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  1. I don't think that Blitz coil misses much from my experience with it. Solid as a rock with no falsing. Doc
  2. Does quartz burn, because I have never seen so much quartz in my life. I'm planning on trying to make it. Look forward to seeing everyone there. What's the temperatures like? Last time I went down there in early spring thinking it would be perfect before it got really hot, it was 103 degrees. I almost died. Doc
  3. Thanks for letting me know you like them. The hats are made by Dorfman Pacific, they are a big company out of LA. Of course most of their hats are made in CHINA, but the embroidery work was done here. The pins and patches were done by a great Chinese company I have been working with directly for years. They do top notch work and don't charge an arm and a leg either. Roger gave me all the designs, I just had to make a few phone calls. I was happy to be able to help. DOC
  4. But I don't know my number. And don't tell me it's on my ID card, because I don't know where that is either. I was using it to design the logo for the pin, and I don't know what I did with it. DOC WSPA # (I dunno')
  5. Hey Bill, If I am not mistaken, I think I ordered the patches with an iron on backing. Look at the back of a patch if it looks like it has a clear plastic coating on it, then it has an iron on backing, so you can either iron it on or stitch it. I think I ordered them that way because the difference in cost was pennies, and it is a lot more convenient to iron something on until you get a chance to sew it. And just to make things clear to the membership, I didn't mark these things up in any way. I gave you guys the price that I was charged, that is why I sent the original invoices along.
  6. Hey based on what you've said any club would be blessed to have you as a member. Any person who helps someone else out and answers questions, that's the kind of person who is a great ambassador for this hobby. DOC
  7. HOLD on a minute. We don't do lynchings for any reason? Ever? Come on, don't you think that is a bit harsh. I mean couldn't we have just maybe one lynchin' a year? I mean it wouldn't have to be a member, just anybody. Maybe some guy that stole some other guy's wife. Or someone who stole someone's horse. Or a terrorist, or Sadam, Hussein , oh wait that ship has sailed. I don't know, "no lynchin's" what are we going to do for fun? DOC
  8. Oh how soon we forget, Rosa and Juanita. Funny how two girls can be sisters and look so differently. I was really surprised that you liked the one that looked like Rosie O'Donnel, but that was OK because the one that looked like Eva Langoria was very interesting to talk to. We spent the evening talking politics, immigration, and the international currency market, did you know she's only a semester away from her law degree? If you hadn't gotten drunk and tried to steal the donkey to take it prospecting, we wouldn't have gotten thrown in jail that time either. Once again another fine mess y
  9. Flak you are too kind. There are a lot of people that don't know ol' DOC and my unusual sense of humor and straight forward ways. Comes from being a street cop and being married 37 years. Come on, you have to have a sense of humor to be married that long. Of course it doesn't hurt that I'm married to a hottie. Hopefully I'll get to meet everyone sooner or later. DOC
  10. John, you never fail to crack me up. You just had to throw Russ Ford's name in there didn't you. Oh my gawd, the history of Russ Ford and John B. is one for the history books. Can I borrow your black fish net stockings for next weekend? DOC
  11. I am am not condescension! Every since I started taking Metamucil every day I have been regular as a clock. As for me referring to anyone in particular. The only people I know in this club have been very dear friends for many years. Roger D. is the only one that has ever caused me any grief, because of that one night we went to that strip club, and he wanted to mud wrestle with two midgets and a nun and we ended up spending the night in jail, but that's all water under the bridge. DOC
  12. Well now you see the problem in doing it that way, you have me as a member. DOC
  13. John, you read what you wanted to read. Who said anything about anyone being anywhere? There are a lot of ways members can donate and make a club better. Write a story that informs or entertains. Post some interesting pictures, post links to some interesting articles that you came across. When I heard the club wanted hats, pins, patches. I had good contacts. I worked with the art work Roger gave me, and got ahold of my contacts, and gave the club my price without a cent of markup. I spent about 10 hours on those projects, minimum. I didn't have to go anywhere. We all need to think of
  14. I never said we should run our club on the point system, I'm telling you how the Varsity Association did it. Of coursethey only have 20 members. I was addressing the issue John B. brought up of not ever having any new members that may bring fresh ideas, expertise, etc. into the group, and yet how do we keep a cap on the membership at 100? Well this would be one way to do it. Personally I couldn't care less. I have always donated time, and merchandise and my good looks to any club I have been a member of. But how do you keep members actively involved? Every club I have been a part of has
  15. OK see, that would be a fun club outting, we could have some consultants come and show us how to put our makeup on properly. I never can get my eyeliner on straight. The visual of John B cross-dressing was about too much for my heart to handle. Do you know how hard it is to roll on the floor laughing while you are dry heaving at the same time? :Huh_anim]: DOC
  16. No all of my blow up dolls are from the Pam Anderson blow up doll collection. That's some gay crossed eyed male mannequin head. I think it's name is BRUCIE. (I know it's gay because I think I caught it winking at me.) The darn thing gives me the creeps, but believe it or not, it was the best quality best priced male mannequin head I could find. DOC
  17. John B. is very right about some people wanting to be part of this club just as hangers on, while some people will be members who are always willing to help out. Then there will be guys who would be fantastic members who can not get in. Well let me tell you about a very unique organization called the Varsity Dry Cleaners Association. They are an invitation only membership club capped at 20 members. Every year they get rid of 5 members! And they vote in 5 new members from 10 who have been invited to particpate in attempting to gain membership. Each member every year, as well as the 10 prob
  18. Well gang your new hats, and patches, and I decided to go ahead and have pins made were shipped off to Roger D. today. Roger and I had discussed having pins made up but then he never gave me the go ahead. So I did it anyway. I figured if no one wanted them I'd just, well heck, I don't know what I was going to do with them. But I have had a lot of experience with this pin maker in China, and they do great work. All the stuff looks GREAT! I sent Roger D. pictures. DOC
  19. Bring a mid-range coil like your wallaby, and then your Joey coil. Most gold is in the narrow gullies. NO water so leave the sluice at home. Bring a mono for meteorites. Take care! DOC
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