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  1. Hi Roger, thanks for getting this one out so fast. I received all the info and printed it, put it in my claims guide. This is too cool! We was out there Saturday, tromping through the desert wondering what the hell we were doing and two days later I have a compete package sitting on my computer. I want to give a big THANK YOU! to Bill and Greg (Lve2fsh) :yourock: for spending a Saturday fighting cat claw and cholla(Greg's favorite) to get this claim on the map. Thanks also to Bob Mitchell for laying out the coordinates so well for us to follow. Once Bill got his GPS set back to planet earth we were off and running. Thanks for lunch too Bill. With so many people willing t volunteer their time, talent and gas money, I think this club is going to be great! Later...Jim P.
  2. I had the pleasure to meet Terry at the BLM LR2000 open house Thursday. His endorsment is good enough for me. I voted yes. Later...Jim P.
  3. Hi all, after spending a week in Alaska with Chris as my tent mate I feel qualified to say Chris is a great guy. Plus, he would make a great asst. claims director :bowdown: if I can convince him. Actually, he'd make a better lead claims director than me but I doubt I could convince him to take the job. Later...Jim P.
  4. Hi Bill, just to clarify, Kim is AZAWARE not AZGuide, that's Jade. Glad to see Kim joining. Later...Jim P.
  5. "Just a pic" my a$$. That is one nice looking piece of gold. Congrats. I saw some just like it at the AZ mine and mineral museum the other day. Beautiful stuff. Later...Jim P.
  6. Welcome to the club Jerry. Later...Jim P.
  7. Welcome to the club Gene. Later...Jim P.
  8. Welcome to the club Earl, glad to have you. Later...Jim P.
  9. Welcome to the club Roy. Later...Jim P.
  10. Gotcha Denny, I talked to Bill aout it and he reminded me that we voted down any claim info going out over the internet. Sorry I brought it up. :eee: Sucks that the minority controls the majority once again(I'm speaking of the pirates and crooks in our society) Consider this dicussion closed. Bill, could you nuke this thread please? Thanks. Later...Jim P.
  11. Hi all, here's a good question Rob Allison asked me. "How do members get the info on new claims"? My answer was "I'm not sure." I have thought about it a few times over the previous few weeks but figured I was the only one with that question. Guess not. I know how other clubs do it. They hold off allowing members onto new ground until every one has a chance to get a map or they set a date and ask members not to prospect until then. Well I think we are not other clubs. We are the WSPA, an Internet based club. I propose that when a new claim becomes available, we put together a post with all necessary info, maps, directions, restrictions Etc. What's the point of an Internet based club if we don't use the Internet? We could make every one wait until they get a map in the mail, or hold off until a certain date, but why? We will certainly send out maps and info for each new area, but why not have it available at the speed of light? I don't know if this needs to go to a vote, but I figured someone needs to get the ball rolling. What do you all think? :feedback: Later...Jim P.
  12. Hi all, we need volunteers to evaluate a potential new area for us. This one is private, patented property in the Dale dist. near Indio California. Bob(29prospector) will be the main contact and organizer for this trip. Bob's email is 29prospector@verizon.net Phone # 760-367-3495. It currently looks like May 19th or June 2nd are the most likely dates. The earlier the better because of the rising temperatures. The area encompasses nearly 300 acres and is in two separate sections near each other. Bob can do a better job filling you in on the Placer and Load gold history of these mines. The area is basically virgin to detectors so there is great potential for some interesting finds. Those of you who enjoy hillside detecting will probably enjoy this area because the veins run the length of the valleys about half way up the hill. There are many open shafts and old workings in the area so I wouldn't recommend bringing curious children or pets. If I can answer any questions feel free to write or call. From this point I'll turn it over to Bob. Later...Jim P. Ps I'd like to thank Bob for his continued effort to make this opportunity happen for us :yourock:
  13. HI all, just a quick post to let you know a little about what we are working on. I'm sure you all are anxious to get some new claims to visit, and I am as well. I must admit, even I am getting a little impatient with the rate at which things are moving. But rest assured, good things are coming. As I write this John B. is leading a group into new territory down near the Mexico border. I'm confident, given the history behind the area, that they will turn up some gold. John is ready to locate the claim on the spot if it's decided it's a go. Bill Southern recently claimed an area with an incredible history of specimens and nuggets of up to 7.5 OZ. Several of our members have done very well in the general vicinity. I found some more open ground in the area and may grab it also. Sabre Jim(Jim French) recently suggested and area in the Prescott NF. I will plan a evaluation trip to check this and a couple other areas near there when the temps get too hot in the lower deserts. The first area has a gold bearing stream running through it with at least a little water most of the year. There are also two load gold mines above that are currently open to claim. Bob(29prospector) has been working on a very exiting project over in the Dale Dist. of southern California. I'll post a separate thread for that one as we will need volunteers to go out and check this area out very soon. He has a few more irons in the fire at this time that also have great potential in the area. Lotsa Luck(Bob Mitchell) has located one new claim that should be filed next week. I plan to go with him to the BLM to go through the process with a real pro. Bob is currently out prospecting an old load mine that has great potential as a club claim for those not afraid to hike. I wish him luck; make that Lotsa Luck. Denny is finishing a new claim in southern California. Denny or I will make that announcement soon. Today I talked with a gentleman from New Mexico about his claims in the Lincoln National Forest near Ruidoso. With the elevation at 7500 feet and good camping, RV parks, Motels and shopping very close by, this one should appeal to everyone. He has a partner with claims that may be interested in becoming a member also. The claims are load claims with tailing carrying gold in quartz. There are also "match head" sized nuggets in the gravels and creeks. Bill Southern has agreed to lead the expedition to this area so I'll leave it up to him to plan the trip. Trying to find some previously unknown spots to claim for the club I made a couple short trips last week to an area below the Estrella Mountains south of Phoenix to the area of a reported Spanish gold mine. I discovered the old rock house and well by accident about ten years ago. I only vaguely remembered the mine shaft up the canyon from the house so I went back to refresh my memory. What piqued my curiosity again was an email from Lotsa luck who informed me that it was Spanish in origin. Then I found a report on some old placer claims in the area. Then I found current placer claims in the valley below, half of which had recently been dropped by the owners. The roads had changed since I was there ten ears ago so it took two trips to find a way in the area. What I found wasn't too exciting. The formerly claimed area in the valley is mostly silt. The few areas with gravel showing are still probably a hundred feet or more to bedrock. I beeped for an hour or so but only to say I tried. I continued up the trail to what I call "twin Saguaro" Canyon because of all the saguaro cactuses that have two main branches. The rock house and well are still very much in tact. The note I left in the bottle ten years ago was gone but there were twenty or so new ones from old and new visitors. Someone had mucked out the bottom of the well. I found a very odd contraption(modern) in pieces near the mine shaft. I'll post a pic in the finds sections to see if anyone knows what it was. The mine, well and house are now within the Estrella Mountain Wilderness area so no prospecting is allowed in the canyon. All in all I'm glad I made the trip. I hoped for the long shot of finding a new patch but rediscovering the old miners camp was worth the trip and gas money. Later...Jim P. Ps. Sorry, I guess that wasn't so quick
  14. Yep! Kinda sucks but that's the way it goes. I did raise a few red flags with the BLM while I was there today. I found Ted's maps and legal descriptions don't match. I also found a few claims that had him listed as an owner and agent. I should hear from the adjudication dept. in a week or two. I was surprised to see so many patented claims out there. I've only seen a few that are marked on the ground but there are several that show on the maps. Probably most are being held for investment, waiting for the houses to come. I'll keep looking, I don't give up that easily. Later...Jim P.
  15. Sounds like a great opportunity Bob, wish I was available. Not too sure of the underground stuff but can't think of a better person to be with. Do you plan to detect for missed pockets inside or just the dumps? Looking forward to the report and pics. Later...Jim P.
  16. Oops, I got impatient and hit the button twice :eee:
  17. Welcome Mike, good to have you. I'll be looking for that email with all the waypoints Later...Jim P.
  18. Welcome Dick, glad to have you. Later...Jim P.
  19. I'll have to think about this one for a while :poke: :rofl2: It's about time Mike. Later...Jim P.
  20. Congrats agian Calvin, good to see you Saturday. Keep up the good work. Later...Jim P.
  21. Nice finds Bob. Looks like Denny pegged a winner. Thanks for sharing. Later...Jim P.
  22. Sabre Jim, I just got the info on the Prescott NF area you sent Roger, Thanks! I'v dredged the claims above your area so I know there is gold, just not if there is detectable gold. I'll double check the status and see if we can set up an evaluation. Would you like us to wait until you can make it or just go ahaed and do it? Please contact me at japdep@aol.com if you want me to hold off. Thanks again. Later...Jim P.
  23. Good idea Bob, I was thinking of taking a picture of the location notices themselves with changing dates to show that they are only replacing the paperwork and not filing. Is it legal to keep relocating the same claim without filing? Another question on the subject while I'm thinking of it; how soon after a claim's paperwork lapses can you file over it? Later...Jim P.
  24. Great looks like we may have enough members to make this work. All I ask is that you all email John and let him know you are interested goldmaster@cox.net. Maybe he'll jump in here. Like I said John is ready to go at any time but it needs to be done at a time that's agreable to every one. I'd like to make it also but can only commit if it's on a wekend. I'll leave it up to John to schedule with everyone as it's his area and He's been there before. While we are on the subject, does anyone have a suggestion on doing this sort of thing differently. This seemed to be the best way (via the forum) to organize it but if there is a better way I'm all ears(eyes). Later...Jim P.
  25. You're right, but I hate to give up that easily if the area is worth claiming. So if someone just replaces the lacation notice every 89 or less days they can keep the area in limbo? How could you prove this was happening? Take a pic of each location notice? I'm guessing this is what many of the Ebay sellers are doing, waiting for someone to bite and then file the claim. Well, that just reinforces what we are trying to do here with the WSPA. Thanks for the info. Later...Jim P.
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