, prospecting, mining, and the laws, procedures governing these subjects, on the Nugget Shooting or Prospecting Forums? I don't blame you for doing what you did, even though, I don't think I saw the what was said that led to your decision. Dean
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