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  1. Way to go Lou! No gold for us at Bagdad but we had a blast, literally I'll give you a call, maybe we can stir something up. Later...Jim P.
  2. I'll bring my Magic Marker! I work nights so I may need a nap when I get there :sleeping-smiley-009[1]: See you all there. Later...Jim P.
  3. I'll ballpark it off the map unless I can get to the BLM to check out the legal description. Does anyone know if the Phoenix BLM keeps copies of the claims from other field offices? Later...Jim P.
  4. Put me down for a maybe :broke: Do we have GPS coordinates? How about poles/tags??? Later...Jim P.
  5. Thanks Gene! I sent you an email. Later...Jim P.
  6. My condolences, He will be missed. I only had the pleasure to hang out with RD a couple of times at Rich Hill, but he made a huge impression on me. I called him the professor, very thoughtful and wise. :smrt1: He was very kind to everyone, especially my son. I think of RD every time I find a tiny nugget in a new wash. The first thing I do is look up at the hillsides, remembering RD's story of his discovery of the big patch. Rest in Peace RD...Jim P.
  7. Got it Roger, Thanks! :wubu: Later...Jim P.
  8. Read and understood, thanks Roger. Later...Jim P.
  9. Glad to hear you are staying Roger, I hope the road is a little smoother from here on out. Greg, My apologies! I don't know what I was thinking. And thanks again for your help. Later...Jim P.
  10. "So can I take it you would be willing to help with filing, research, staking and assessment ?" Yes, although I've had to curtail my driving because of the price of gas, I'd be happy to make a short trip once or twice a week. Just let me know what to do. Later...Jim P. Ps. He will probably kick my butt for doing this but I'd like to recomend Mike K. (AZ4AU) for the AZ directors spot. He's already done the work on the southern AZ claims and he knows his stuff when working with mapping, GPS and such. What do you say Mike?
  11. Not on your life :poke: :winking0023: I'd be happy to help out with filing, research, staking and assessment Etc. I take direction well, so just point me in the right direction and I'll do my best. Later...Jim P.
  12. Roger, I'm surprised you lasted as long as you did without exploding. :angry-smiley-010: The last time we talked, I tried to convince you that you don't have to be a baby sitter. We are all grown ups (most of us anyway) It's not you responsibility satisfy everyone's needs. You do an awesome job of laying out the info and making it available; your responsibility should end there. But, like me, you take on more responsibility than you are actually required to. That's an admirable trait, but it will also shorten your life if don't tell someone to suck wind once in a while. You have done more of the actual hands on work for this club than anyone I know of, and you have done a great job. The only one I know of who isn't satisfied with what you have done is you. You have my wholehearted thanks and admiration for the job you are doing. I'm sure most of the members feel the same way. Hopefully, with the changes being proposed, you will be able to breath long enough to reconsider and stay on as Secretary. I hope you do. With regards to some of the other posts berating the membership for lack of involvement, I'd like to offer a different view. Granted, some members will never do more than hunt the claims and pay the dues. But I believe the majority are willing to help out, just ask. Now, you will notice the same group of people volunteering here on the forum, but in my short experience as claims director, many more people are willing to help, they just don't post. Like good solders, we are awaiting orders. After I resigned my post, I volunteered to continue to help in any way I could. I have yet to be asked. Maybe I'm a hot potato, but I would bet dollars to donuts that I'm not the only one. When Bill and I asked for volunteers to mark claims, Rick was the only member who showed up (all the way from Boulder City Nevada I might add). Does that mean no one else was willing to help? Call me an optimist, but I don't think so. If memory served, we had to reschedule twice just to get three people. It was also 100+ degrees out then. We are all busy, we all have other more important things to deal with. (yes I said more important) Please ask for help, and accept the help that is offered. Don't judge a persons lack of involvement as lack of interest or commitment. Another example where it went the other way was the Nevada outing. With more advanced notice, a set date and time, look at how many people stepped up to help in getting the claims marked. Even some who couldn't attend the outing stepped up and delivered with posts, paint, signs and suggestions Etc. Also don't forget about the stuff going on that doesn't appear on the forum. I'm sure that every day of the week, someone is doing something of interest to the club, that will never be heard of. Some people don't want the credit, they just want to make it happen. Sorry to be so long winded, thanks for reading this far. Later...Jim P.
  13. Hi all, I reread what I wrote and I stand by it. I think if you also reread it, we are in agreement that Bill should be paid for our use of this forum. It should have been that way from the beginning in retrospect. My disagreement is with the way this has been proposed. I have a feeling, even Bill would agree with me on this, the WSPA should not "pick up half" of the expenses of the Nuggetshooter forum cost. We should pay rent or a fee for services rendered. I'm no lawyer, but I believe there may even be some legal issues with the motion as proposed. A non profit Corp. "donating" money to the for profit business of it's president? Seems like I've read a few articles in the paper about people being indicted for similar things. Bill is a businessman, and I think he will recognize the potential liability here. I think a better proposal is to request a bill for services rendered and an contract/agreement for future use of this forum. This way, we have a record of a business transaction. Like I said in my first post, semantics, but the WSPA and Nuggetshooter are both businesses and should be conducted such. Same goes for Roger and the WSPA site. Bob, I think we said the same thing. Ron, ditto, and it's not about the actual money, it's the fact that the forum is tied to a business. David, no problem, I don't think disagreeing is disrespectful, but I don't think we disagree. As far as the spirit of the club, nothing will destroy it faster than bad business decisions. Dredgebug, although the end effect will be the same, it matters how we do it. Denny, :sadwalk:
  14. Hi all, I would have to vote no. Not that I'm against supporting Nuggetshooter forums, I have always felt that Bill's forum is the best out there. I just don't believe the WSPA should support an entity of a for profit business. If we were to pay rent for the web space and support that would be a different story. It may be semantics, but I see a huge difference. I'd be all for a monthly or yearly payment for something we have been receiving for free up until now. Bill pays his dues just like the rest of us, he shouldn't be expected to pay for our forum. Who pays for the WSPA site right now? I know Roger put it together, but who pays the bill? If it's Roger, then I think the club should reimburse him too. I definitely don't want to see advertisements from sponsors on the forum. Just go to any forum that has sponsors and watch the bickering between the moderators and the sponsors and members, it's depressing. I understand every one wanting to support Bill and his business; I don't understand the WSPA, a not for profit corporation, supporting it. Later...Jim P.
  15. My condolences Bob, I applaud you for keeping this outing on the agenda during a time of loss for you. I'd sure like to make it, maybe next time. Good luck to all who attend. Later...Jim P.
  16. Thanks Chris, now my eyes hurt :zapped: That was one long document. If this is still current, we need to take into consideration how many claims a member holds if they run for a position on the BOD. I was told that being in an elected position in the BOD of a corporation holding claims wasn't counted toward the number of claims that individual "controlled". I'm glad I'm not a lawyer, I'd go blind and insane at the same time. Thanks again. Later...Jim P.
  17. Hi all, when I was claims director, I made a concerted effort to clear this very question up, and posted my findings. According to the adjudication department at the Phoenix office of the BLM, corporations are treated as any other individual, as they are in many other circumstances. I was told the corporation could hold up to 10 claims and file the small miners exemption, irregardless of how many claims the individual BOD members held, as long as they too were eligible for the exemption. I was very specific and deliberate in my questioning and these are the answers I was given. Maybe it's different in Nevada or California?? It is true that once a member, BOD or not, holds more than ten claims, any claim they sign onto is no longer exempt. Bill and I came up with a simple solution; create association claims using 10 members. After one year(again, according to the adjudication department) the claim may be transferred intact(160 acres) to an individual or the WSPA corp. This frees up members to claim additional acreage year after year. This way you could continue to claim additional acreage without becoming ineligible. I also inquired as to whether the fact that the club would be leasing a number of claims in excess of ten would disqualify it from the small miners exemption. I was told that leasing in not the same as "controlling" and would not disqualify us. Again, I was relying on the fact that these were the same people that would be validating our claims for us. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get these opinions in any written form. I'm sure a search of case law would turn up cases involving the very situation we are discussing. Later…Jim P.
  18. Hi Steve, just to be safe, I'd unload before you get into the "................." wash. It's drivable in a 2 wheel drive, but why risk it if you have a quad? There are a few good parking spots just before you get to the wash. The weather is getting just about right for that claim so I might go give it a try too. Good luck. Later...Jim P.
  19. Welcome to the club Jason, Glad to have you. Later...Jim P.
  20. Congrats Roger, I'm happy for you. It's still many years away for me but I'm sure it will be here sooner than I think. Later...Jim P.
  21. Hi Guys, here's the owners according to the Yavapia County site. GRANTHAM WILLIAM W & SUZANNE L JT. I don't know the owner but I've seen the name several times on property in the area. Anyone know them? As far as the road being "illegally" blocked, I have been told very succinctly, by Jack Raggsdale of the BLM that unless the Feds negotiated a ROW with the owners prior to the property becoming private, there isn't much that can be done. The law applies to the government blocking roads on public lands. Not that it matters to them, they do it all the time anyway. I am currently working with Jack on a road that was blocked near Morristown that leads to a Roadrunner claim. I've been using the road since I was in High School and it's been in existance since at least 1979 when my Topo was printed. Jack says I have little chance of getting access unless the owner is cooperative. He is willing to help as much as he can which I found to be encouraging and a little surprising. We have the same situation at Rich Hill on a RR claim on the south side of the hill where a private owner blocked the easy road into the claims. I know the owner and he's the type that would cut off his nose to spite his face. Nothing to gain except knowing that he's in control. Sorry, It's a sore subject with me. Anyway, I like gate idea, and I think most reasonable owners would agree, especially since it's not blocking access in, but access beyond their property. Good public relations and we can use the expense for assessment. Later...Jim P. PS. How about also offering the owners a membership for a lease on their property? It's getting prospected anyway.
  22. Hi guy's, according to the Geocommunicator, the NE1/4 of the SE1/4 of section 8 (Where Millers windmill is) is non federal and non state, but It doesn't give any other info on land status. That lands the northern border right across the road to 8#patch, about where the road is blocked. It would require a trip to the BLM to get more info on land status. There is a grazing allotment on the whole area, probably belonging to Angel. When I get more time I'll check the Yavapai County site to see if they have more info. Later...Jim P.
  23. Spent about three hours collecting trash in the wash on Sunday July 8th. I found no sign of previous placer mining activity aside from a couple old detector dig. There is a settling pond dam made of ore from the Amulet mine that looks to be sulfide. I'd sure appreciate a pointy finger in the right direction from anyone who has had success there. The weather was nice and I'd like to spend more time up there if I thought there was potential. Nice secluded area with a couple good camp areas. Later...Jim P.
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