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    Meteorite hunting with friends and family. Hiking, hunting, fishing. Riding my 1983 Harley Davidson Wide Glide.

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  1. Dean, may your God guide you to a better place, and ease the pain and suffering of those you leave behind.


  2. Hello Wayne, You can see the roll over lip in one of your photos. That is what you are possibly seeing along with the flow lines. I could be wrong Wayne but it looks very good to me. I have found Glorietas that have the very same characteristics. I will see if I can get some photos to you this week. Two days Wayne? You need to get back to your spot when the weather permits and do some hammering! Good luck! Dean
  3. Wayne, Your find looks very very good! I would say you have a new iron meteorite! How many hunting days do you have in the area after you found it? Just curious if you have worn out a pair of boots in the area yet. Congrats! Good on ya! Dean
  4. Ben, hey thanks my friend. It was only sandy in a few spots. The ground was good for hunting by eye as well as with the detector. Used the Minelab which was operating extremely smooth! Yeah the tarantulas were out a plenty in the very comfortable weather. I will fill you in on the areas we hunted and some of the other spots we are looking at. It's only a matter of time before Zaya strikes again! Bill, Thank you! We sure do enjoy getting out in the field. Thank you for the great forum and the opportunity to post our finds and adventures here. Very much appreciated Bill! Clifton, Thanks my friend. A blast we did have indeed! Yeah Zaya truly as quite a bit of experience now at 10 years old. He has hunted with and been shown tips by a few of the best hunters out there! He loves the hunt and the adventures. most of all he does love the fresh air and being in the field! Thanks all Dean and Zaya
  5. Frank that is awesome! I am sure you will find many more. Good hunting. Dean
  6. Frank, thanks for the kudos. Zaya loves the hunt! On the way home he asked Me when we were going again and where. He then told me that Holbrook sounds really good! He is hooked. Terry, Thank you. You are absolutely right! We are making priceless discoveries outta our time together in the field. You are 100% right! It is what it is all about. Garimpo, Thank you! We are very lucky to have each other and to be able to spend time together. We will make the best of it my friend. Thanks again. Stan, Thanks! How are you my friend? It sure is what it is all about! Zaya loves getting away from the norm and getting into the field. He loves it. He is not occupied by finding meteorites but he is fully into the adventure itself! By the way, Zaya loves his Goldmax coil! Thank you for the advice and the time you gave us! Much appreciated! Fred, Thank you for the kind words. The memories will be in our hearts, minds, pics and stories for our life times! I am absolutely sure Zaya will be a better man with the lessons he has learned growing up around this hobby and the outstanding friends we have met along the way. Thank you all. Dean and Zaya
  7. After a few delays Zaya and I finally made a couple separate hunting trips to Correo and the Socorro areas. Even though we did not find anything at either location we still had a blast. Zaya and I hunted hard during both trips to no avail. I was trying to remember how many trips we have taken where we have not found anything vs the trips where we have been successful. The unsuccessful trips of course out weigh the others by far. Zaya found lots of tarantulas. The weather was perfect! Here are a few meteorite hunting photos of Zaya Z-Man's trips to the field. Good hunting all!!! Dean and Zaya
  8. Sundownr, Interesting link, thanks. have you tested your unit with a smaller coil? Curious how it worked out. Maybe you can fill us in on what you have tested or found and how deep. How were the signals on different items found, how deep, size, etc? Good luck in Willard. I hope you make some nice finds and have a good day of testing your new robot meteorite hunter. Stay safe. See you out in the field. Dean
  9. Very interesting. Looks like you have put many hours into your project. It sure looks like it will be very successful when it is up and running. Be sure and post a video of everything in action when you are finished. What detector are you using with you homemade coil? Good luck! Dean
  10. Hey Dave, Very nice GB finds! Good on ya! Good luck on your future hunts! Dean
  11. Hey Stan, Happy late birthday my friend! Good hunting to you and watch out for the future KAIMIkazes!Good luck out at GB. Hope you find a bucket full! Dean
  12. Hello Stig, Definitely terrestrial. There are definitely many meteorites to be found. Research your area and see what has been found. If you can access some of those areas to hunt and more then one meteorite have been found, it will improve your chances. Be tenacious and spend lots of time in the field. There is a ton of good meteorite info here on the forum that you can study. Keep on hunting and good luck! Dean
  13. Sweeeet! Very nice fluorite! Good on ya. Dean
  14. Hola Bob, that is truly a sweet find! Congrats! It kinda makes you wonder how much treasure we walk by or swing a detector near while hunting or hiking and never even know it! I'm glad your hunting partner made it back home unscathed. Talk to you soon. Dean
  15. The public Meteorite Identification Program hosted by the Center for Meteorite Studies at Arizona State University has been suspended effective immediately (September 8th, 2010). We have had to suspend the program due to the substantial recent rise in demand as well as budget constraints and staff limitations. We are working on a more outreach-oriented program directed toward school-aged children, which we hope to have up and running in the near future. This was posted on the met list today by Dr. Laurence Garvie. Dean
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