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  1. I have the following remnants left over from my sphere roughs and I would like to sell them as a lot Sikhote Alin - 326 grams at $1 per gram Bondoc Mesosiderite - 144 grams at $1 per gram NWA 8529 H6 - 239 grams at 50 cents per gram NWA 8529 - 9 Slices + 3 End Cuts with a total weight of 661 grams @ 50 cents per gram. This is great opportunity for someone turn these pieces into profit I would like to sell this as a total lot and I am open to discounting it if someone wants every
  2. Presenting my Bondoc Mesosiderite, NWA 8529 H-6 and Sikhote Alin 50mm Spheres I finally filled that last 3 “holes” in what I consider to be all of the general classifications Stoney Irons – Pallasite and Mesosiderite All 4 irons from Fine to Coarsest Most of the L and H Chondrites I have plenty of other classifications and other meteorite related spheres but I wanted to the basics to be represented in my collection and it only took 12 years to do it
  3. I was told by a mod to post meteorite items in this forum.
  4. I selling a collection of fragments from my various projects for $200 shipped to any domestic address. It contains the following Bondoc Mesosiderite - 12 cut pieces - TW 154 grams Uruacu Coarse Iron - many fragments - TW 212 grams NWA 8529 H6 - Small slices / end cuts - TW 35 grams Sikhote Alin - 3 fragments - TW 15 grams
  5. A friend used his 3d print to make a frame for the provenance card and I think it make the display look 1000% better
  6. This is a 177 gram slice of NWA 8529 (H6) in an 8x10 aluminum frame The display is designed for full exposure of the front of the slice and for as much surface exposure as possible on the back I am asking $150 shipped to any USA address If interested send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com
  7. I created a video that show the etch of the larger Sikhote Alin Pieces https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU4R4KYq9fw
  8. BLACK FRIDAY SALE 25% off all listed meteorites + if you buy a Silhote Alin with an MWA 8529 you get free domestic shipping & I will subsidize international shipping $10
  9. $627 - 209 gram true full slice that was polished on both sides and etched. It is 3.370" wide, 2.095 tall and .330” thick. $432 - 144 gram slice – Etched on all sides with some crust on the back It is 2.108" wide, 2.087 tall and .330” thick.
  10. Sikhote Alin is classified as a “Coarsest” iron, that means it has the widest band width of the widmanstatten pattern or the largest clusters of crystals This is the meteorite that destroyed a large part of a Russian forest in 1947 Processed Sikhote Alin is very rare and smaller pieces go for $4-$6 per gram on eBay, and now I know why. This material is very hard to cut and tricky to etch. I decided to process the last 2 large end cuts into smaller pieces that are less expensive Most of these pieces are freshly cut from the saw and will require add
  11. Thanks I'm getting ready to process the 2 Sikhote Alin end cuts that have not sold yet This will produce some awesome slices but it will diminish the size of the end cuts (obviously) which is a shame because the size of the widmanstatten pattern of this so large that you need a large surface to appreciate it.
  12. I'm sending some material to Russia to get made into spheres so I replaced the Bondoc Sphere Rough with the Iron Sikhote Alin that I quickly etched
  13. I clean my spheres with Bar Keepers Friend and I re-etch the irons occasionally. I also have a polishing/cleaning cloth that use. But honestly I don't know why my collection isn't a mess, I live on the east coast of NC and I handle my sphere all the time.
  14. I decided to repair one of the 2 pentagon shaped slices that separated during the cutting process I wasn’t to hard to repair and it looks fantastic with a polish.
  15. NWA meteorites are classified specimens from North West Africa that are normally sold by nomadic desert people to meteorite dealers. I recently acquired a 2.4 kilo H-6 whole specimen and processed it into a sphere rough for my collection and a variety of slices and end cuts that I am offering here and on other forums. H-6 Meteorite this large are very rare so this is a great opportunity to add a large example of an H-6 to your collection. This material is freshly cut and it is not polished in the first image. I will polish specimens at the reque
  16. I received my 2.4 kilo NWA 8529 H-6 Chondrite yesterday and processed it into my sphere rough today. The good, it was quite fragmented but I was able to find the most solid area to cut my rough from. The bad, the cube does have some cracks and I hope Dmitry can stabilize it before he makes it into a sphere PLUS it’s BROWN and I’m kind of sick of brown spheres. The 2.4 Kilo Whole Specimen Here it is on the saw, which was just big enough to process this whole specimen
  17. Oh, I enjoy it, it's just that when you process a specimen and see the pieces that are cut away from the rough you have an idea of what the sphere will look like. In some cases, like with most chondrites, it's not so different then what I expect so waiting to get the rough turned into a sphere is easy. But in some cases the cut material looks amazing so you know the sphere will be even more amazing so that can make the wait agonizing. When I processed a 1700 gram Canyon Diablo Graphite Nodule I was amazed by the slices and end cuts and waiting 2 months to get the sphere back w
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