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  1. I've got an OLD Tesoro Lobo.\ (At least a decade) All I have ever used it for is fining the mineralized soil in an area. Though I have found a few nails and collection of barbed wire. It has worked well for that. But now my wife wants to travel and I might be moving to some areas that it is just not worthwhile to Gold Prospect. I've never hunted population areas looking for relics etc... Will my Lobo Super track do me well for finding coins jewelry and such at beaches and old falling down buildings? Also is there of list of hints somewhere on how to go about this. I am really a
  2. Ya can come clean up my land anytime... 8^) BTW... mine used to have a Please close gate sign only... Bout the only real reason you'd ever want to cross my land is the Indian Ruins arrowheads or Petrified wood and agates. If ya see my Name and mailing address (Buckeye) on a sign with a locked gate you are welcome.... Little hint... bout 100 yrs back on the north fence line from this gate is my driveway gate(Ranch sign over the top.... Still only says please close gate... 100 foot in is a little connecting trail to the old one....(just a couple of ruts...Misses the washout too...My cabin is
  3. Sorry this got longer than I intended... guess I get wound up a bit... hits ta home ya know...prolly should shorten it for better points... but outta time...8^) The land is simply access locked because no one builds public roads.... History: Originally an Old Ranchers ran cattle on the land. 1800's early 1900's (Open range...) To make it easierto manage the cattle they fenced off some areas and had Fence line trails. The Government declared the land BLM and Private. They Set up Section Checkerboards.... Look at a map of Northern Az. it's somewhat amusing. Much private landlocked BLM.
  4. El Dorado, Don't give up even if they are picking on you. I hear ya... The Government set it up so access to some BLM properties the "Public" has to go through private property like mine. TheGov doesn't create accesses to it. If the public wants to use our land how is the "Public" going to pay for the 10's of thousands of damage to our property? A toll Road?
  5. Ben is it? Hi, You can close a mapped road in Az. (Unnamed one) Ranger pointed me this way actually. (prolly shouldn't say that... but they know and hate the beaurocray as much as those abused by it) If you grade the road to county standards and then go to the county and apply for it to be a NAMED Private road. (Named it after my Grandpa, that was the fun part...) (They do inspect it BTW and are very picky... took three tries for me) With Egress/Ingress permission. And right of Tresspass I think it's called.... A gated community law or something... (County willing to help you very much i
  6. Hi all, I own some sizable chunks of land in Northerrn Az checkerboard (Alternaing state and private sections.) We've had issues up there for a long time (Generations) with the checkerboard design. (Gov did this on purpose!) It has gotten sizably better since we have been able to gate our private property. For the most part I don't beleive at least in Az this was pointed at Prospectors. I don't Ranch up north all year. Just turn my ponies loose for grazing part time. Prior to being able to gate and close the road I had horses shot by dyslexic hunters and my cabin,watertank,widmill and tr
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