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  1. I have not been on i awhile but had to come on after hearing about this. My prayers go out to Lisa and the rest of Dean's family. He was very helpful and kind person. Dustin
  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all the Space rock hunters out there. Find the Green Meteorite today...lol
  3. WOW! that is a cherry find there. Still big one coming out is a good sign...Great job!
  4. Too cool! i like it alot. can get to the site at work but i will look when i get home. do you have designs for it on the site?
  5. email me at dustin.stober@navy.miland i'll send you some google earth .kmls that can help answer that question
  6. Welcome to the forum. There is a few members here on the forum from your location. I am sure they can help you in the field. i recomend doing some research first. get some books and read up on this hobby/way of life. I also recomend look at some of or members in-situ pics. This will help you recognize what a meteorite would look like out in the field.
  7. drop me a line at dustin.stober@navy.miland i'll send you some .KML files for google earth that can help you too.
  8. Send me an email at dustin.stober@navy.miland i'll send you a KML for Google Earth with over 26,000 meteorites from all over the world and a USA specific KML too. This goes for anyone. just email me.
  9. This show is wicked funny and informative too. It has by far become my favorite show. keep it up guys.
  10. If you send me an email dustin.stober@navy.mil i'll send you a .KML file for Google Earth that has most of the recorded meteorites on it. It also links to the MetBull.
  11. I second that. No such thing as too small. Great finds! Keep it up!
  12. I would love to get your Franconia garmin topo as long as no one objects to it.
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