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  1. Wow, neat stuff. The EP's aren't as picked over as some people say. A guy near Bickel's Camp recently picked up a pretty respectable nugget, I hear.
  2. If they drop gold while they take a bath you might do good at the EF. All kidding aside, the place can be hectic when the weather is good. But it does produce some gold. Go to the end of the road and walk as far as you need to get away from the crowd.
  3. Dang. That is a big one. You can bet people are fighting over his parts if the big brass didn't already declare that it will be mounted. Was it close to town? Like said above, there's a lot more wildlife close to cities than people realize. The cats near the cities are the dangerous ones. Paseclipse: You need to show that photo to Chuck Buril if he hasn't already seen it. Kuger: We might have met before. I'm friends with Joe Bennett and Leo. I've ran a race or two with them.
  4. Ron- My dad passed two days ago but your story makes me feel lucky: He was found Saturday morning with a smile on his face. Never sick a day in his life. But like you said, it is a sad time. As time marches on, things will get better.
  5. Dang :Huh_anim]: I was hoping it was part of the 12/7 fall I watched in that area.
  6. Well, the first piece to make the news has been reported: Hesperia was in the extreme SE end of the area I was predicting. Nice to now have a solid ground reference point.
  7. It seems that there has been a lot of research on this subject since the Norton and Nininger books were written. In general, yes, you would need 2 points of reference to determine a trajectory of an object moving through space. But enough is now known about meteorite luminous flight to make as good a guess as could be made if two set of numbers were known. Some factors can't be calculated as they can not be known; such as original mass, fragment size and shape, or wind speed and direction at the various altitudes. And therein lies the challenge. If anyone is interested, read up on Ceplecha an
  8. This one will be a little different than the usual distant sighting. In my case, the position where the object exploded and went to dark flight was higher in relation to the horizon that when I first saw it. Now I know that sounds backwards but not if you also know that it was coming towards us in a very flat trajectory for about 5 seconds until break-up. I'm doing OK at reanimating some long-dormant brain cells that use to hold some pretty good geometry info. What I don't know is the speed these things come in at, the altitude where the burn starts, and the probable speed where incandescence
  9. Thanks. I'll keep looking around too. I'll share the numbers with anyone who might be interested. For us SoCal folks it's kind of neat to know that there is a bunch of fresh space rock somewhere northeast of Tehachapi.
  10. It started as a white light that was coming almost straight at us. Then it looked orange with orange sparks coming off as it was slowing down. When it broke up there was a whitish flash with the pieces going a bluish-green before they went dark. I'm sure it was miles from us but this thing was real close as meteorites go.
  11. Friday night out in the desert my camp was treated to an amazing show. We got to see one come in low and slow, then break up and go dark as the chunks slowed down. I'd bet if there hadn't been a dune buggy going by we could have heard it. Even though my jaw was hanging open I managed to keep my wits and make a point of keeping track of its trajectory and angles using objects on the ground. Now- I know I've seen it somewhere. Does anyone remember the details for making better than an educated guess about where a meteorite may have fallen based on the witnessed trajectory details? I know it's st
  12. Say Paseclipse, I occasionally work at JPL too. Do you have any dealings with Chuck Burrill in Environmental Compliance? I was the guy who caught the bear just before open house a few months ago. The JPL photogs that filmed the capture promised me a copy of the footage but never came through. I was walking on water that day and I've been wondering how much was caught on film.
  13. I think I would have to walk it to someone in person, point out the significant aspects, and see if it would qualify for the definite tests. I'm not too far from UCLA- Maybe I could swing by there sometime. I mentioned having it tested to a contact of mine when I was working at JPL last summer and wished I hadn't. It was the same reaction I got when I asked him why my GPS goes haywire when I get close to the (delete) building. Those guys have no sense of humor. I wish I could do better in the photographic department. Here's about the best I can muster right now. This is a 1 inch long slice o
  14. UPDATE: It was found! :whoopie: Evidently it was never lost- The Post Office just thought it was. Anyhoo, I didn't get the news I wanted from ASU but it wasn't definite bad news either. The letter they sent me was a pretty standard form letter which had the phrase, "....it does not appear to resemble the meteorites in our collections". I knew that already. If it is anything it is a highly weathered achondrite. Well, I choose to remain optimistic based on the handwritten note at the bottom of the page. "This is a very interesting rock. Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to determine
  15. I still have the main mass but someone has a nice slice. I also have photos, so if somewhere, sometime, somehow-the missing piece should happen to show up,... :hmmmmmm: :ph34r2: Anyway, I wanted to share this with everyone as food for thought. I have had pretty good luck with the PO in general but the first time I mail something that matters, :shrug: It won't happen again, and I will be visiting the PO after the holiday insanity calms down. At the very least I think they owe me a refund. Marty
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