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  1. A well deserved break? Have a good weekend Roger. Later...Jim P.
  2. Hi all, I'm no computer guru but I do have a thought or two on this issue. How difficult would it be to set up a automated request form, similar to an online store, or a post office, with the info stored offline, where you go to the site, pick your info and submit a request with a password and an email address? Then someone can approve the "transaction" and let the info go out. Would that be any less labor intensive and more secure? Just a thought. Later...Jim P.
  3. Thanks guys! I miss them too. I have some emails form JJ that will make me laugh even though I've read them many times. He was so infectious with his excitement. Later...Jim P.
  4. HI Bill, I was going through my Pms and my bucket is getting full. I have some PMs from JJ and Stan and I don't have the heart to delete them. I copied and paisted to my email but I would like to save them as is. Is that possible? Thanks for any help. Later...Jim P.
  5. Cudos and congratulations. Not to mention a great big THANK YOU for making it happen. :whoopie: Later...Jim P.
  6. Hi Roger, thanks for the response. I would have to agree with most everything you wrote. Removing the post was the correct thing to do. But I feel more should be done to stop this from occurring over and over. As you pointed out, this "pissin" match has been going on for a long time on the regular forums. It has no place here. John should at least be warned to stop. Maybe he was, I wouldn't know because no one responded to my email. I'm not asking or hoping anyone gets thrown out of the club. Far from it. I'm hoping we can all act like grown ups and stop this crap. I believe the inspiration for this club is a leap in forethought like none I've ever seen. I'd hate to see it die at the hands of personal bitterness. This club is bigger than that, it's bigger than all of us. As Bill pointed out, this club has accomplished more in a short period of time than some clubs ever do. I don't think it's simply hard work that affords this accomplishment. I feel that we are doing the right thing for the right reason and good things happen when we employ those tactics. Hi Bill, the "threat or intimidation" I spoke of is the line in your's and Denny's post. "I strongly advise we let it end right here and now". Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but that is a veiled threat in my book. I wasn't insinuating anything, I wrote very clearly what I believed was happening. I believe I was being threatened because I spoke out against a board members inappropriate actions, and you were doing nothing more that deleting the post without so much as a "hey John, cut this crap out". As I wrote above to Roger, maybe you did warn John, I wouldn't know because no one responded to my email. I don't have to consider wether or not my heart is in this, I wouldn't give a hoot either if it wasn't. I wouldn't be making these posts if It wasn't. I wouldn't have given up my position as claims director if it wasn't. I'm not asking for anyone to be removed from office. I'm not asking for anyone to be kicked out of the club. I'm asking that appropriate attempts be made to end this harassment. Again, if more was done than deleting the post you have my apologies. You and the rest of the board are to be congratulated on your accomplishments. No one else I know could have pulled it off so well in such short order. Please accept these words as comments and opinions. They were written slowly, carefully and without anger, only a genuine fear that this club will continue to suffer from personal selfishness. Later...Jim P.
  7. Denny, thanks for the response. My motive is simple. Confront what I see as a problem member. Stop his harassment of other members. I too am interested in bettering this club and I see nothing but continuing problems if this is left as is. Why is this so hard to understand? Why am I portrayed as the problem when all I have done is point out and attempt to end harassment by another member? I tried to keep it "private" as requested, and have been stonewalled for the second time. As for you comment that Bill doesn't need to validate his actions I believe nothing could be further from the truth. Being President doesn't give anyone unchecked authority. He is obligated to uphold the integrity of this club and it's rules. For the second time I see this admonition. "I strongly advise we let it end right here and now" What exactly does that mean? If you are going to throw me out of the club, lets get it over with already. I have no problem being thrown out of a club that allows this sort of thing to occur repeatedly, and tries to intimidate anyone who speaks up. Later...Jim P.
  8. Bill, since I didn't get a response to my emailed letter of complaint about the post you deleted, should I assume this post is the official BOD response? To say the least I'm disappointed. Is this going to be the normal coarse of action when a complaint is brought to the BOD? Puzzled in Peoria...Jim P.
  9. I stopped by Saturday afternoon with my boys to find only Gene left at camp. Nice area with a few good camping spots. We talked with Gene for a while and then headed to the only water we could find, on Wolf creek where the RR have claims. Found a license plate with 07 tags if anyone is missing theirs. I saw some interesting areas on the way in so I'll probably be back with the detector soon. Later...Jim P.
  10. Six hours marking claim corners Hard road#1 claim. April 28th 2007
  11. Bummer Bob, hope you feel better soon. Take care. Later...Jim P.
  12. Hi Chris, welcome to the club. I talked to Ami at the BLM adjudication dept. about it a while back and she stated that, in AZ anyway, corporations are treated the same as any other single individual. I have been told in the past that corps were not eligible, that's why I did some digging. I also verified that the officers in the club could hold up to 10 claims individually without affecting the status of the club claims. Not sure where to go from there. Later...Jim
  13. Correct, the members of an association can quit claim to one member or to an entirely separate individual. Why didn't I think of that? :innocent0009: The club is limited to 10 claims before they must pay the full $135 per claim per year. To get around that problem, Bill suggested an equally brilliant idea. Stipulate a 100 year lease for claims filed on behalf of the club. The claim remains in the original holders name but the club controls it without incurring the financial burden. We just need to stay on top of who has an interest in how many claims to avoid one member or the club owning more than 10 at one time. Later...Jim P. Ps. California BLM requires the association to hold the claim for one year before they can quit claim to a single owner.
  14. Hi all, It seems to me that I owe the members of this club an apology. As much as I wanted to continue as claims director, In my opinion, it's best for me and the club if someone else takes over. I'm sorry for stepping down so abruptly. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to overcome the obstacles put in my path. Please don't misconstrue my action as a reflection of the future of the club. I had and still have high hopes for this group of members. The premise behind the creation of this club is a good one. A great one actually. If we stick to the principles of why this club was formed, I see great things in the future. I wanted to thank everyone for their support and kind words posted on the "Rumors" thread, although that wasn't the purpose for my posting. I request that no one respond to this post, unless of coarse, you wish to tell me what a bozo I am. I won't take that away from anyone. I have good reasons for stepping down, but there area just as good reasons not to. It was a difficult decision, but I believe it was the correct one. For the good of the club, as Bill stated, let's move on. Thank you all who stepped up so quickly in my vacancy. It looks to me like we are more than covered in the claims department. Once again, I apologize for any unnecessary stress I caused the members. Sincerely, Jim Pressley
  15. Hi all, there is an issue that has come to my attention that needs to be addressed and corrected. It seems that there is a rumor that your claims director, that's me, has been caught and photographed claim jumping and or hi grading on a private claim. I could have called everyone privately, asking "who is saying this?, what have you heard?" I could have jumped to conclusions and confronted someone privately, hoping I was correct. I could have gone to the claim owner and asked privately what's going on. But, my good friend Bill once told me; the best way to handle something like this is to confront it head on, out in the open. I feel that as claims director, I must have the full trust and confidence of every club member. Who in their right mind would be willing to confide in me a producing area if they have even the slightest suspicion that I may not be trustworthy? For the good of the club and to restore any lost confidence, therefore, if I am to continue as claims director and club member, we need to get this all out in the open. If someone would like to accuse me of claim jumping and or hi grading, now is the time. If anyone has any questions about rumors they have heard, now is the time to ask. I am quite confident in my honesty and integrity, and not just a little angry about this entire matter. Please forgive me if this post is hostile in nature, I simply can't suffer a backhanded attack on my integrity without becoming a bit hostile. If we cannot settle this here and now to the satisfaction of the members, I feel it is time for a new claims director. This club simply can't survive if there is any doubt as to my intentions. Given our current list of members, there will be no problem filling the position with an even more qualified candidate. Sincerely, Jim Pressley Member #11
  16. Welcome to the club ED. Later...Jim P.
  17. Welcome aboard Mike, glad to have you. Later...Jim P.
  18. Hi Bob, I'm working out the details right now. I don't want to say for sure I'll be there but I will try. I'll email you if I can make it. The area looks very interesting on Google Earth. How are the roads into the property? You alreadywarned me about the road to the top. I need to be sure I can drive home in what ever vehicle I bring.Not sure what vehicle to bring or what sleeping arrangements I need. Later...Jim P.
  19. Welcome to the club Mick. Later...Jim P.
  20. Welcome to the club Denon. Later...Jim P.
  21. Welcome to the club Jeff. Later...Jim P.
  22. Welcome to the club Rich. Later...Jim P.
  23. Welcome George. Later...Jim P.
  24. Welcome Steve. Later...Jim P.
  25. Welcome abaord Rex. Later...Jim P.
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