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  1. Hey Gang, Well, back to the drawing board. The first samples of Swing Arms we got into the field have failed miserably. Thanks to all of you who have put up with the frustration of being guinea pigs. If you have had one that failed, return to the dealer and he will refund your money, until the revised version is available. If you have one that has not failed, use it until it does, so you can give us feedback on what happened. Pictures are very helpful. So some of the things that have been identified are. 1. The strap, which I requested be made with some kind of UV rubber with fiber reinforcement was not made with reinforcement, so it stretches and then breaks. It also needs to be about 1 1/2 inches longer with one more adjustment hole. 2. The pivot ball joint has way too much play in it. It should only rotate 360 degrees with no side to side movement. Initially I thought it would give more freedom of movement, but it is movement that is not necessary and causes undo stress on the joint and a feeling of instability. The purpose of the ball joint is to only allow the arm to move up and down so it does not break. But the opposite is happening, because it has so much movement, there is a lot of stress on the part. That is an easy fix, the collar has to be redesigned to restrict the movement. I'll try to attach a pdf file to show you what I am talking about. Collar correction.pdf 3. The pivot joint, the one that has a pin in it that allows the Swing Arm to swing out and away from the detector is too thin and flimsy. This was supposed to be made of Nyglass, but I think they used something that was not suitable for this part. This will have to be redesigned to be thicker with tougher material and a more substantial nylon pin that will be sonic welded into place. The concept and functionality is solid, it is just the materials and some of the design that needs to be corrected. Now I don't know many manufacturers that announce to the public that they "screwed the pooch" so to speak. But you guys have always been very helpful with ideas and suggestions and helping me field test all this crazy stuff I come up with. So I wanted to include you on this. And trust me, this is the process I go through every time with everything I develop. From initial concept, to design to prototype to pre-production to testing to modification and back to testing and then to full production and shipping and delivery and to the market runs about 9 months to 1 year. Sometimes things go very smoothly, sometimes, not so much. It depends on the complexity of the item. Unfortunately for this SAGA swing arm there are so many different molded moving parts. 2 Molds for the handle, a mold for the storage clip, 3 molds for the pivot and pivot ball joint assembly, 1 mold for the straps, a mold for the buttons in the fiberglass rod, extrusion mold for the fiberglass rods. About $10,000 in mold costs alone. Fun, right? However, I have never brought to market anything that I don't use myself and stand behind 100% And the SAGA Swing Assist Guide Arm will be no different. So your patience is appreciated as we work on SAGA™ Version 2.0 Speaking of production, the "G Spot" scoops are in production but I had them made with a satin finish as in the attached picture. The shiny ABS material caused too much glare in my opinion and was too slick allowing small gold to slide too easily. The top picture is the new satin finish and the bottom scoop was the shiny prototype. Standby while we work out the bugs. Thank you and Happy New Year. Doc
  2. Hey Gang, Listen I made a bit of a mistake it calculating the price on the new SAGA Swing Assist Guide Arm. Originally I was hoping these could retail for a minimum of $44.95, and I'm going to honor that price on all orders placed through Bill until January 10, 2020. However after getting the shipping charges and the import clearance fees, the import duty and tariffs, and I forgot to add in the fiberglass rods, after January 10 the price will go up to $49.95. Which is still less expensive than other competitors Swing Arms, and this arm far surpasses anything currently on the market in design, functionality and durability. Look at these features: • Fits any detector • Supplied with 35 inch rod, trim to suit you • Swivel Pivot joint, allowing you to move the arm in almost any direction without breaking the attachment point. • Sure strap attachment system gives you a solid fit on any shaped rod • Storage clip to store the SAGA arm when you are only swinging with one arm • Easy removal of the fiber glass rod with a push of a button to allow you to leave the rod in your vehicle if it is not needed. • Ergonomic Egg shaped grip for swinging comfort Thank you and Happy New Year. Doc
  3. An Aussie Prospector's Christmas Poem © 2002 G.M. "DOC" Louignont, Ph.D. 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all o’er the land. Not a creature was stirring, not even one bloke with detector in hand; The Roo Scrotums wereall hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that a gold nugget from St. Nick would soon be in there; The ol’ prospector’s in OZ were nestled all snug in their swags, The same for prospector’s in the U.S. but there they call them sleeping bags; Mamma was still at home and I was still out bush, Down Under I wanted to be home for Christmas but I was bogged down because of rain and thunder, When outside my tent a terrible noise waked me from my sleep, Fleeing for me life out of the tent I did try to leap. I rushed right through the mozzie netting ripping it right fast, Tripped over me privates parts I did, and fell flat on me ass. The moon on the dry lake showed wet puddles of muddy mush It brought a tear to my eye when I saw a full can of beer I did crush, When, what to my bloodshot eyes should make me scream WOO HOO, But a miniature sleigh, pulled by eight Big Red Kangaroo, With a little old prospector, so lively and quick, I knew in an eye blink it must be St. Nick. More rapid than emu his Roo’s they came, And he screamed, and cursed, and called them by name; "Now, Skippie! now, Shelia! now, Bloke and Wanker! On, Cobber! on Mate! on, Dingo and Drongo! To the top of the trees those eight Roos flew all! I heard him scream, "Get your arse in gear or I’ll cut off your balls!" As hot winds that blow sometimes on a blistering December night, When those Roo’s got out of line, he did make them fly right! So up over those tree tops those Joeys they flew, With the sleigh full of detectors, and St. Nicholas too. As quick as a bean fart, I heard somewhere from behind The rustling of the brush, and the smell of beer and cheap wine. As I rose from me arse, and was turning ‘round in my place, Into my camp stumbled St. Nick and he fell right on his face. He was all dressed in detecting gear, from his head to his no metal boots, And his clothes were all tarnished with red dirt; he was a nasty ol’ coot; A bundle of detectors he had flung on his back, And he looked like a peddler just opening his pack. His eyes -- how bloodshot, his fat gut how disgusting! A string of rancid burps and putrid farts he kept busting! He smelled of booze, his breathe it was plain outrageous, And the beard of his chin so filthy I hoped there was nothing contagious; The stump of a fag he held tight in his teeth, And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath; But he had a broad smiling face when he screamed, "Put on the Billy." "You think I got all night to sit with you? Don’t be so darn silly!" He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf, But his smell was so awful it about made me puke on myself; A wink of his eye and a twist of his head, He told me he was so drunk he’d just like to go right on to bed; "But I got detectors to deliver," He said, "all over the darn place", "Getting them all to prospectors before daybreak, will be quite a race!" And grabbing a hand full of his knickers and scratchin’ his ass, He roared, "Is that Billy workin’ I want tea, I need to get out of here fast;" He sprang to his sleigh, to his Roo’s gave a cursing command, "You better get to friggin' flying or you’ll feel the back of my hand!" But I heard him exclaim, as he flew out over the lake, "Why don’t you quit looking for gold and spend Christmas with your family for Christ's sake!" Merry Christmas to all my mates here in the U.S. and Down Under wishing you a joyous and blessed Christmas and a glorious New Year - Doc and Diana
  4. Got the instructions done, so they will go out on Monday. Didn't want to send them out without instructions. It would have caused a lot of frustration. Doc
  5. That dere is perty, I don't care what yern momma says!
  6. Yep, I think that little one looks like a pretty good design.
  7. Chrisski, I weigh170 pounds after your question later in the evening I stood on the scoop an sort of bounced a little. No give. I think because they are so shiny they look like cheap plastic. I'm seeing if they could change the finish to a more satin finish. I could do them in Poly Prop which would give them a more hard but rubbery feel, but I don't thing those would wear well. No one makes these of Nyglass, which is a premium material but would double the retail cust. Doc
  8. These are made of ABS plastic, very tough. Same stuff they make sewer pipes out of. Doc
  9. Another exciting IMPROVED INNOVATION from Doc. "SAGA™" $44.95 Contact Bill.
  10. So what about a recovery scoop and a pocket gold pan in one? I promised you that I would be giving you another surprise this week. I have always loved using a recovery scoop, but it sort of aggravated me that little pieces of gold would sometimes sneak out of the scoop when I was trying to sift dirt into my hand. This aggravation has been even more exacerbated by the introduction of machines like the Gold Monster that find such dinky pieces of gold that they can surf right on top of the dirt and be easily lost. I have always advocated that when you get the target into your scoop try to agitate the dirt so the heavy gold sinks to the bottom. Well what if there was a scoop made where the bottom of the scoop was recessed a little to make it a SPOT to catch the GOLD. A Gold SPOT, Or a "G" Spot? Then what if the scoop was designed with an incline that led to three riffles of three different heights? This way when you sift the dirt out into your hand, the riffles stop the heavy gold and hold it making it easier to recover? I designed the "G" Spot so the scoop is smooth on the bottom so you can shove it in your pocket and take it out with ease. I looked at gold pans and they always form the riffles by molding them into the pan by raising the riffles on the inside of the pan by indenting the molded material on the bottom of the pan. This just causes a weak spot, and leaves crevices for dirt to collect in. Like to crevice? Add a little water to the "G" Spot and you have a recovery treasure scoop and pocket gold pan all in one neat little package. I think the "G" Spot with these unique features will speed up target recovery and it's just fun to use.. I guess this is actually sort of a tease because I only have these 5 scoops. They are just the pre-production proto-types sent to me for approval. So what do you all think should I approve these to go into production? I vote yes! What do you think? Doc
  11. All done. As all of you reported it was a piece of cake. There was no pain and the procedure was quick. Got there at 9 pm, walked out at 11:15 and went right to lunch. The laser portion took only like a minute to do the scan of the eye, then it reshapes the eye, makes incisions where the doctor is going to insert the vacuum, and then slices and dices the actual lens into little squares that are then easily vacuumed out and the new lens is inserted and oriented to the proper alignment. After the laser portion, you are then taken to the operating room where they finish the procedure. They gave me a shot of Versed which helps relax you but I also think it distorts time because I felt like it only took like 5 minutes. But Versed wears off quickly. Once they wheeled me back to recovery I was out of there in like 10 minutes. Once again thank you to everyone who told me about their experiences, because it really helped with my level of apprehension. Doc
  12. Yes they do it that way as well, but that's the old procedure. But look up YOUTUBE laser cataract surgery and you will see exactly how it is done. They still make an incision in the eye to vacuum the pieces of the lens out, but that is only after the lens has been completed sliced and diced by the laser and then the laser reshapes the eye so you have an even better outcome with the astigmatism lens. Doc
  13. Needles don't bother me at all. So I will be good with the IV. Doc
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