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  1. Dean, may your God guide you to a better place, and ease the pain and suffering of those you leave behind.


  2. Frank, A heck of an idea! Thanks for the info and the time to post it as well. Good hunting! Dean
  3. Jim, Keep your head up!!! Your attitude towards your situation speaks mountains of you and your strength! When you are able to hit the field for more adventures, please post some pics for us to see. The gold and meteorites are waiting for you!! Remember Jim, head up for fighting :fighting0030: and head down for hunting gold and meteorites :icon_mrgreen: ! Best wishes and prayers to you and yours. Go get um Jim!! Dean
  4. Jim, Best wishes! Make a speedy recovery so you can get back to hunting meteorites and gold! Prayers go out to you and yours! Dean
  5. Hey Ron, Nice snake! Can you please send a few down this way to New Mexico for the rattlers here. I see one from time to time while hunting spacerocks. Sure could use them!! Dean
  6. Happy birthday fellas!!! A couple of nuggets or a meteorites found along with a great day in the field would be a great way to spend the B-day. Dean
  7. Jason, That is an amazing nugget!! Four years ehhh....Well worth the wait and weight!! Congratulations on your very nice find. Your meteorites with your name on them are surely gonna get jealous!! Can't wait to see the next pieces! :bowdown: Dean
  8. Booboo98498, Its funny you mention the duct tape, it was what I was really wishing I had in my pack. The electrical tape was giving quite a bit with every swing and I was thinking where the heck is the duct tape!! Its in my pack now, you know that would have held tight! In fact I had to resplint my GMT more en once cause the elec tape kept slipping and working its way off. Johnno, Hey thanks for the website to Mc gyver!! he he. Dean
  9. Hello Rock, I just happened to break my GMT this weekend. I purchased it from a place called Mama's Minerals here in Albuquerque. I walked in and while standing there they called White's. White's told them to send it in and they would take care of it immediately. I also sent in my very very used Sierra Max coil that is not working, they said they would take a look at it. I bet they will send a new one. The last time I had a problem with my coil I sent it in and I received a new one from White's in about 1 1/2 weeks. I have had great service with White's. The GMT has been a great machine, especially considering the abuse I put it through. Here is a pic of my broken and splinted GMT. Dean
  10. Bob, your post is freaking hilarious!! I can not stop laughing, Ha Ha because you are hitting the nail on the head. Ha Ha can't stop sorry Bob! OK, lets get together on a Sat with your pot of coffee and creamers. You bring the Gold and I'll bring the iron meteorites, and other items. And I will bring my body to drink up the great pot of coffee you make. I swear there is an area very near to where we hunt that when we are there, the batteries on my camera, my cell phone and my GPS get drained at an alarming rate!! Yeah must be Satan's drain or the Soldiers who died in the area we are near are draining them as well. So bobby don't name your detector Satan the destroyer! It is the area and the history behind it that brings your SD 2100 Hell Lab to life, I mean MInelab. Bobby, good on ya buddy to bring this stuff up. It is a good idea to ask for help. I could use some too. Still laughing! Dean
  11. Michael. you will love your GMT! It is a great machine. I had my first coil go bad and White's replaced it free of charge. quickly I might add. I use mine for meteorites, I have found over fifty meteorites with my GMT. I also purchased a 2200V2 Minelab, I have not found anything with it yet. Although I have only had it in the field a 1/2 dozen times. Here is a pic of my latest find with my trusty GMT Recent find A snowy hunt / GMT worked very well Dean
  12. Garimpo, What a great read, to put to bed a bad day! Thanks buddy for opening up the mind and making the bad day I had into a good one. Dean
  13. Roger, We are very sorry for the loss of your Grandson Cole. We feel your sadness and heartbreak in our hearts Roger. We lost our tiny Granddaughter 7 years ago. I hurt with you and we do know what you are going through. We will continue with our prayers. Roger your little Cole is an Angel in Heaven who now watches over you and your family as well as all of us. God Bless you and yours. Dean & Lisa
  14. Roger, My family and I will pray for your grandson Cole and your family. Dean
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