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  1. DOC

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    Prayers for Jerry. Doc
  2. DOC

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    Thank you Terry and Kate! Prayers are one of the nicest gifts a person can receive. God Bless You Both. Doc
  3. DOC

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    I think you were extremely lucky to get that bypass before a cardiac event could cause damage to the heart. Old Tom you look pretty darn good to me. You are still active and I am always happy to see you at the outings! Doc
  4. Here's my secret pharmacy. They are actually located in New Zealand but fill order from Vanuatu. I have done business with them for over 10 years. 100% ethical and never had issues with my packages being delivered or being charged anymore than what the order says. No scripts needed for the items they sell. For example, just yesterday I ordered a new tube of Fluorouracil 5%. $51.75. Much cheaper than paying for a visit to the doctor, then having to get it filled at the Pharmacy. This is a 20 gram tube. If I were to get it at the pharmacy it would be a 40 gram tube and be $297. https://www.inhousepharmacy.vu/p-739-efudix-cream.aspx I also get my Migraine medicine there. Imitrex, I get the APO brand 100mg. It works the best for me. Here's another money saving tip. Look up your prescription medicine on GoodRX.com It's totally FREE! It beats Medicare part D all to hell. You put in your zip code, and it will give you the prices with their coupons at all of the Pharmacies close to you. Go to the cheapest pharmacy and give them the group number on your phone for GOODRX. First year on Medicare I used their drug prescription plan, what a rip off. Cost me around $2,700. I started using GoodRX.com, the next year I paid out only $675. For example on Medicare I would pay $286 for a 3 month supply of Atacand. Through GoodRX I got it at Walgreens for $89. Just a few pointers that might save you some big money. Doc
  5. I know, right? Why do they get so bitchy about things like that? It's OK, I married way way way above my pay grade. 48 years with the most beautiful woman I ever met. Not only is she gorgeous she is just genuinely a loving selfless wife and mother. I scored big time. Her name is Diana, and she has zero interest in prospecting. Doc
  6. DOC

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    Too old to worry about scars. Between, hernia repair, rotator cuff surgery with three titanium pigtails, elbow surgery where they cut the head of the radial bone off, three titanium pins in my hip. Hell I'm good to go! That's all minor stuff compared to some of our compadre's that have had open heart surgery and by-pass surgery. I feel darn lucky that all the stuff I have had done was just day surgery stuff. Doc
  7. Finally got my stitches out. 16 of them. Last time I let Elizabeth Warren around me with that tomahawk of hers. Biopsy said that the piece that was cut out had clean margins and had gotten all of it. There was 1 mm of clear skin all around the margins where the cut was made. I was lucky. Makes a difference when you catch it early. The doctor said the left side of your brain is where logical thoughts are processed. He said that being I was a gold prospector, obviously I didn't use that part of my brain anyway. Thank you for all the well wishes. Doc
  8. DOC

    Who Remembers? Doc does.....

    I actually made those outing patches on my embroidery machine. I had never done it before so they didn't come out too bad, considering. I remember what those three nuggets stood for, and as a hint, they were people. That outing was sort of a memorial outing. Who knows who the people were? Doc
  9. OK, let me make sure I have this right. Every day get two virgins with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil on them ... OK, then what do I do with these virgins? Doc
  10. Yes if they would have ran the cut more horizontal than vertical, but instead of removing the wrinkles now my left ear is one inch higher than my right ear and my glasses don't fit for crap, they are all crooked on my face. I'm a darn mess! Doc
  11. BTW, I you ever are diagnosed with Squamous cell, find a surgeon that does MOHS surgery. A Mohs surgeon has the ability to remove the affected area, and before he ever sutures you up, he can checked the removed portion to see if he got it all. If not he cuts out a little more and checks again. This surgery is 99% successful in getting all of the cancer as long as it is localized. Doc
  12. Glad to hear it sounds like you were on top of it. Remember what we used for sun lotion? Baby oil with iodine in it???? WTF? I guess the baby oil was to fry the skin, and the iodine was to provide some healing for the blisters that formed? Craziest and most dangerous thing we ever did to our skin probably. Doc
  13. Hey gang, you are some of my favorite people so unless you want a frontal lobotomy like this, protect yourself from the sun! Don't worry, I'm not going to die. Well some day, but not from this. It was a superficial skin cancer that they did not get all of the first time, so I told the doctor, no more of this conservative approach, take more than you think you need to, and then when you think you have taken way more than enough, take another inch. I don't have time for this non-sense, there are fall outings and gold to find. SUNSCREEN & HATS Long Sleeve shirts! I just can not over-emphasize how important it is to protect yourself from the sun. You are still getting damaging UV rays when it is overcast. So protect your head, your face, your neck your arms, basically anything exposed. Look at my head! I wasn't always bald, all of those spots are sun damage, that came from never wearing a hat. As soon as by frontal lobotomy heals up I am going to have BLUE Light Treatment. They paint the skin with a chemo type of medication that targets any cancerous or pre-cancerous cells. They let it sit on your skin for a couple of hours as the abnormal cells absorb the medication. They then expose your head and face to the light they use that activates the medication inside the abnormal cell and kills it. This is all sort of a pain, but it is not the first lesion I have had removed. The key to this is constant vigilance for anything weird on your skin. Look out for small red scaly or flaky spots that just do not seem to heal up. Now before you all freak out, most common skin cancers do not metastasize if caught early enough. That does not include Melanomas. But even then, if you get them early enough there is a good chance you will have a full recovery. So if you ever get something on your skin and say to yourself, "That's weird never saw that before." Go to a dermatologist immediately! Do not take a "I'll wait and see attitude," Get it taken care of. 98% of the time it is going to be a benign skin keratosis. No big deal, the doctor will freeze it and gone. The other percentage is that it is going to be something a little more serious that you caught in time. I really feel strongly about this because if I had known what I know now when I was younger, man I would have been a lot more cautious. Protect your grand babies and kids from sunburn ALWAYS! Early sunburns can lead to the problems I am experiencing now. Remember the skin is the largest organ of the body.
  14. There may or may not be something I sent to you that I think you can use.I hope you like them. Doc