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  1. This is heavy like lead. Not even close to the weight of aluminum. Doc
  2. Last year, I was working a gully when I got a good target sound. At 9 inches I unearth what I think is a piece of lead. Into my trash pouch. Today I am doing some organization of my gear and I dump out the piece of lead. The more I look at it, I'm not so sure it's lead. If it is lead it certainly bears do indications of any symmetry you usually see with a bullet. It looks like a nugget. A 9.4 gram nugget of unknown material. I took a razor and carefully cut a little notch into it, very soft, shiny as silver, or lead? Anyway I am intrigued and wanted you guys input. I have never dug a nugget made of silver so I have no idea what one looks like and how it could be distinguished from lead. Take a look and thank you for your help. Doc
  3. Dartagnon sent me a write up. That baby is rare. Only 125 are known to exist today, well, make that126. Doc
  4. That's a beauty, No Mike it doesn't look like that one the top of the head is more rounded. Doc
  5. It's a mint Mark "D", I assume that is the Denver mint. Or was there a Denver mint back in 1852?
  6. So a customer called me today all excited, and with good reason. I'll call him DJ. DJ has been chasing those elusive nuggets for 15 years without success. Now in his defense he has owned every crappy $200 detector ever made, and he does not live in gold country. He lives way up in the NorthWest. His brother JJ who is also my customer lives in Utah. So twice a year, DJ flies to his brother's house and they travel down to Gold Basin for a week of fun. A year ago, DJ finally had saved enough money to invest in a Gold Monster 1000 that he purchased from me, and his brother's prompting. I met he and his brother at Gold Basin for training. I gave him all of the sage advice on what to look for, and the typical advice, keep your coil on the deck. Take your time etc. Today he calls, and he is over the moon. "Doc, you'll never guess what I found while looking for meteorites in Gold Basin, with my brother. I'll send you pictures." DJ said he got a target sound, and dug down about three inches and unearthed a pull tab. "But Doc I remember what you told me and I checked the shallow hole before I filled it in. And there was another target so I kept digging." At a depth of 8 inches DJ got the find of his life so far. A 1852 gold dollar. And it is a beauty. Still no gold nugget, but I don't think any of us would be disappointed to find this ripper in our scoop. Congratulations DJ. I told him I wanted to enter him into some FIND OF THE MONTH contests, because that find is a winner. Doc
  7. I have a customer who needs a used GPX machine, preferably a 4500. However he only has $2000 to spend. If anyone has a GPX machine they want to sell. I know this is low but if you have one you want to move, call me at 1-800-477-3211 and I will give you his name and telephone number. Thanks! Doc
  8. Hey guys, I did an automatic Specific Gravity calculator in Excel. I will give you the link here so you can download the spreadsheet. You just put in the wet weight and the dry weight and the spreadsheet does all your calculations for you instantaneously. The forum won't allow me to upload an XLS file. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ixhlgic3zbrdy1k/AADZ_azcUvo7ImrL7ufXw4Xfa?dl=0 Doc
  9. I saw that on Netflix, and wondered if it would be worth watching. I just needed to hear an endorsement. Thank you, Doc
  10. Bill I have been waiting patiently for the videos you were going to do on the covers I designed. You dang movie stars, it's so hard to get you to work. Doc
  11. Wow Chris, glad you are OK. If I remember my physiology classes, the SA Sino-Atrial Node of the heart is the PACEMAKER, that keeps your heart beating at a regulated rate. It actually gets messages from the brain telling it when your pulse ox level O2 is low and it starts beating harder to bring more oxygen to the brain. I have never heard of this condition you have where a secondary part of the heart is sending conflicting information to make the heart beat as well, it's actually sort of fascinating. However, I'm sure with you having the condition, you would prefer to have a heart that is "not interesting." Bottom line is I hope you have a fun and non-medically eventful 2019 my friend. Doc
  12. Just a Happy New Year Message to all of my prospecting family and friends. As we start the New Year, I think the one thing above all we need to make a resolution about is to try and live our lives gratefully and with kindness. It's amazing what an effect words can have, both kind ones, and hurtful ones. In 1993 I wrote a little daily meditation titled, "The Best Day of My Life" Little did I know that this writing would travel the globe. It has been published in several books, "Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Book of Wisdom, Chosen to Remember, Heavenly Helpings, and Nordies at Noon." I have received letters from people in prison, people battling cancer, people suffering with depression, people in rehab and recovery; all telling me that these words that I wrote help get them through each day. It's pretty humbling. The Best Day of my life has traveled half way around the world to a class room in Gambia. School children there recited it as a class presentation. https://youtu.be/87e6C41IqEo A gentleman on You Tube, did a lovely video presentation. https://youtu.be/3ciloYPqWO8 So this year, maybe we can all try to live our lives appreciating what a glorious gift from God each day is. Maybe trying to realize that all we need to be happy, God has already given us. Wishing everyone a very blessed 2019 filled with contentment and happiness. May your sorrows be few, and your joys plentiful and gold bountiful. Doc
  13. DOC


    Way to go Tammy. Don't you just hate it when you have been skunked for trip after trip. You start questioning everything you know. You think you are doing something wrong, and of course you're not. Just not getting over the gold. Doc
  14. My gosh, I wrote that almost 20 years ago? Where does the time go? Merry Christmas to all of my prospecting family. How the New Year treats you and your family well. Doc