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  1. Hello Mr. Meteorite . im interested in what your doing .  i have some one of kind rocks that ill be posting . any imput u have is welcome .  thanks c.s 




  2. Cool, I used to post a lot here but that was many years ago..... I miss it though..... maybe I'll post more articles/photos soon.
  3. Wow, after so many years it's good to see this article still alive! Hopefully it's helped a few cutters and etchers!
  4. Hi all, Not sure what the negativity is about. I only posted here because I thought you guys might want to know how things were going so that if you wanted to come up you would have the best/latest info. (A mistake I won't make again) 1. I invited many on this forum to hunt with me. Mike Morgan, Del Waterbury, Paul Desilets and Dale Romero (whom I have never met but still considered driving up with him and his son) Turned out my friend Stan was closer. But even then I gave him Mike Morgan's number so they could come together. I returned every phone call/email sent to me. If you wanted to hunt
  5. Thanks Del, and Micro.. and all, I just wanted to say thanks to Karl Aston, Tim Heitz, and Joe Kerchner for all their help as I forgot to include them by name yesterday. Tim , Joe and Karl helped Larry Atkins and were also very instrumental in helping our team make some great finds. Speaking of great finds I just uploaded more pictures including Karl's fantastic find and other fun wisconsin pictures.. here: http://www.mr-meteorite.net/wisconsinhuntpage2.htm
  6. Thanks Fred! Hi all, Here I am in a motel room somewhere in Topeka KS, reflecting on the past week and I realized that I need to thank a few standout individuals. First of all, thanks to Marc Fries and Rob Matson who always give us the best information possible which in turn makes our job easier. Thanks also to my entire team who worked tirelessly to recover stones and then selflessly shared all their data. But thanks most of all to Larry Atkins who knocked on more doors than all others combined to secure the most fertile hunting grounds and to Mike Bandli who led us in the right direction wi
  7. Hi all, Rob Wesel, Mike Bandli, Jim Schwade and myself interviewed with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for several hours today. The article which will be a front page feature in tomorrows paper can be seen here online. The reporter promised several pictures in the printed version - so it should be good. http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/91669604.html
  8. Hi all, The weather is great, the locals great, the meteorite finds horrible. There are probably 25 professional meteorite hunters and most have not made a find. My advice don't come unless you've always wanted to see Wisconsin. We have had more reporters than meteorite finds! Here is the latest article about Carl, Stan and myself. http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/article_cf225d46-4b48-11df-bed3-001cc4c03286.html Another ran Saturday (which I missed) that mentioned me and Hopper! I will be doing more interviews in the morning so more articles to come. Here are two photos of today!
  9. The one BIG thing that NO ONE ever mentions is that we (pro meteorite hunters) DO NOT use a metal detector at all unless we happen to be in a known or suspected strewn field. If you don't live near a strewn field then a metal detector will do you NO GOOD! At least not for meteorites. This is something that should be repeated over and over. We mostly use our eyes/knowledge to find meteorites not a magnet/detector. here is a video I did explaining what I mean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4ARakSH-AE
  10. Hi Fred, Thanks, I liked yours too! Just wondering if I was one of the guys that made you want to hunt Holbrook? You did real well. I think it took me 3-4 trips before I found my first stone. BTW- I was born in Durango too - Did we talk about that already?
  11. Hi all, This 5 plus pounder isn't a recent find. It was found in 2004 while hunting meteorites with Mike Miller, and a few guests we had invited out to try and find a Franconia specimen. One of those guests was Keith Vasquez who watched as I found that rock. He was so interested in having it in his collection that he offered me a 180 gram Glorieta pallasite in exchange. Of course, I was also the original finder of that specimen too so we made the trade. Recently Keith wanted a piece of my Rare Wilcox Playa meteorite so what do you think we did? That's right I cut a small piece off my rare mete
  12. Hi all, Here is a nice larger Franconia Meteorite I found. It is my second largest in that particular strewnfield - my largest is over 7 lbs. Lets see your largest/Best finds at Franconia..
  13. Hey, Mike good to see you actively posting on here! For all of you that don't know Mike he is very intelligent person and a expert meteorite hunter in the making. I took Mike on his first successful meteorite hunt using a metal detector and he came home with two finds! Maybe he will post them on here?
  14. Hey Guys, I forgot to mention that I am putting up a few strewnfield maps including rough maps of Franconia and Holbrook. The first one (Gold Basin) is here: http://www.mr-meteorite.net/strewnfieldmaps.htm
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