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  1. Don't forget a service loop in areas that may need it, or leave wiring long and ArcticDave can terminate, as needed.
  2. It's not taken yet...HOmey's Avionics DEsign and Service LLC
  3. I see three miners and their money man standing at the base of a rocky slope that looks like it was hit with hydraulic monitors.
  4. I was looking up Aussie slang- Crikey, Kangaroos are loose in the top paddock. it means crazy( to think with all the ancient huge gold finds they've had DunUnda, someone would want to come to the land of fruits and nuts. I guess the mtn scenery is a draw, and the rumor(shhhhhhhhhh) is that 80% of the MOtherload is still undiscovered...)
  5. Crikey, Kangaroos are loose in the top paddock.
  6. Also call around to any prospecting shops or jewelers for this service.
  7. First Flight Of Home-Made Plane (1959)Some of the things people get up to in the bedroom may surprise you, SP Read more at https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a14_1503505776#jXVBeMYOptqC29AY.99https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a14_1503505776
  8. I wonder if a cheap XRF test would flesh out any info: if it could be focused to look at just one of the metallic inclusions( baring the inability to acid etch the specimin)?
  9. I believe astronomers theorize that heavy elements( above Iron) form in supernova explosions, as previously mentioned. I do not believe pressures in the core or mantle of the earth can rise to the levels needed for fusion. But there's plenty of that activity in the surrounding stars of the Universe.
  10. The laptop was buried under a bunch of clothes. Well insulated, but it was OFF( supposedly).
  11. Maybe that's a good thing. My neighbor had his laptop( turned off )in the trunk of his car... NOticed smoke from the trunk. Popped the trunk and instant fire( laptop batttery). TOtalled the car.
  12. Yes , it does. Once in Kirkland , Iron SPrings "T's": a right( westerly) takes you toward HIllside/Bagdad. Left, takes you towards 89 along Kirkland vly rd. Mind the limit, JOhn Law's about
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