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  1. Hopefully there will still be some stuff to look at Sunday and Monday:( We are heading down there next weekend for a few days. Have a safe trip coming or going everyone.
  2. We are heading down from Sacramento sometime during the show. If I fin something nice, I might be tempted to buy, as a friend in Phx works them into watch dials. Scott
  3. Congrats again. That sure is a nice way to start your day. Well, except for the infected and festuring wounds you acquired. Scott
  4. These are done by a buddy of mine in the Phoenix area. A crazy aerospace engineer with to much time on his hands: http://www.frankheydrich.com/watchmaking/watchmaking.html I like the "bezel" on the one the most. Scott
  5. I am heloing the wife but will watch them later. But.... The "set" he is in or in front of in the "Hot Off the Press" sequences is from the application/software I spent the last 5 years as a developer/artist working on, Ultra, now owned by Adobe. Funny to see a hobby meet my proffession. Check out the "Exploring the Explorer Advanced Edition", I spent a few weeks working the virtual sets they use in that one. Thx for the link! Scott
  6. Amateurs:) Here in Sacramento, we vrobe 100 for the last 3 days I belive. While you had snow in Flagstaff (made the news here) we were trying to hit the century mark! Of course by Wednesday they say we may not make it out of the 70's...... SM
  7. Whats amazing that it even has to be stated, let alone made into a law! Of course the ACLU (American Communists & Liberals Unified) will argue that it offends someone who doesn't pay taxes, or speak English, or someother idiotic reason. But congrats to those who live there. Scott
  8. Steve, Again, thank you for bring more info to the "general" public. Looking like they will have a winner on thier hands. Now if we can get pricing. I am going to make a guess that the price of used ML compatible coils will go up on EBay! And I wil have to go back and read a lot of threads on what coil is best for what soil/condition that I just skimmed thru in the past. Scott
  9. I haven't set any plans yet. You going to be up in your namesake county this season? PM to follow. Scott
  10. Tourmaline... Outside of San Diego near Pala, Ca. Oceanview Mine. But get your reservations right now, as they are filling up months ahead now. There are some Trilobite hunting off of Hwy 360 in Ca. Not to far from the hwy, but July will be cooking. Opal. Northwestern Nevada, Virgin Valley. There are several mines to choose from. The pres of the GPAA chapter in Sacramento, as well as member of the Roseville Rock Rollers found a gorgeous opalized oine cone up there a couple of years back that made a gem/mineral mag cover. I heald it and it was amazing. And of course, the geode beds outside o
  11. Haven't posted for a while, been buried with work (and a kid in a Honda totaling our Explorer on the way to San Diego), but saw this in todays Sacramento Bee: (Pasted so you don't have to subscribe) The meteor hunter He's looking for rocks strewn by the great fireball of Aug. 11. By Carrie Peyton Dahlberg - Bee Staff Writer Robert Ward set up a timer to photograph himself with a 70-pound meteorite he found in the desert kingdom of Oman. Now, he's hot on the trail of space rocks from a meteor that lit up the north state. Robert Ward SONORA, Ca -- Robert Ward climbed out of his pickup an
  12. this is what we bought the week before our daughter was born last August: http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/canon/powershot_s3-review/ We have been very happy with it, even with its limitations. It does, as i think the review states, sometimes get red-eye. But the lens and macro are great 12X optical (digital is useless on all cameras. Just crop the photo later, same thing) Will focus in macro mode to almost the front of the lens. And battery life is insanely good. 4 AA's will last a couple of hundred or more shots. Scott
  13. Looks like it probably gorgeous. As to how to photograph it, google photographing cars or products for adverts. A (relatively) simple way would be to create a "box" or cube out of medium weight white cloth, and the illuminate that from 2 or three angles with lights. Leave one side open for the camera. This will provide a diffuse, even light for the sphere. Then out of camera view, place or tape some black rectangles of card stock or paper, moving and turning them so they show the curvature of the sphere. You could also do the reverse, and create box from a very dark grey or black fabric, th
  14. Just have to ask. I looked at the court documents youlisted, Instead of reading them I did a search for (among others that failed to turn up in the document) : Boiler Explosion Impact and etc. So what am I supposed to find out about the supposed "explosion of the boiler" that you are submitting this document for? Sorry. I have seen and even participated in blowing some things up, including fairly good sized turbine engines. And what you almost always find a shards and broken metal. (I spent the better part of a decade working with small and medium turbine engines used for both propulsion
  15. El Dorado, A little off topic, but man that is a gorgeous spot in thos ephotos. Looks like you could dredge and the kids swim in realtive safety. I hope you have a really, really big winch if your going to move those 2 "cobbles" in the upper left last picture. Scott
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