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  1. Generally that is because people are using any old stun gun. 25000 volts is the ideal voltage, It sounds like a lot, but it is absolutely bearable. It causes a strong contraction of the local muscle, but it's actually not that big a deal. 50,000 is painful and 100,000 is only used in S&M clubs. :-). Also with Brown Recluse it is important to use leads on the stun gun. Venom from the Brown Recluse goes deep, so you have to use wires on the stun gun terminals. Putting one lead on top of the injury site and the other lead on the opposite side of the affected limb, so the current actual flows through the muscle and not just on the surface. Doc
  2. If it is a Brown Recluse, it will appear to heal up. The toxin will lay dormant and then 6 months to a year later it will reactivate, rot a little more skin and go dormant again. The darn thing is insidious. Read Stanley Abrams research on his treatment for Brown Recluse bites. He recently died about 9 months ago. I'm not endorsing his technique. I can tell you I know of one person who was having a very bad time with the Brown Recluse bite, he actually saw the spider and killed it After using this technique the pain went away within 30 minutes. The swelling and redness went away the next day. And the bite healed quickly and has not returned in two years. I can't endorse this procedure or the use of the item Abrams describes. I was bit by something while out camping. It was nothing serious, but man did it itch. For two days I tried to dig a hole in my skin scratching like crazy. I used the stun gun and it immediately stopped itching and never itched again. Coincidence? Placebo? I have no idea of knowing, I'm just glad it stopped itching. Full disclosure, I sell these stun guns of 25,000 volts. Obviously because of liability I can not recommend their effectiveness for any use what-so-ever. Use them at your own risk. I have carried these for over 25 years. I can tell you what not to use them for. Do not use them as a self-defense device. They are not powerful enough to incapacitate an attacker. They will however really irritate an assailant and make them mad. I used to have a gentleman that every year at the same time he would call be and order 25 units. I never asked him why he was buying so many until the third year in a row when he called to place yet another order. I said I hate to be nosy but what do you do with all of these stun guns? He said I am a camera man for National Geographic. Every year about this time we go to South America to film. In South America these stun guns are like gold. You can trade them for anything, they are more valuable than money. He said he has had people trade him as much as $300 in gold for one. Google Stan Abrams Brown Recluse Spider Doc
  3. Looks like L4 Chondrites, pretty pronounced fusion crust. Doc
  4. DAVE!!! Your FREE Coated "O" ferrite ring is available for pick up. You are now an official Doc's Field Tester. Doc 9400110200829013650810 Your item arrived at the MEADVIEW, AZ 86444 post office at 3:16 pm on April 11, 2019 and is ready for pickup. Status Available for Pickup April 11, 2019 at 3:16 pm Available for Pickup MEADVIEW, AZ 86444
  5. Thank you for all the input. Obviously this is an issue which many have dealt with. The solutions are varied, but all to the same end. I think I will send one to Dolan Dave just because his broke first thing out of the box, and also because his last order was a bit delayed so I owe him. Adam, Really? Do you know how long it will take me to hand paint those? LOL. First time you throw it on the ground it will disappear. Doc
  6. As you know I started making available through Bill and other dealers after-market Ferrite rings. Most people including myself get a little frustrated when they break because they are so brittle. So first thought was to put them on a plastic luggage tag lanyard attached to a plastic snap to keep them handy, and not banging around in my pocket against change and the like that might break it. So then I wondered about what would happen if I used some of that liquid rubber to give them protection against bumps. Well it takes two coats to give them a good coat. It works really well to keep the ferrite ring intact. I actually threw it on the ground about 20 times with no ill-effects, however it doesn't look very good. So is it actually worth it for prospectors to coat these ferrite rings to protect them or not? They don't look very pretty but it does protect them. Doc Doc
  7. My head healed up really well, certainly much better than I thought it would. From this to this. The doctor recommended I use this scar cream as it healed and apparently the stuff works pretty good. Doc Doc
  8. NO, not waterproof. Just gives you the ability to use your Detector Pro's with the detectors. Doc
  9. Bill has padded arm cuffs for the Equinox for sale. Pre-tested and approved. Doc
  10. I was wondering if maybe dipping them in that liquid rubber that you are supposed to dip tool handles in would give them some protection. Doc
  11. Oh, I almost forgot. Do you love your Detector Pro headphones? Grey Ghosts, Black Widows, etc. etc. Do you love your new Gold Monster 1000, and/or your Equinox? Are you dismayed that they will not work with one another? First, the Equinox / Gold Monster machines have a 1/8th inch jack, your headphones have a 1/4 inch jack. No problem say you, I'll just get a 1/8 in to 1/4 inch adapter! Not so fast little buckaroo. Second: a. A standard adapter does not work. It does not turn off the speaker and most of the time you will not hear the sound through your headphones. The wiring is weird on the Equinox and Gold Monster. b. Most adapters are too large to fit into the recessed area of the 1/8th inch female jack on the back of the Equinox. So, I had a special Detector Pro Headphone to Gold Monster / Equinox adapter lead made up. These correctly turn off the external speaker and direct the sound to your favorite Detector Pro Headphones. These use a very small 1/8th inch male plug that fits into the Equinox. It has shielded wiring. The plugs are sealed to the wiring with heavy duty adhesive lined heat shrink tubing to keep the stress on the soldered connections to a minimum, and each adapter comes with a VELCRO® brand tie to secure the 1/4 inch high quality female plug to the shaft, so it's not flipping around. The adapter cord is 14 inches end to end. The adapter is not waterproof, but it will allow you to use your favorite Detector Pro headphones with your new Minelab machine. They sell for $23.95, contact Bill. (Shipping is extra if you have to have Bill mail it to you.) Doc
  12. As you all know I made a cover for the GPZ7000 a long time ago, but I never made an arm cuff cover for it. With the GPZ7000 being such a heavy machine, a padded arm cuff cover really feels good. So anyway, I designed one and I just got them in. So place your orders through Bill. The cost is just $19.95. (does not include shipping if Bill has to mail it to you.) Oh and by the way, have you gotten tired of losing your Ferrite Ring yet? I have after market Ferrite Rings too, with a plastic lanyard and plastic clip so you can carry them on your belt loop. Get them from Bill. $14.95 (does not include shipping if Bill has to mail it to you.) I am sure you have learned this already, but Ferrite Rings re brittle. Don't throw them on the ground! Lay them down. With the no metal plastic lanyard and plastic hook you can lay the entire assembly on the ground until you balance your detector then snap it back on your belt. Doc
  13. Optimize your Equinox for peak "QUIET" performance. You old codgers already know this stuff but I am running into a lot of newbies that are a bit perplexed about the Equinox. This is for them. We have a lot of new detectorists as well as detectorists who have never used a Minelab machine before going through a learning curve with the Equinox. The most common problem seems to be that new Equinox owners feel the detector is noisy and they are not sure how to calm the machine down. Here are some tips: DETECTING TIPS: I know when you see detectors in pictures you always see the coil cable neatly wound around the lower and upper stem. The cable is usually secured with Velcro® wraps. Don't do it! Run the cable straight up the lower rod from the coil, securing it with Velcro® wraps. Once you get to the mid rod, then you can start to wrap the coil cable, and secure it with wraps until you plug it into the back of the machine. You want to be extremely careful about the wrap you put on the coil cable down by the coil. Make sure you leave enough slack so when you lay the machine down, with the coil flat on the ground, you have enough play in this coil cable that you are not stressing it. Why do you not want to wrap the coil cable around the lower rod? Have you ever seen one of those enormous electro-magnets used in a junk yard to lift cars? Well inside that big disk is nothing more than a bunch of wound wire. When electricity is ran through it, it creates a magnetic field. Well the same thing can happen with your coil cable when it is wound on the lower rod. You turn your detector on, it sends energy down the coil cable, and when it is wound around the lower rod, you have created a magnetic field right above your coil. This can desensitize your coil as your detector struggles to adjust itself to a magnetic field it can also cause erratic behavior. The other issue that can cause noisy operation is having the sensitivity too high and also not understanding all of the fundamental operations of the detector. So download and printout that manual. The manual is available for download on Minelab.com under Equinox. Cell phones are another big issue. Seriously! A major issue. Turn your phone off and get it as far away from your detector as possible. Put it in your backpack, up and away from the detector. Another issue is your Pin Pointer. If it is not a Minelab Pin Pointer, you can actually be getting interference from your non-Minelab Pinpointer EVEN WHEN IT IS OFF! Remember the wound wire, magnetic field problem mentioned above? Well most pinpointers have windings. These windings can actually pick up the energy from your detector and cause a magnetic field and drive your detector crazy. Especially if it is too close to the detector. Minelab actually identified this issue long ago. To that end they developed their DIF Technology: Minelab’s Detector Interference Free (DIF) technology significantly reduces interference with an operating metal detector, when the pinpointer is switched off, by disengaging the pinpointer coil’s magnetic field. UNDERSTANDING THE NOISE CANCEL FEATURE: Noise Cancel is a very important and critical feature of all Minelab Detectors. What Noise Cancel does is it searches for interference or lack there of. When it finds an interference free channel it locks onto it and uses it to provide you with a relatively noise free channel of operation. Nothing is perfect, and neither is NOISE CANCEL, but you can help Fine Tune the Noise Cancel feature. #1. Is there a known source of interference nearby? Another Detectorist. High Power Lines. Cell Towers or Antennas on the tops of mountains? If so, do this: Aim your coil at the suspected source of interference. Press the settings button, (It's the GEAR looking icon in the middle under the screen.) Keep pressing it until in the lower left corner of your screen a circle with a hash mark through an up and down depiction of noise appears. That is your NOISE CANCEL mode. Now hold your detector steady, while aiming the coil at the suspected interference source and push the CHECK MARK / "X" button on the right side of the control pad just to the right of the "+" plus button (You can also push the "+" button) This starts the Noise Cancel procedure. The detector cycles through channels looking for a clean channel. It will stop on what it thinks is a quiet channel. It will display a number from -9 to 9. These represent the channels. Is the detector still a little noisy? No worries. We are going to manually look for a clean channel. With your detector still aimed at the suspected source of interference. Push the "+" plus, or "-" button and you will go up or down the channel setting changing the channel. So let's say that your detector ends up during auto-noise cancel on channel 7. When you push the "-" MINUS button it will go to channel 6, then 5, then 4, etc. When you press the "+" PLUS button it will increase the channel. Often you will find during AUTO-NOISE cancel that the number ultimately displayed let's say -3, may not be perfectly quiet, but the channel right next to it is. So manually adjust it to -2 or -4 and see if you can find a quiet channel. #2. You don't know where the interference is coming from or there is relatively no interference. If so, do this: Put your coil on the ground. Now leaving the back of the coil on the ground, tip the front of the coil up at about a 45 degree angle, So from the side your coil it should look something like this __\--- That's a bit more than 45 degrees but you get the idea. Now slowly turn around 360 degrees, make a mental note of where the most interference is coming from. When you find that noisy spot, stop right there. Hold your coil still and go through the AUTO-Noise cancel outlined above, and the MANUAL NOISE Fine tuning using the PLUS or MINUS button I described above. Doing a Noise Cancel on the ground, is important. If you don't know where the interference is coming from, chances are good it is micro-wave interference or EMI. These sources bounce around. You want to cancel them at ground level because that is where your coil is going to be doing the detecting. After deciding on best channel, hit the DETECT button which is the BLACK button with the icon of a coil on the left side of your control button panel, to the left of the MINUS button. AFTER NOISE CANCEL: Now Balance your machine. Once again click on the GEAR ICON until you cycle through to the ICON of a coil with an up and down arrow. This should be to the right of the NOISE CANCEL icon that showed up in the lower left hand side of your screen. At first hold the PLUS "+" button down and pump the coil up and down against the ground about 6 inches. Listen to the sound. The coil will sound different either going away from the ground or going towards the ground. That is because your detector is not properly balanced. If you are getting a louder sound going away from the ground that means your detector is NEGATIVELY ground balanced. THIS IS VERY BAD! You will lose a lot of depth and it will be noisy. If you get a louder sound going away from the ground hold down the PLUS button, because the way to get the detector out of a NEGATIVE BALANCE is to ADD POSITIVE ground balance, this is done with the POSITIVE "+" button. Likewise, if you are getting a louder sound when the coil goes towards the ground you are out of balance on the POSITIVE side. The way to get the detector back in balance is to hold the negative button down "-" as this brings the POSITIVE balance down and gets the detector back in balance. You want to use the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE button while pumping the coil up and down until you are either getting no sound, or the sound is the same both going towards the ground and away from the ground with your coil. I know it may be a bit confusing, but let me try to simplify. LOUDER SOUND GOING AWAY FROM GROUND = NEGATIVE BALANCE - PRESS POSITIVE BUTTON To Bring the detector into balance. LOUDER SOUND GOING TOWARDS THE GROUND = POSITIVE BALANCE - PRESS NEGATIVE BUTTON to bring the detector into balance. SAME SOUND GOING TOWARDS OR AWAY FROM GROUND = PERFECTLY BALANCED DETECTOR. When the detector is balanced, push the TARGET / DETECT button in the middle at the bottom of the Button Control Panel. ADVANCED SECRET: Running your detector slightly out of balance on the POSITIVELY balanced side will give you extra depth, BUT it is quite noisy and prone to falsing. I hope these tips and tricks will help new comers to get their Equinox to purr like a kitten while detecting, and roar like a lion when it finds a target. Doc - Certified Minelab Gold Machine Trainer 26 years a Certified Dealer with Minelab. © 2019 G.M. "Doc" Lousignont Ph.D.
  14. Well I'm crushed. He never gave me a patch. "Bad Bill!" Doc
  15. WO! WAIT! A patch? Bill has patches? I wonder where he got those? Doc
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