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  1. Morning Uncle Ron: 
    Referring to your post about me contacting Ruben Garcia, yes we were talking about it shortly after I found the iron. In fact I was 
    telling Ruben how difficult it is shipping stuff out of Brazil and he assured me if I could get it to the USA legally he would buy it. 

    Come to find out a meteorite isn't considered a mineral as is gold so all I had to do was pay the $2400.00 for shipping on DHL
    to OKC and that's what I did. 

    Then Ruben bailed!

    Since I don't have a lot of names of meteorite collectors it's still just stored in OKC. One guy contacted the friend that's storing it and said he
    would go to OKC to inspect it but never showed up. 

    So thanks for the post Ron. 

    1. garimpo


      Good to see your back posting BD.

    2. Boba Debt

      Boba Debt

      If this is Don please email me at bobadebt@ec.rr.com  :)

  2. Good read, wish I had this info last May when I started to collect meteorites I justed used FC to touch up a Campo Sphere that I had etched with Nitrol and it looks a lot better I have a good selection of 4 iron slices on my web site, each slice is exactly 50mm x 50mm so it is a good way to compare the different irons to each other. Click this to visit my site : 50 Mil Collection
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