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  1. Most different...Thai- Buddist amulet found in Douglas County OR 2009 with my 3500. 1/4 mile from a hyd. pit worked by the Chinese. If my research is correct, it is several hundred years old and worth about $100. 1.5 inches tall and made from bronze, I believe. Same figure on both sides.
  2. BR-549 was the phone number for Junior Samples' used car lot on the old HEE HAW comedy show...............Mardog
  3. Greetings all, I have resolved to resign my membership in the WSPA. I've been a member for the last two years and haven't made an outing or contributed in any way to the club. Time and distance constraints have made participation impossible. I am always on the outside looking in, it seems. As a small club,WSPA needs active members, which I can not be at this time. Good luck and happy hunting, guys..............MARSTIN
  4. Hey Hammer, I live in Coos Bay. I used to have friends from Brookings. My parents worked at South Coast Lumber for a number of years, still got a few relatives in the Fort Dick area......Marstin
  5. Mardog: Cool nuggets--notice your location as So. Oregon Coast.. I grew up in Brookings are you close to there..Hammer

  6. I didn't have quite enough fun at Rye Patch, so upon our return to the Oregon coast Deanna cut me loose for a couple more days. Thank you, Dynamite Girl! Larger nugget is 3.0 grams, the other is 1.3 grams........Marstin
  7. The name is Marstin, Chuck, and we have only been beeping a year or so. It just shows that they don't get them all. Some day, I would like to find more than a couple of nuggets an outing. My wife is a natural detectorist, very patient and her day job is as a ultrasound tech. She understands transducers(search coils) and what makes all that work far better than I..........Mardog
  8. Wife and I sent several days at Rye Patch, enjoying camping and beeping. We were able to scare up a few nuggets in the process. Two were with my 3500 and 6" coiltec,Deanna's nuggets were found with her GBII and 6"E except for the largest of the four. She rolled that one out on her birthday with a 4500 and 16" Superlite, her first time out with a GP.
  9. You guys are killing me! But I can't blame anyone but myself. An outing at Rye Patch. Only a 12 hour drive from Coos Bay. Of course, I will be at sea. Towing barges up and down the the west coast. Wife Deanna and I are headed for the Rye Patch area, but not til October 15. Someday...........Only 20 months to retirement city. I plan to get out a bit more after that. We ordered a new camper, one that has AC and a solar panel. Being used to coastal weather as I am, AC is a necessity. My brain cooks at any temps over 80. I'm looking forward to meeting the WSPA crew and swapping a few fishing stories. I've got a few, as I was a commercial fisherman for 25 years...........MARSTIN
  10. Hey Doug, there is an open area where Graves Creek runs into the Rogue River. Pickers have been panned near the upper end of the open area, on the road side. Good luck...............MARSTIN
  11. Thanks guys, for the input. I guess I'll be sending that renewal check along. I wasn't too concerned about the cash, its little more than a tank of fuel for my favorite Dodge nowdays. I also am 59 and plan to retire, from the sea, anyway, at 62. Deanna is a dozen years younger than me, so she will be working for a while yet. You're right about the Sixes River, Bob. Brother Merton and I have a couple claims on the Sixes, a little way down from the BLM rec area, although we were dredging on private property just above our claims this summer. Give me a call this fall. I am shipping out in a couple of weeks and should be back home in early November. I've got a boat and some pots, we could do some bay crabbing, or dig a few clams, if such things interest you. My home phone is 541-269-5715. My cell is 541-260-4431, I can usually get my messages every couple days on my cell, unless I sail for Hawaii. Then I'm offline for 2-3 weeks..............MARSTIN
  12. Thanks for the reply, Denny. In the mid eightys I dredged West Fork of Cow Creek, that drains the east end of Eden Valley, with poor results. Mert and I had a claim on Johnson Creek at the same time. Access sucked! I, wife Deanna, brother Merton, sister Marsha and her husband Bryan, WSPA members all, have been detecting the hydralic pit of the Salmon Mt mine, and surrounding areas. We are pretty sure someone seeded that whole mountain with square nails!! No gold, though. Merton and I dredged the Sixes this summer and collected up7+ ozs in a couple weeks. That paystreak is officially gone. We have some plans for the Iron Mountain area, also. We'll see.............MARSTIN
  13. Greetings...............I know that WSPA is a club in which all members hopefully take an active part. My situation is such that I am unable to participate in any club activities, at least so far. I live on the south Oregon coast, quite a distance from any club doings. I am not yet retired, and although my job allows me six months a year off, my wife works full time, making it difficult to arrange journeys. This is our first year detecting. We were able to detect in northern Nevada for a couple of weeks in April and both came away with some gold. Anyway, my question is this: Is it worth WSPA's time for my wife and I to remain members or should we bow out and let someone else have our slot? Opinions, please. Thanks.........Marstin
  14. Just got off the ocean last night, with the next 40 days off staring me in the face. Life can be sweet. Thanks for welcoming my wife and myself, and the rest of our crew, to WSPA. We are looking forward to some good times in the desert...MARSTIN
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