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  1. They might need a gentile reminder that you are mining under the 1872 mining law and have right to access. From the forest service's own manual https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd533980.pdf 2813.14 - Right of Access to Claim The right of reasonable access for purposes of prospecting, locating, and mining is provided by statute. Such access must be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Forest Service. However, the rules and regulations may not be applied so as to prevent lawful mineral activities or to cause undue hardship on bona fide prospectors and miners. Don;t know if this applies to your road, but if it existed before 1976, they aren't supposed to close it per https://www.azleg.gov/ars/37/00931.htm Good luck, and keep us informed if you would. Later...Jim P.
  2. Sad news for sure, most helpful guy around, RIP my friend.
  3. Sorry for your loss Chris, I saw of his passing in the latest Roadrunner's newsletter. Great memories. Later...Jim P.
  4. Sorry to hear this Rick, You'll be in my prayers. Later...Jim P.
  5. Snakejim is correct, I'll just add that any association placer claim of up to 160 acres still counts as a single claim under the small miner exemption. Later...Jim P.
  6. Volunteer or nominate someone to be a voice for miners and prospectors in the Prescott National Forest https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/prescott/news-events/?cid=FSEPRD640442
  7. I detected and dug up a desert iguana buried in the sand of a wash back in my VLF days, scared the crap out of me. Keep digging and good luck. Later...Jim P.
  8. I replied to Les with the following excerpt from CFR 3809.5 describing no notice level "casual use"; "it may include the use of small portable suction dredges" This is the current standard so I don't know why the AZ BLM gets to claiming otherwise. I can't seem to paste here, just Google CFR 3809.5 and CFR 3715 which deals with occupancy. Later...Jim P.
  9. I've not felt the need to respond to a post or thread here for a long time, but this one got my ire up a little. While I believe Wyoprospector is beyond help, I'd say a conservative estimate of those who have been helped by Bill and the members on this forum is in the multiple thousands, myself included. While Bill and I have not always seen eye to eye on everything over the years, he's always had my respect and appreciation for his wiliness to share both time and knowledge. In fact it's all Bill's fault; if he hadn't been so generous, I'd probably still be poking around with my Tesoro Diablo, finding a nugget one in a blue moon. Bill and I met up for a hunt many moons ago at the LSD. Right off the bat he offered good info on the area's geology and gold production. He then offered a practical stranger his Minelab 2100 to try out.(keep in mind this was 20 plus years ago and the minelab was an incredibly expensive machine, especially compared to my budget breaking Tesor that I bought for $100 at a pawn shop) He gave me a quick rundown of the detector and then made himself scarce. I was hooked from the first moment I held that machine and heard the tone. I could finally hunt like I always wanted to without all the squawking and popping of the VLF. I was forever ruined when it came to detectors and started saving immediately for a minelab of my own. I think the most important part of this story is the fact that Bill had nothing to gain from this other than satisfaction and friendship, this was many years before he became a dealer of any kind. I don't think much has changed since then, Bill is still out there giving people help, inspiration and hope, and yes, hopefully gaining a few $$ along the way. So, for those newcomers reading this thread; beware. Beware naysayers who claim that there's no help, no hope and only profiteers looking to take your money. Later...Jim P.
  10. Looks like fun, thanks for sharing. Why doesn't Laszlo look any older, but the rest of us do? Later...Jim P.
  11. I still stop by daily. Still a great motivational place most of the time; makes me wish I could get out more. Later...Jim P.
  12. Might just be the lighting, but it looks like a cast reproduction to me. I see bumps on the after pic, that don't appear natural. check the carat. Nice nugget by the way. Later...Jim P.
  13. Bravo! Well done Amanda. And well done Rod, you have lots to be proud of. Later...Jim P.
  14. Just North of Walker, south of seven mile hill, between walker road and lynx creek. It's a WPA site if memory serves. Haven't see any signs like that one. Later...Jim P.
  15. Hi Ron, Isn't it interesting that the one of the only uses of that land that is a statutory right(mining) is the only one not mentioned in the management plan. I'm growing closer and closer each day to pushing back in the form of exercising my right under the law in open defiance of the "rules" in order to have my day in court. I don't think anything is going to change until we all start pushing back. later...Jim P.
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