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  1. Where that sign is posted is anyones guess. But it appears to be a genuine USFS sign. The type post holding the sign,is used here by the USFS everywhere. There is no specific regulation for post types. Our ranger district even bought a drill press to bore holes ,to convert surplus fence posts ,for that use. They are cheap,easy to drive,and with the anchor,a little harder, for vandals to remove. If in fact ,there is an old CCC camp on federal land ,it is protected ,and off limits ,for digging or detecting. That would be a genuine reason ,for posting a sign. As for the bendy posts,those are road ,or trail system number markers. In the haste to close all the roads ,the USFS and BLM used them ,as closure markers,by adding a decal,or sticker.
  2. Homefire The bug in your photo is known as a child of the earth bug,and Jeruslum cricket,but is more commonly known as a potato bug. They are not poison,but do have a heavy duty bite. Their favorite food is the Nightshade plant. Potatos are related to the nightshade group of plants. That is where the myth of them being poison comes from. People figured anything that could live on poison plants ,had to be poison too.
  3. Kenodave You have to file with the State office,and also at the county recorders office ,in the county ,that the claims are located in.
  4. I agree with LipCa,not all of us are familiar with the Quartsite area,but we still read posts. Here is another clue,most of the folks that do hang out there,are hobby prospectors and spend their time on club claims. There is some more serious types,but they aren't going to spill the beans ,if they find a good spot. It is also possible that some that do know,never saw your post. Gold doesn't do anything to people,that is just an excuse to cover up the fact that they were always an A hole. When I help someone,I don't expect any form of pay,I do it because I feel like it. There is also the chance that when you show someone where to find something,that they really don't have a decent spot of their own. It doesn't matter what you are doing,you are going to meet some real jerks,if you do it long enough. The same guy that would screw you over a piece of gold,would do it over something else too. But for every one of them there is always lots of good folks too,those are what makes it all worth while. Here is another tidbit,some folks ain't too picky about where they prospect,or if it is claimed or off limits. You may not want to be caught tagging after them on their sweet spot.
  5. Micro Nugget I was making reference to a valid mining claim in my statement,that is maintained, and located ,with common sense and due diligence. No lawyer can protect,someone that doesn't have a legal defense or standing. Also my reference to a real mining lawyer,means someone that is a specialist in that field of law,with a winning track record. You wouldn't go to a tax lawyer to defend a murder case. Too many lawyers now will jump on a case ,without even having any experience ,in that field. When I ask a lawyer a simple legal question,and they have to research it ,that tells me I need another lawyer. Due diligence is the reason that I brought up the idea of using a BLM land use plat, to locate non mineral owned withdrawn land. There is several areas in Arizona where the BLM owns the surface,but not the mineral rights. Filing a claim on those spots will automaticaly void the claim,and if you attempt to work the area it is mineral trespass. The County does not keep track of those records. I have watched 4 individual claimants, file on these,and all have been evicted. The last one got hit for mineral trespass,and is still in trouble. If they would have talked to the local BLM geologist ,he would have saved them a lot of time and trouble. Just a few hundred yards in either direction,and they would have been legal. Even the land use plat can be out of date,that is why I contact the mineral officer or geologist. They will be aware of any new developments or changes in land use status. A thorough on the ground search for monuments is a real good idea too. Claimants in Arizona have 90 days to record a claim after setting a discovery monument. If it is a large association claim ,that monument could be hard to find. This is why I don't trust those so called claim maps,for research. A professional operator always includes the BLM and or the Forest Service in his research,or intentions from the start. Sneaking around or making assumtions is just a real good way of setting yourself up for future trouble.
  6. SLNugget, very true,and if someone tries to overfile your claim,a real mining lawyer can evict them quick,at little cost.
  7. There is a reason that i suggested to go to the district BLM office too. They do have a land use plat,that is very important. It shows all withdrawn land, and mineral ownership. Just because it is BLM land,does not mean that they own the mineral rights, hence it is withdrawn form all mining. Also placer claims are filed as a legal land sub-division in most cases. The ranger can show you where these are located on the plat. The County does not keep track of withdrawn land . I don't know what you guys are doing, but I always talk to the BLM minerals officer,or geologist. He goes out of his way to help me. I checked some land,and the geologist ,pulled all of their info in the office,then checked with the State office . Then he called the County recorder just to be sure. Then he was kind enough to point out several small withdrawn parts of various sections on the land use plat. He also pulled up the GPS coords for the section parts that I was interested in,just so I didn't get on any un claimable ground. The County and the BLM both have computers and phones, and they do talk to each other.
  8. You can not prospect or explore for minerals on claimed lands,nor can you file a claim, over an existing claim. Go to the BLM office for the district that interests you,and they have the plats showing claimed ,private,and withdrawn lands. Also go to the county recorders office and get a plat of the area from them. Better yet since you don't understand the bare basics of prospecting public land, join a club until ,you know what you are doing.
  9. Jason That is fine and dandy for the pot thing. Potheads are mostly just a danger to theirself, unless they are driving. It is the hardcore stuff ,behind most of the real crazy business. Meth addicts can get deadly in a hurry,plus they will steal anything in sight to support their habit.
  10. Bob I watched a drop last summer,and it wasn't pot. I didn't say that they were flying it across the border either. There is a lot of ground between Arizona and New Mexico to big cities and some not so big to the North. The highways have became a little tough to move a big shipment over. Some still try but lots have been busted. Hell they bust Pedro ,take his load and toss him in jail.. He ain't going to talk ,and they send him home after a short vacation. This keeps the cops busy, and feeds their egos ,while someone else is delivering the goods right under their nose. Not all of these guys are gang or cartel members ,or would even lead one to suspect, that they are not every day clean cut citizens. They don't pack guns,act tough ,or try to draw any attention. They use stealth,and the ability to blend in,to achieve their goal. I agree about the big cities and the gangs,but some of those puddle jumpers are still flying. Yeah we have our grow sites too. But most are being done by a few peons,that are scared shi$less,and uselly give up without a fight. Some do hightail it across country,but get caught. They are expendable ,and they know it. Most times if someone gets too close,these guys just vanish. The cops always blame it on some cartel ,to make their bust sound good. I suspect that the cartel is a home grown version. California is a whole different world,and a whole different breed of cat. The lowest form of life has invaded there,and I can see a reason to be prepared for a shootout. The good folks, and the cops are out numbered there. The forests,have became,what you and I see in the cities.
  11. I have to agree with Homefire,I have watched a few of those myself. Those grubby backpackers that come crawling out of our canyons,are not all there for the wilderness experiance . Some of those backpacks are filled with neat little packages,that where dropped in certain side canyons in the dark.
  12. The meteorite thing won't fly with a judge either. They are wise to that excuse. If all you were carrying was a magnet ,or just searching by sight,then that would be fine. Swinging that detector over a gold claim ,would be just like sitting up a drywasher,and claiming to be just looking for black sand. It would be up to you to prove that you wasn't searching for minerals,or prove that you are a saint,that would throw back any found precious metals. This is a situation where you have to prove yourself not guilty. If you get caught in a back yard carrying burgular tools ,it won't be easy to convince a cop that you doing something else. Unless you have written permission to detect a claim,don't do it. You don't have to catch,a claim jumper with gold to prosecute,all you have to do is catch them in the act,of searching. A good camera and a cell phone is the best way to deal with claim jumpers. Leave the photos on the camera,for evidence.
  13. GeoJack and all Be very careful ,and do some research,before attempting to use some roads. If there is other access to federal land,a land owner can legally close a road that in on his land,and privately maintained. A private driveway can not be used by the public ,as an access route. I have never been denied access or hassled by anyone including ranchers,or mining companies. Access is an absolute key item in my business. Personally I don't have much respect for anyone,that has to plot and scheme to steal from a land,or claim owner. If a guy is so pathetic that he has to stoop to such level,he needs a new hobby. A public easement is OK ,as in an open sub-division, community road,but a private drive,or road solely on private land,privately maintained is a big No No. Also the feds have actually gave back right of way rights to land owners,in areas where there is other access. If a guy has to look over his shoulder,he shouldn't be there period. Some land owners do over extend their rights,and try to bluff the public. This is where you need to know, the laws,and make darn sure that you are right,before approaching them, or contesting their claim. Over the years I have gained access to timber sales through private land ,where the Forest Service and others have failed. Attitude and respect goes a long way when dealing with land owners. I have actually got paid by the land owner to build a road and get exclusive use a lot of times.
  14. There is a reason that no one pays attention ,when told that they can't use sub-division through streets or roads to access BLM land. Most sub-division roads are built on an easement,not land owned by private lot owners. Unless yours is a gated community ,or has gated and posted roads ,you can't stop people from driving through. Also if one penny of ,county,state,or federal funds,are used to maintain or clear snow from said roads,you can't close them to public use.
  15. The owner still controls the surface,regardless of mineral rights. If someone else owns the mineral rights,they have to have the surface owners approval to enter the land,for mining. Hardly any land is sold with the mineral rights. Reaching a working agreement with the surface owner ,can be very expensive.
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