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  1. I haven't signed in here in a long time but logged in to make sure you all knew about this. PLEASE write in letters telling them why you need access to areas. I see a LOT of closures in all 3 of these plans, and you all need to write them letters telling them how much you need access to areas for mining. Explain the history of mining to the State, and how important it is not only to current economics but to your hobbies and recreation. We have a RIGHT to recreate on public land that the BLM manages and they need to understand why YOU recreate on these lands. Explain to the how the very compute
  2. That is amazing. I've always wondered about Gold at the bottom of the ocean. Guess that answers my question.
  3. Thanks guys. It is semi-magnetic. It does leave a very slight grey streak if I push on it really hard, and it sets off a detector. I went through that web-site and it seems it could be, but might not. Hard to tell I guess. I broke a tiny piece off of one side. I'll try to get good pictures tomorrow and post them.
  4. I was watching this show with the wife when I saw you. I was like "I know that guy!". haha. It was a great episode.
  5. Hey guys, I haven't been here in a long time, but wanted to post up this picture and see if any of you thought it could be a Meteorite. A friend of mine found a bunch of these, we hauled one out that is about 4 times as big as this one, plus there are some smaller ones around. He has one that is chipped off on the end and I'm waiting for a picture of it. This one I have is HEAVY for its size. The one he has probably weighs over 150lbs. The light colored areas on the bottom are dirt from where it was partially buried:
  6. Ahh yea, Chalcopyrite, that is what it is. Couldn't remember the name. Thanks!
  7. Well if he's willing to pay good money I know where a ton of that stuff in my pictures is I gotta call the guy I got it from and see if it's Calaverite or not. Looks like it but I'm not positive. It came from a famous Silver mine's dump pile
  8. Left is Chalcedony with Iron stains (red color). Right is Granite with Mica in it. The stuff on the left might have small traces of Iron in it and that is probably what set off your detector. Just my opinion
  9. The site says if you wanna drive it on "public" roads it still has to be registered, if you want it street legal, etc.
  10. Wow, nice rock!!! Would have loved to seen it treated like Eldorado said. :Huh_anim]:
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