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  1. I'll be praying too. Later...Jim P.
  2. Way to go Jason! And a nice one to boot. Congrats. Later...Jim P.
  3. Congratulations Fred! May your new life be just as long and prosperous. Later...Jim P. Ps. I sent you an email
  4. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. :hmmmmmm: I'd much rather see you post a nugget that size, but it's still an interesting find. Later...Jim P.
  5. Hi Ron and all, I had the same thought so I asked Ellie yesterday. She's not sure on the prices for the other claims, but the three remaining Devil's Nest are priced at $100K each for the full 20 acres and $35K for the partial claim. Also, she re-located the partial claim to the bottom of the stack from South to North. The partial claim basically begins where the club house used to be and butts up to the RoadRunner claim. Not worth it in my opinion, but she did say she is open to offers. Later...Jim P.
  6. Can't make it as usual, but I want to wish you all a safe, fun and profitable week. Later...Jim P.
  7. Hi Guys, no such luck. I just checked it, he's still holding it. It's Crack shooter#7 AMC# 387546. Two things I noticed that have changed; Ted's PO box is now in Mayer and he's paying the annual assesment fee, not filing the small miners exemption. They didn't make him pay for all the prior years though. Hopefully, having to pay his fair share will slow him down some. Later...Jim P.
  8. My God, Roger, that's horrible. He, you and your family will be in my prayers...Jim P.
  9. Better late than never, Happy Bitrthday Roger! Hope it was a good one. Later...Jim P.
  10. Hi Chris, I got both the auto reply and a mailerDemon reject. Never had that happen before. Later...Jim P.
  11. Glad to have you Max, welcome. I've had every intention of stopping by to say hi since you relocated, but it seems that I'm always being rushed to be somewhere else when I'm out your way. I'll holler at you some day on my way out to the LSD for sure. Later...Jim P.
  12. Hi Sonny, those are referring to the Public Land Survey System(PLSS). T for township followed by N(North) or S(South), R for Range followed by E(East) or W(West) and then a S(section) Each township is generally 36 sections, one square mile each. The T ps and Rs refers to multiple townships and ranges. I'm not sure on the 4 bS. If you look at a Topo map you'll see these divisions drawn out. In Arizona, the townships all begin at a point just west of the confluence of the Gila and Salt river and go N, S E or W from there. Hope this helps. Later...Jim P. Ps. Sorry Sawmill, we must have been typing at the same time.
  13. I'm with Roger :outtahere: Cali. always seems to be having some sort of life and property threatening event. Glad to hear you were spared Denny, I just wish the news was as good for so many others. Later...Jim P.
  14. Congrats on a successful outing Bob, I truely wish I had been able to attend. Congrats to everyone who found some color and especially to GP John; WOW! I'm sure those claims will see some more traffic soon. Take care and I'll see you at the next one hopefully. Later...Jim P.
  15. The BLM is holding two and only two public meetings (scheduled for November 18 and 20) before they implement their plan for the area. Here's a link with the specifics and maps. BLM Meeting Make our voice heard now, because once their plan is in place it's virtually impossible to reverse. Later...Jim P.
  16. Glad to hear it Bob! Can't keep a good man down. Later...Jim P.
  17. Thanks Mike, where have you been? Haven't heard much from you either lately. Later...Jim P.
  18. Thanks for the comments and encouragement guys, I appreciate it. Later...Jim P.
  19. Hi Bill and all, just wanted to touch base and say Hi. I've been watching the forums almost daily, just not in the mood to post. I had been caring for my Dad until his death from lung cancer in July. Since then I've been busy with his estate. I also wanted to toot my own horn a little. In the midst of my personal low, this year, cam a personal high as well. Just in time for my Dad to see it, I was published in the ICMJ. I posted it here along with a few extra pictures for those of you who don't get the magazine. http://hometown.aol.com/japdep/myhomepage/index.html It's freebie AOL POS page so be patient. Scroll down to the green link "Family Prospecting adventures: Pure Gold" I'm hoping to start getting out again soon, this weather is teasing me. See you all out there. Later...Jim P.
  20. Well done Ron! Great looking pieces too. Want to borrow my 16"NF? Just ignore the GPS taped to the rod :innocent0009: Congrats. Later...Jim P.
  21. Here's his response; "The areas in Nevada were claimed over a year ago but the guy didn't mind detecting, there was just an outing there for several days and no one bothered them, just may be claimable. In Redding, The BLM office discourages claims because they want the land open to the public and have a tendency to loose your paperwork if you know what I mean! I just posted it in a new topic (Here they are) for everyone to read, too many PM's! Thanks and be safe. Alan " And the Coordinates from his post on the main forum. Redding areas: Parking along Clear ck rd / BLM public land: 40 29.929N 122 27.628W Slope patch / BLM public land (nice gold being found right now): 40 30.038N 122 27.721W Rocker Patch / BLM public land: 40 30.064N 122 27.697W Mistys Patch / BLM public land (lots of detectable nuggets): 40 30.071N 122 27.742W Diggerhead Patch / City of Redding (few 1/4 oz nuggies): 40 30.109N 122 27.515W Deerleg Patch / City of Redding: 40 30.084N 122 27.528W Rosebud Placers, Nevada North of LOVELOCK, not Winnemucca!...Sorry!! LARGE AREA!!! Camp BLM public land (drive right to here): 40 47.114N 118 42.201W Patch BLM public land: 40 47.667N 118 42.417W Here's a warning from Chip over at Highdesertgold; "There is some bad info being given out on Bill's fourm. I hope anyone going to the Redding aera will research those spot's before going there as there is more private land than there is open land. . As far as the Rosebud aera in Nevada . Be advised there is claimed property there don't beleive everything that is written on the fourm's. Just be aware of CLAIMED PROPERTY AND PRIVATE PROPERTY. Guy's get ticked off for one reason or another and the first thing you know someone get's in trouble. Consider the source of the info and be careful. Chip" Might be some open ground in the area worth looking into. Anyone in the area that can check it out at the BLM and the county? Later...Jim P.
  22. Way to go Ron, sounds like fun. Later...Jim P.
  23. Hi John, I PMed Alan (EODseal) and suggested he contact Bill or Roger about our club and claiming the areas for the club. Still waiting on a reply. I think it's only fair, given the nature of his offer, that we give him the chance to claim and lease to us before we jump on it outright. If the area is claimable it would defiantly be worth pursuing. Later...Jim P.
  24. Good news! Thanks for the update Denny. Later...Jim P.
  25. Excellent writing Bob, I'm anxious to read the continuation. Take care and keep the stories coming. Later...Jim P.
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