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  1. An Aussie Prospector's Christmas Poem © 2002 G.M. "DOC" Louignont, Ph.D. 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all o’er the land. Not a creature was stirring, not even one bloke with detector in hand; The Roo Scrotums wereall hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that a gold nugget from St. Nick would soon be in there; The ol’ prospector’s in OZ were nestled all snug in their swags, The same for prospector’s in the U.S. but there they call them sleeping bags; Mamma was still at home and I was still out bush, Down Under I wanted to be home for Christmas but I
  2. Got the instructions done, so they will go out on Monday. Didn't want to send them out without instructions. It would have caused a lot of frustration. Doc
  3. That dere is perty, I don't care what yern momma says!
  4. Yep, I think that little one looks like a pretty good design.
  5. Chrisski, I weigh170 pounds after your question later in the evening I stood on the scoop an sort of bounced a little. No give. I think because they are so shiny they look like cheap plastic. I'm seeing if they could change the finish to a more satin finish. I could do them in Poly Prop which would give them a more hard but rubbery feel, but I don't thing those would wear well. No one makes these of Nyglass, which is a premium material but would double the retail cust. Doc
  6. These are made of ABS plastic, very tough. Same stuff they make sewer pipes out of. Doc
  7. Another exciting IMPROVED INNOVATION from Doc. "SAGA™" $44.95 Contact Bill.
  8. So what about a recovery scoop and a pocket gold pan in one? I promised you that I would be giving you another surprise this week. I have always loved using a recovery scoop, but it sort of aggravated me that little pieces of gold would sometimes sneak out of the scoop when I was trying to sift dirt into my hand. This aggravation has been even more exacerbated by the introduction of machines like the Gold Monster that find such dinky pieces of gold that they can surf right on top of the dirt and be easily lost. I have always advocated that when you get the target into your scoop try t
  9. All done. As all of you reported it was a piece of cake. There was no pain and the procedure was quick. Got there at 9 pm, walked out at 11:15 and went right to lunch. The laser portion took only like a minute to do the scan of the eye, then it reshapes the eye, makes incisions where the doctor is going to insert the vacuum, and then slices and dices the actual lens into little squares that are then easily vacuumed out and the new lens is inserted and oriented to the proper alignment. After the laser portion, you are then taken to the operating room where they finish the procedure.
  10. Yes they do it that way as well, but that's the old procedure. But look up YOUTUBE laser cataract surgery and you will see exactly how it is done. They still make an incision in the eye to vacuum the pieces of the lens out, but that is only after the lens has been completed sliced and diced by the laser and then the laser reshapes the eye so you have an even better outcome with the astigmatism lens. Doc
  11. Needles don't bother me at all. So I will be good with the IV. Doc
  12. That's good to know because I have an issue with the macula as well. They say they can't tell if it's a complete hole or a near hole but it's a grade 1 which is the most easily fixable. However, they said the cataract surgery may actually take pressure off and help the hole to close. I had the glaucoma, laser treatment. It's a piece of cake. You just sit in a chair in the office and they shoot a laser into your eye to open up the iris so the inner eye can release fluid more effectively and reduce the pressure. They shoot the laser like about 50 times. It is a selective laser that only
  13. Thanks OT, Apparently the laser part of it precisely cuts the lens into little pieces right through the cornea without affecting the cornea. And it does the precise incision the doctor needs to remove the cataract lens and install the new manufactured lens. The doctor has to vacuum out the cataract afflicted lens, and when the lens has been pre-cut or dissected by the laser into little precise pieces the sonic vacuum can do the job of removing the lens in about 1/10th the amount of time as it does when they have to manually dissect the lens. Apparently they prefer not to use that sonic v
  14. Anyone else had this surgery? I hear it's no big deal, but the thought of someone cutting my eyeball open freaks me the hell out. I am having the laser surgery tomorrow which is supposed to be much more accurate and less traumatic. But right now I can't see diddly out of my left eye. Anyone else had this surgery? How'd it work out for you? Doc
  15. WOW! You must have been exceptionally good for Christmas because Santa really likes you. I have been busy working with Santa to produce some new toys and accessories. One of those accessories is a kick butt arm cuff cover for the SD/GP/GPX line of machines. We have never had a truly comfortable or functional arm cuff cover for these machines. The North Pole just finished a production run of thousands of Doc's NEW Nugget Stalker™ SD/GP/GPX arm cuff covers. They are being loaded on Santa's sleigh as we speak. However I bribed an elf to send me a small quantity of them by DHL. They li
  16. I don't know snakes, but I looked up the Ridge Nosed rattler and it has a pretty distinct snout and this one didn't at Bill's outing look like that. A few weeks before this I outing I was up in Mariposa and saw this sweet Gopher Snake. The mates I was with said that they kill rattlers and are immune to their venom? Are they really immune? It was a beautiful snake, really distinct markings. Doc
  17. I'm sorry but there is a bit of irony in having a "handle" that is Lotsa Luck and getting bit by a rattler three times? That is the kind of luck I do not need. Glad you are OK. Doc
  18. Thank you, I never realized that before. Nex time I kiss one on the head I will get a closer look. LOL - Doc
  19. I didn't hurt it. I thought it was cool. Also it was also a very cooperative photographic subject. Doc
  20. This one seemed pretty laid back. I scared him with my ATV, and he hurried up over into his hole. He didn't rattle and seemed pretty content to let me stick my camera right in his face. Literally 6 inches away. Now the other one I saw about 5 minutes later, seemed a little more aggressive, but that was probably my fault. I was traveling back down the wash and looking for the turn off to get up and out of the wash and head back to camp and I was looking off to my left. Out of the corner of my eye to the right I saw what appeared to be a stick lying in the wash. When I looked it was a
  21. Tom I learn something new ever day. Here I thought I was wearing those knee pads to keep the snake gaiters down. :-)
  22. I actually saw another one, much bigger about 5 minutes later as I was riding riding down the wash. Just laying out sunning itself in the middle of the wash. It looked like a mojave green. It got really agitated but moved off quickly. Amazing how fast those darn snakes can go. Doc
  23. So during Bill's last outing down at San Domingo, I had the opportunity to do a little educational video. Being forewarned is to be forearmed, as they say. Be careful out there! Doc
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