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  1. Capt, Out of respect for the rest of the forum members, I wish you could clarify your latest post, "Might want to research this?". It suggests that you are privy to information that the rest of us are not. Please, state your case on the subject, in order that maybe the masses can understand what your intended thought is. I'm sure the rest of us on the forum will benefit from whatever you have to say on the subject. Dean from Mariposa
  2. I donated twice. Figured that if the fed's wanted to fight, then let's give them a good one!
  3. Great decision, it is truely an incredible nugget! Dean
  4. Dean, that picture was taken about two years ago. and I'm a handsome devil Right? Ha! Ha! Gary

  5. Dale, Before you can get an idea of what way to go with your mango grove, you are going to have to make a estimated comparison of what the profit is going to be from the production of 800 mango trees, for the productive life of the grove, and what the annual net production will be from a full scale mining operation to extract the gold values from the same piece of ground. I don't know, but maybe you should focus on the gravel operation in the stream. If you do, you should check into the boundary rights of the property owner. Next, what are the laws regarding mineral rights in general and regarding property owners in specific? The last thing I want emphasis is that, in areas where gold is recovered in the Philippines, there has already been a lack of government safety measures to control pollution of the environment. The biggest threat is the indiscriminate use of mercury in the extraction process of gold. For this reason, I strongly suggest you should have the water in your stream tested for the prescience of heavy metals. Dean
  6. Unfortunately every time I attempt to make an in depth post, on any subject, what I have written gets dumped. So here it is without the points and explanations for why you are totally wrong in your thinking on this subject, Bob. Bedrock Bob, the vast majority of the membership on this forum do not appreciate untruths and half truths you offer, to get a point across that is inconsistent with their beliefs. If we had a sub forum for political arguments, that would be great! But we don't, so kindly refrain form using this forum for your liberal crap! Dean
  7. The problem in The United States of America, with respect to M/L USA, is not the fact that there are not enough technicians here to maintain the M/L instruments sold here, M/L Australia does not want to support a product that was coming down in quality. They knew it was coming and pushed sales, knowing full well they could escape any responsibility for what happens through a USA Distributer. Agreements are made in advance of actual business. Accordingly, if you are doing business with a crooked organization, contracts are completed and business is started before anyone knows whats going on. What a shame, neither can Australia, or, the USA can have any effect on this criminal activity What a shame! Dean
  8. I have never heard so much self gratifying crap, any where else! Sgt, don't let the strange one's get to you. 40ty years ago I moved into a county, 50miles long X 50miles wide, which boasted to have 2,500 registered voters at the time. If I could survive four Sgt's and the local cronies, to retirement, I'm sure you can tie any local dorks into knots. Even though you retired a Sgt, I'll keep your back. That's where we come from! Dean
  9. Very strange! Most forums have sub forums, like "off topic" and "classified", to allow the members to communicate outside of the principle subject for which the forum was created. I can understand the frustration of the members that have objected to the many "off topic" discussions that have been on the forum. However, on the other side of the coin, those posts were made by forum members needing feed back from people of like interests. Dean
  10. Maybe you should send a thank you card to the other seller c/o his Realtor, thanking him for rejecting your last offer? On that garage sale, you've been a cop too long! Those people along the street were just wondering where the water was. Dean
  11. Absolutely, Hook'em up and give'm a useful purpose in our society! Dean
  12. I hope your question was serious, because I've never a snake, with those before

  13. darin, why not ask your question for Colorado straight out, instead playing guessing games. How else is he going to know what specific information you are referring to.

    I've made this comment not to be facetious or critical of your question, just to make clearer the intent of your question so that Colorado can better respond.


  14. Excellent job Allen. I thought I knew it all, until I saw your video. Thanks for expanding my thoughts. Dean
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