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  1. Bill I have been waiting patiently for the videos you were going to do on the covers I designed. You dang movie stars, it's so hard to get you to work. Doc
  2. Wow Chris, glad you are OK. If I remember my physiology classes, the SA Sino-Atrial Node of the heart is the PACEMAKER, that keeps your heart beating at a regulated rate. It actually gets messages from the brain telling it when your pulse ox level O2 is low and it starts beating harder to bring more oxygen to the brain. I have never heard of this condition you have where a secondary part of the heart is sending conflicting information to make the heart beat as well, it's actually sort of fascinating. However, I'm sure with you having the condition, you would prefer to have a heart that is
  3. Just a Happy New Year Message to all of my prospecting family and friends. As we start the New Year, I think the one thing above all we need to make a resolution about is to try and live our lives gratefully and with kindness. It's amazing what an effect words can have, both kind ones, and hurtful ones. In 1993 I wrote a little daily meditation titled, "The Best Day of My Life" Little did I know that this writing would travel the globe. It has been published in several books, "Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Book of Wisdom, Chosen to Remember, Heavenly Helpings, and Nordi
  4. Way to go Tammy. Don't you just hate it when you have been skunked for trip after trip. You start questioning everything you know. You think you are doing something wrong, and of course you're not. Just not getting over the gold. Doc
  5. My gosh, I wrote that almost 20 years ago? Where does the time go? Merry Christmas to all of my prospecting family. How the New Year treats you and your family well. Doc
  6. You're right Grubstake. Thank you for reminding me. Doc
  7. Years ago I had someone you guys were friends with who was a welder who helped my get picks made. 500 of them. He had a contact in the Agricultural business who cut the blades and then he did the welding for me. Well I am ready to do a new design of the picks and I can't remember the name the person who did the welding. I remember he was a big time certified welder, certified to work on submarines even. Shep, Grubstake, do you remember who it was? Thank you! Doc
  8. That's it! That's the reason I am going to tell my wife that I always look like a derelict when I am detecting. Once I get my detecting mojo working, then I can work on looking like a male model. LOL. Merry Christmas Fred! Doc
  9. Hey Fred, You see the fuzzy part under your thumb? The extra length? Just take that and thread it through the slot under the plastic "V" Groove tube. That sort of deals with the extra length and keeps it out of the way if you don't want to trim it. You can thread it right through and out the other side.
  10. The hook and loop "Velcro®" type wrap around the rod is extra long to accommodate large rods. The best way to deal with it is to get it set up on your detector, and cut off the excess. Put a little Elmer's glue inside the strap where the hook and loop was stitched to the webbing. Squeeze it together and let it set up. To finish it sear the edge with a flame to seal the nylon. Now if the spouse has a sewing machine. Cut to length, sear the end to seal the nylon then just run a stitch across the end where you cut it. I figured it would be better to have it too long that not long enoug
  11. I can't believe what a nightmare getting these covers and bungees has been. But the good news is that you have been waiting patiently have to wait no more. Equinox Cover $44.95 Equinox Cover with Arm Cuff Cover matching $54.95 Arm Cuff Cover by itself $18.00 Gold Monster Cover with Cord Wrap $44.95 Gold Monster Cover with Cord Wrap and Matching Arm Cuff Cover $54.95 Arm Cuff Cover by itself $18. Arm Cuff Cover works with the arm strap that comes as standard equipment with your detector, but our arm cuff cover also includes a new arm strap just in case your old one has taken a bea
  12. Personally I appreciate the safety feature of a protected toe, but I can't wear them. Constantly going down hill always gives me blisters on the side of my foot where the toe cap is. The most important feature of both of the boots I carry is that the tongue is gusseted almost all the way to within 1 inch of the top of the boot. This is extremely important because we kick so much dirt. It keep the dirt and rocks out of the boot because they can not get in. Wear a boot that is not gusseted and after have to stop 8 times in a day to unlace your boot and dump debris out, you will appreciate
  13. I have no metal boots. Bates. In black and camel color. Tell Bill what you need and I will drop ship them. Even though it appears these boots have metal eyelets, they do not. They are made of a composite material there is absolutely ZERO metal in either of these boots. I have the old style Black 2280, They are waterproof they are not insulated but they are hot on the summer. These have NO ZIPPERS! Zippers have metal in them. These are close outs at $79.95 plus s&h The others are the desert tan EO8670 $107. retail $149. These boots are specifically designe
  14. As I am laid up with having my right hip pinned, I had my left one done last year at this same time, I am missing my metal detector. I don't think it is any accident that a lot of people who metal detect have rather interesting and perhaps tumultuous histories. We have many vets, and law enforcement, many type A personalities. It's pretty safe to say there are not a lot of namby pampy's involved in Metal Detecting. There is a certain personality type that is drawn to this hobby, and for most of us, it's not just a hobby it's an obsession, a healthy obsession. Maybe this writing will not
  15. Heck when I was in there in the waiting room they put you in with all the other patients waiting for pathology to come back, there as a lady have surgery under her eye. Two guys having surgery on their nose, one lady having surgery at the base of her neck, she was on her 4th cut! Another lady on her chin. I was the only one having something down on the scalp. Doc
  16. Oh his game plan was to schedule me to come back on November 30th to have the "Blue Light" treatment. This is where they paint your head with chemo therapy solution. Any pre-cancerous, or superficial cancerous cells absorb this chemo over the next hour. After an hour they put your head under am ultra-violet light that activates the chemo and kills all cancerous and pre-cancerous cells. Now the only problem with this is it only works on superficial cancers. Basal Cells are usually superficial, and Squamous cells can be as well, but Squamous cells have a tendency to go deep, so it is not t
  17. Well the great news is that Basal Cell is generally superficial and rarely does it metastasize. It's generally easy to get all of it with relatively shallow procedures. However, I have to call BULL on they only do Mohs on the scalp. Mohs surgery is simply the same thing they did to you, except the surgeon is a certified pathologist who can look at the skin that was removed and immediately biopsy it. If it is still cancerous they go back and take more. It has nothing to do with the location on the body. It has to do with the advantage of the procedure being immediate and thorough. So w
  18. I guess the moral to this story is always listen to your friends and your gut. I just didn't feel comfortable with that first surgery, and fortunately you guys sharing your experiences got me thinking. I remember one time sitting in Steinberg Diagnostic waiting for and MRI on my shoulder, (torn rotator cuff) An 86 year old guy is sitting next to me, he's wearing a hat. He says what are you here for? I told him. "How about you?" I said. He takes off his hat, and on the right side of his head, about the same spot as where I had my issue on the left, he has a rotting hole all the way d
  19. WARNING GRAPHIC PICTURES: So after reading all of your comments regarding Moh's surgery for skin cancer, it became apparent that the Dermatologist that operated on me was not a Moh's surgeon. I mean he cut me, he sutured me, I had to wait for a week for the biopsy to come back. His comment was, it looks good. I said, "Well did you get it all." He said well you can never be 100% sure that you got it all?" WHAT? Moh's surgery is 98 to 99% successful because they biopsy as they go. They cut. You wait as they do the pathology, if it comes back clear, they stitch you up and off you go.
  20. He should have ended his commercial with. "Pay no mind to the opinions that I am probably the least knowledgeable and least productive miner to ever be featured on a popular gold show. Not to mention the fact I lost a bet of 100 ounces of gold to a young kid named Parker, because I couldn't "out-mine" him. My credibility regarding gold mining ranks somewhere along the same level as Elizabeth Warren's credibility that she is a Native America." Doc
  21. Maybe unfortunately I am not claustrophobic. You can't probably SCUBA dive if you are. My wife is claustrophobic and can't stand to dive even though she is certified. Some people get by with it if they are diving the Caribbean where they don't need a wet suit. But when you are diving the cold waters of California and you are wearing a 3/8ths inch wetsuit, or a dry suit, you better not be claustrophobic. You don't feel like you can hardly move in them, but of course you can. Doc
  22. You have a gift for writing. Very enjoyable story. I must admit you had me holding my breath a couple of times. Anytime you can craft your words in such a fashion that it elicits emotion in the reader; that's some darn fine writing. While reading that, I was thinking; good reason to have a winch on your ATV, with the wireless push button fob. Attach your cable to one ankle. When you are ready for extraction you push the button on the fob and let the winch drag your butt out. Not suggesting you do that, but just saying. This reminds me of scuba diving for lobster. We all know that
  23. Thank you Terry and Kate! Prayers are one of the nicest gifts a person can receive. God Bless You Both. Doc
  24. I think you were extremely lucky to get that bypass before a cardiac event could cause damage to the heart. Old Tom you look pretty darn good to me. You are still active and I am always happy to see you at the outings! Doc
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