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  1. If a wash has been worked pretty hard over the years, I will spend some time high up the slopes looking for a missed bench gravel. The tell tail signs are water rounded cobbles of different origins with iron stained dirt.
  2. Sarge, Maybe the dead guy doesn't want a sprinkler system in his grave, then again maybe he don't care. Just to be on the safe side, I would bury a can of snuff and a beer for him and show him some neighborly respect. Then you can find them on down the line while testing detectors. You may decide to be an indian giver when your beer or snuff stock is out.
  3. Well Bill you would know. I trust your opinion. The settings are extremely important on performance and I never use DD coils. I still learn something new about my GP3000 and I probably have over 1000 hours on it. I am scared to upgrade and start the learning curve on new detector settings again. There are some things that my detector can do in certain settings that will reduce hot rock interference that took me along time to figure out. In those settings a nugget still sings when it is well within range. The trick is reading those soft signals that are almost out of range and differentiate the
  4. I have found gold nuggets in the East facing tributaries leading directly off of a hill with some Spanish symbols etched in stone at the top. Below is a picture of the glyphs. This area has gold and several references to ancient gold mines. Don't know if there is any treasure, but gold nuggets abound. Anyone have any idea what these symbols meen?
  5. I currently use a Minelab GP3000 and have found nuggets 1/2 ounce+ at 24+ inches with it. I have heard from several seasoned prospectors that the GP3000 in the right settings and conditions will out perform the GP4000 and GPX4500 on larger nuggets at depth, but lags a little on shallow dinks with hot rocks and saltier soil. I have not used either a GP4000 or a GPX4500 but am curious what you guys think. It has also been said that you sacrifice depth and depth sensitivity for a smoother quieter search. I am very confident in my GP3000 and am curious if I could have found some of those same deep
  6. Dishonest is not a virtue, but a character defect and malady of the soul.
  7. Dishonesty is not a virtue, it is a character defect and malady of the soul.
  8. Bigfoot already found the Dutchmans mine and sacked it. A friend of mine saw Bigfoot leaving the location carrying a strongbox marked LDM and throw it in his flying saucer. He says he doesn't expect him to be back anytime soon.
  9. Bunk, Put a BIO HAZARD sign on your door, with a pair of rubber gloves hanging there, while away. A RADIOACTIVE sign wouldn't hurt either. The dumbshits somehow know what these signs mean. Tried to post a picture of the signs, but to dumb to figure it out right now.
  10. Ron, I have a few patches where the nuggets are rough and some round too. These areas are obviously a mixture of alluvial and elluvial. The rough stuff is weathered out of hardrock more recently than the older slugs. The district has a lot of local sources of veins striking the surface, some traversing canyons and ravines. Each one of the these local sources is actually a part of the entire deposit weathering system and each local source has weathered differently to a lesser extent than the entire area. sometimes the contemparary weathering (water bar) may be cutting right through an all
  11. Arch Sawmill is right, you have to keep up on the regulations and laws. It is up to you whether you want to follow them or not, but it is best to know what they are. Our country was founded by men that practiced civil disobedience of Monarchy rule. These men felt that the laws forced upon them by the Monarchy were unfair and unjust and the rest is history. Morality has little to do with ethics in todays world. Ethics simply means what is right and wrong according to the law. Morality is what is right and wrong according to your heart and spiritual beliefs. For example it is unethical a
  12. Awhile back I was in an antique store on Cortez street in Prescott. A fella was looking and studying some stone axe heads in a wooden display case. I watched him for a moment then leaned over and said "Are you looking to buy some used rocks?" He chuckled and said "I was until you put like that".
  13. This kid has convinced a lot of people. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets an admission offered for Harvard Law School. Anyone that can bullcrap and convince the mainstream media like that, surely has a future in practicing law. :smrt1:
  14. I see this story also made it to FOX news. There must be some other explanation. This duck don't seem to be walking or quacking right.
  15. OK here is why I don't believe this story: 1. A meteorite that small would not survive the sudden slow down and ablation in the upper atmosphere. 2. Even if it did survive ablation and the sudden slowing from cosmic velosity to free fall. It would not create a small "crater". 3. If there was a so called white light that is also proof that it is too small to survive. 4. Most meteorites blow up in the upper atmosphere where the white light trail starts. This is usually above 100,000 feet. The free fall from this altitude would take 5 to 10 minutes or longer. It would be possible if i
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