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  1. By agreeing with Clay and AZblackbird,I am not trying to take anything away from SLNugget's post. It is a good thing to be reminded ,of a potential threat,and with the current political group in charge,anything is possible. The law or constitution,hasn't been followed for anything else, and dipstick still has his pen and phone! So it is still a good idea to watch this circus,and raise hell, with your politicians too. Some of them tend to nod off,and have short memories,and attention spans.
  2. I agree with Clay,and AZblackbird,This bill in various forms has come up many times,in the past. Usually it is just a different sponser,but basically the same old pack of lies,and hype.
  3. And the Gold star goes to Haderly,spot on!
  4. Rick,sorry to hear about your problem. Type 2 diabetes is most often treated with diet, and medications such as met-formin. Insulin is not used much for treatment of type 2, except in certain cases. Before you start injecting insulin ,get a second opinion,and more tests. The metformin and other drugs can have some nasty side effects too. Glucose checking is not all that tough,but you do need to monitor it. I test my wife's glucose levels every day. Anyway if you have any questions,just shoot me a PM,and I hope that you recover soon,and do just great. P.S. don't pinch the nurse.
  5. Where that sign is posted is anyones guess. But it appears to be a genuine USFS sign. The type post holding the sign,is used here by the USFS everywhere. There is no specific regulation for post types. Our ranger district even bought a drill press to bore holes ,to convert surplus fence posts ,for that use. They are cheap,easy to drive,and with the anchor,a little harder, for vandals to remove. If in fact ,there is an old CCC camp on federal land ,it is protected ,and off limits ,for digging or detecting. That would be a genuine reason ,for posting a sign. As for the bendy posts,those are road ,or trail system number markers. In the haste to close all the roads ,the USFS and BLM used them ,as closure markers,by adding a decal,or sticker.
  6. Klunker is right,go with his thoughts. A notice of abandonment ,is only used to,abandon rights back to the federal government,as in relinquishing mineral rights . If you file a notice of abandonment, for your partners interest,it will cause huge problems. Just have your partner do a quit claim for his interest,back to the remaining partners,and you are legal. An association claim is considered as just a single claim by the feds. To abandon would be to abandon the whole claim,as each owner ,owns rights on every square inch of the entire claim,not just a certain section. Your partner can transfer his mineral rights back to the other owners through a quit claim deed though.
  7. Homefire The bug in your photo is known as a child of the earth bug,and Jeruslum cricket,but is more commonly known as a potato bug. They are not poison,but do have a heavy duty bite. Their favorite food is the Nightshade plant. Potatos are related to the nightshade group of plants. That is where the myth of them being poison comes from. People figured anything that could live on poison plants ,had to be poison too.
  8. Kenodave You have to file with the State office,and also at the county recorders office ,in the county ,that the claims are located in.
  9. I bet that he don't shoot at another leprechaun!
  10. Chris unless your friend can produce a copy of his filings,as LipCa said ,it doesn't look too good. Sometimes the BLM does misplace paperwork or make a mistake too. Has he checked to see if the blanket lode claims are still active? Here is another thing,if his placer claim was valid and active,at the time the lode was filed over him,the lode is void too. You can't gain rights by squatting on a valid claim. If that is the case,then the only way that the lode would be valid is for the lode claimant to relocate ,after your friend failed to file his paper work. If the lode claimant did not relocate, then the ground is still open for your friend to relocate. At the least,it does look like ,he has a worth while argument,and needs to consult with a good mining lawyer,before giving up.
  11. Chris without knowing the filing mistake it is not possible to give any real opinion. If the blanket claims were filed,after he filed ,he is sol if his claim never was valid,from the start as in,an uncurable filing defect. Also this is just stating the obvious,but if the blanket claims were there before he filed, he doesn't have a leg to stand on. Here is the problem, if the BLM discovers ,a curable mistake at the time of filing,they will notify the claimant,and give them a chance to fix it,before processing the papers. But if it is a fatal mistake with no cure they will just declare ,the filing null,and void,period. Without knowing the whole story ,any opinion would just be a guess.
  12. ED Unless your club has a plan of operations,it is illegal to use the tools that you mentioned. I will find those regs ,and post them. Some club claims are operating under a plan,as some even do dozer scrapes.
  13. Steel Pan Kinda like walking and chewing gum. with the posting. I figured that you know the ropes,and know how to avoid problems. Some of us can work the hell out of a spot ,and leave it looking great. But there is others that could make a mess in a pig pen!
  14. Steel Pan Yes it would be considered to be a hand tool in that sense. But removing boulders from a wash in any large amount ,could play heck with the minimal ground disturbance, part of the casual use regulations on public land. A lot would depend on what kind of an attitude the local BLM ,or Forest Service has about that.
  15. Not to be a spoil sport,and since this is a public forum ,with lots of readers new to prospecting on public land, a few words of caution. Absolutley no explosives of any type,can be used for casual mining or prospecting. No electric ,air or gas hammers or drills are allowed either. Only hand tools such as picks,shovels,hammers,gads,or chisels are allowed for excavation period. Use of power tools,or explosives,requires ,permits,notice or plan of operations,and bonds. Any violation of the casual use rules can result in fines,damages, and getting black listed from prospecting on public lands. If you are doing any of these on your claim,it can result in losing your claim too. Anything above casual use,requires a notice, or plan ,and bonds. The only approved electric or motorized equipment for casual use is highbankers, drywashers,or vacs,and dredges where allowed, 10 horsepower is the max for these.
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