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  1. They finally arrived! CALL BILL to order yours today. The new Gold SPOT™ Treasure Scoop portable gold pan. This unique tool is designed to increase your recovery speed of detected nuggets. The recessed bowl of the scoop channels heavy gold into the bottom of the scoop (the Gold SPOT) when you give the scoop a little shake and agitation. When you start dumping dirt into your hand to isolate the nugget, the trough of the recessed bowl channels any gold up towards the riffles. The riffles hold the nugget as the lighter material spills over the tops of the riffles into your hand. Ever
  2. Someone is using the image of a Minelab GPZ7000 as their dating site picture? This must be some ugly looking dude, or they think they can lure a girl with the smell of gold.
  3. No but you might take note of the raised scrubbing bumps on the handle.
  4. Gang the first production prototypes of the SAGA V2 Swing Assist Guide Arms are here. See what improvements have been made. Comments welcome. Thank you to the people that gave me feedback on the first version which as we all know was a crash and burn. -Doc https://youtu.be/T8NZXBcIKYc
  5. If my dad were still alive, he would be 101 in June. I see Tom and Old Tom together at outings and it brings me so much joy to see that kind of wonderful relationship. That is the kind of relationship my dad and I had. We would fish and hunt and play golf together. I am fortunate that I have that same kind of relationship with my two sons as well. If my dad were still alive, Old Tom would not have been the only person that would be enjoying that rocker, because I would have got my Daddy one too. Doc
  6. Dear Old Tom, You know in these days of some people acting like crazy loons, sometimes it just really feels good to perform an unexpected act. Especially if you do it for someone who you know will appreciate it. Trust me, I am sure it put a bigger smile on my face when I sent it off to you and teased you about what it was, than the smile on your face when you received it. Doc
  7. My pleasure. That was the picture of him I had in my mind. Fits like a glove! Thank you for the picture. Doc
  8. I was looking forward to this outing but like others, I am going to sit this one out. Things are a bit crazy in Las Vegas. Stores have been almost wiped out. We are pretty well stocked. Just not a good time to be too far away from home. People are already acting loony. We have a city that runs on tourism. We have a city where casino provide the majority of jobs. Those casinos have to be supplied with food and drink and linens and all types of peripheral business that exist because casinos use those businesses. Those casinos also pay the majority of taxes to make this state run. W
  9. LOL, that will be a fight , getting it away from him. Doc
  10. Here's Old Tom's new Camp Rocking Chair. Now tell me, can't you see Old Tom at an outing around the fire, just rockin' away? I couldn't resist getting him this. I saw it, and I just had that vision in my head. Doc
  11. Glad you like it Old Tom. For some reason I just thought you might. You are all in my prayers. Doc
  12. Old Tom, I hope your present arrived safely. I hope you use it in good health, and enjoy it. Just could not get the image of you sitting in that around the campfire in the evening. Maybe you can post a picture of yourself using it. That thing was a pain to package, I couldn't find a box big enough. Enjoy! Doc
  13. Can someone send me Old Tom's address? Send it to my email please. docsdetecting@gmail.com Thanks! Doc
  14. So here's the latest SAGA news. As someone mentioned, maybe SAGA was not a good name as the development of this product has become something of a SAGA. The initial test run of 50, we took some and put them into the field. MONUMENTAL FAIL. These things were falling apart faster than you could swing your detector. To say they were under-engineered was putting it lightly. I had the basic concept of how this should be designed, but ultimately I depend on my fabricators to use the right material and finally design the product to withstand the rigors of metal detecting. Literally the only thing that
  15. WOW, you were really ready for a new cuff cover. I think that thing you had on your machine might be the source of the Corona Virus. Doc
  16. That's 2! Congratulations Gary. Email me your shipping address. docsdetecting@gmail.com Doc
  17. It's an extra strap to replace the one that came on your Gold Monster should you need a new one. Hang on to it, and when the original strap gets dirty put the new one on throw the dirty one in the washer. And you have a clean spare. Doc
  18. Aaron send me your shipping address to docsdetecting@gmail.com. Congratulations! Doc
  19. There has never been a decent padded cuff cover for the SD/GP/GPX machines in my opinion. So I decided to fix that. There must be a gazillion SD/GP and GPX machines out there. Here's the best cuff cover in the world, Model #SPX. Lightly padded through out, nice wide comfortable strap. We are now using high quality 3M product for all of our hook and loop (Velcro® like) applications. The strap even has a fuzzy side mounted under the strap to protect you from chaffing from the webbing, provide cushioning and keep your arm cooler because it provides ventilation. The arm cuff on the SD/G
  20. I read about the noisy environments. This is one of the benefits of some of the more feature rich hearing aids. If you are looking to get your first pair of hearing aids it's hard because you don't even know what you don't know. I call this phase of anything the "Uninformed Idiot." That's not a knock, literally everyone starts at that stage when they think they are interested in something they know nothing about. Including metal detecting. Do you remember that feeling of not even being informed enough to know what questions you should ask? I was looking to buy my first gold nugget detec
  21. First, my opinion is I don't want to wreck my hearing aids by sweating under my headphones. So I take my hearing aids off and instead I use an amplifier to amplify the sound. The two Screamer amplifiers I carry, the ones suited especially for the GP/SP and the other for the GPX Gold Screamer amplify sound 500%. The Treasure Screamer can be used with any detector, it uses a 9 volt battery, it also amplifies sound 500%. Contact Bill if you need one. The retail for $135. Second, I have tinnitus really bad. My hearing aids have a tinnitus masker setting I can turn on or off. This is sim
  22. Hey Gang, Well, back to the drawing board. The first samples of Swing Arms we got into the field have failed miserably. Thanks to all of you who have put up with the frustration of being guinea pigs. If you have had one that failed, return to the dealer and he will refund your money, until the revised version is available. If you have one that has not failed, use it until it does, so you can give us feedback on what happened. Pictures are very helpful. So some of the things that have been identified are. 1. The strap, which I requested be made with some kind of UV rubber with
  23. Hey Gang, Listen I made a bit of a mistake it calculating the price on the new SAGA Swing Assist Guide Arm. Originally I was hoping these could retail for a minimum of $44.95, and I'm going to honor that price on all orders placed through Bill until January 10, 2020. However after getting the shipping charges and the import clearance fees, the import duty and tariffs, and I forgot to add in the fiberglass rods, after January 10 the price will go up to $49.95. Which is still less expensive than other competitors Swing Arms, and this arm far surpasses anything currently on the market in de
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