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  1. Thanks Steve T, Ron on the GPAA forum answered all of my questions today. Thanks for your reply!
  2. Only thing I have been able to come up with on the internet from forest service and blm. Is that any prospecting equipment larger than 11hp engine/motor, or if i disturb a certain amount of ground (cant remember the limit) I need to submit a plan of operations. Questions? 1. Why can you only use a 3" dredge on GPAA & ROADRUNNER PROSPECTOR claims. 2. {RoadRunners rules and regulations} EQUIPMENT - Dredge size is limited to three (3) inches on all claims where dredging is allowed, with the exception of those members grand fathered in on the Forest Service list for use of four (4) inch dredges. The dredge size is determined by the suction hose diameter (What does grand fathered in on forest service list for use of 4" dredge mean) is this just roadrunner rules or forest service rules? 3. What is the maximum size dredge I can use on blm or forest service land for placer prospecting. 4. What is the maximum size dredge I can use on blm or forest service land If I submit a plan of operations If anyone knows the do's and dont's of dredging here in arizona your info would be very helpful!, if you do not wish to post Pm me. Thanks
  3. Yep some day Ill own one :headphones: Hopefully sooner than later! :whoopie:
  4. If you found it next to a Big hole in the ground that Looks like 300lb Nugget came out of it :icon_mrgreen: Its mine I left it there cause I was in a hurry!, Had to run into town and rent a Backhoe from United Rentals to load it in the back of my truck
  5. Truck set in the sell your own Car Lot in front of Bashas for two weeks! Trucks been sitting now in Cottonwood Car Lot for one week! These are definitely :bowdown: Red-neck, Hillbilly, desert off road, Not much farming! Towns. Truck should have sold. Next step autotrader, craigslist, ebay ! Ive sold 2 4runners 90/91, 1995 dodge neon, 2000 dodge ram truck , 1997 chevy s-10 with in the past two years on these lots no problem, usually sold within 3 days! so the economy and tax returns are not helping. It will sell but its just gonna take some more time :grrr01:
  6. Yep when the Time comes to Purchase Ill let all you Guys Know Till then wish me luck on selling my truck! Economy is bad and everyone seems broke! Hope the truck sells This Sunday ! Been up for sale for two weeks even droped the price from $5500. to $4500. Low Kelly Blue Book it $6000. (AND ITS A 1995 CHEVY SILVERADO 4X4 CREWCAB 1TON DUALLY DIESEL!) :tisc-tisc:
  7. Yes Sir! You are correct! And my dad is the best friend I got, And he is not getting any younger!, So I spend as much time as I cant with him!!! Just feel that Im fortunate, some people wait :Huh_anim]: untill its to late
  8. Imagine the Choas!!! It will be an all out prospecting WAR! Alliances will be formed! And Friends will become Mortal Enemys! :ph34r2:
  9. Yeah! I Have been putting off buying ML PI for years now, Mainly Because of the insane prices. And the need to buy two, one for me and on for the old man. I know there are some good deals on older and used ML models. But I spent way too much money on food & gas for hunting last year!, Running out of (FUN FUNDS). Once I get the fun account stocked back up the first sweet package deal on a GP3500, GPX-4000, Or 4500 will be mine! :icon_mrgreen: I will stop resisting the inevitable :innocent0009: (Price of Gold + Quality time spent with the Old Man = Worth it) :woohoo: $6,000. : :hmmmmmm: Well only gonna get one chance to live this life ! so live it well!
  10. Yes sadly it probably would hold up in court. For the right price anything goes in court.
  11. :bowdown: Well sounds like Im just gonna have to sell one of my trucks and Jump on the minelab wagon to the gold fields and buy a $4000. Dollar GPX. I already started out small with the Minelab Eureka (Everyone Needs a good VLF) To go with there GP or GPX.
  12. Just one more excuse for a government agency to steal your money and say they need it, or your privilege to hunt and fish or ride a ohv will be endangered . With as much money that Game And Fish recieves from a Hunting licences $32.25 and a Fishing Licences $23.50. Trout stamps $15.75, Two pole stampts $6.00, Migratory bird stamp[Dove]$4.50, 12AN Kaibab Habitat Stamp[DEER]$15.00, Waterfowl stamp[Ducks]$8.75, Federal WaterFowl stamp[Ducks]$15.00, Colorado River Stamp $3.00. (NON-PERMIT TAGS, ELK $114, DEER $34.75,Fall Turkey $18.00, Fall Bear $22.25, Mountian Lion $14.50) (HUNT PERMIT TAGS obtained through draw process, ELK $121, ANTELOPE $85.00, DEER $42.25, TURKEY $25.50, JAVELINA $28.75, BIGHORN SHEEP $272.50, BUFFALO BULL $1,095.00, BUFFALO COW $659.50, BUFFALO YEARLING $362.75, BEAR $29.75, SANDHILL CRANE $22.50, PHEASANT $7.50 Game And Fish will Issue 26,089 Elk tags this year for the BIG GAME DRAW Check this out (26,089. ELK TAGS) :coffeetime: 20,872. of the Tags will go to ARIZONA residents, $121.00 for tag, $32.25 For Hunting Licences =$153.25 Per Person X 20,872. =$3,198,634.00 Cash 5,217. of the Tags will go to NON- residents (20% non-resident cap) $595.00 For Tag, $151.25 For hunting Licences=$746.25 per person X 5,217=$3,893,186.25 GAME AND FISH WILL MAKE ($7,091,820.25) DOLLARS! :hmmmmmm: Just from this ELK draw alone. Just imagine How much money they make per year when you add, DEER, ANTELOPE, BEAR, TURKEY, BUFFALO, JAVELINA, BIGHORN SHEEP! What I'M Gettin at is that GAME AND FISH makes MILLIONs Of Dollars To Help manage the ARIZONA WILDLIFE Which I think is a Good IDEA! BUT THEY DONT DO A darn THING BUT SIT ON THERE AS***ES AND watch or Arizona wildlife go to hell, when they sould be building trick tanks, repairing water tanks, and fixing the lakes up north that have holes and broken dam's that can be patched , and improving the wildlife habitat. Anyone that hunts will tell you that hunting in arizona is really going down hill, Game and FISH likes to blame it on drought and Issue 1000 permits to kill the doe on the kaibab because the say theres not enough winter range to support them, BULLS**T I have been huntinig there since 1998 and theres more than enough range to support those deer. Yeah! whatever Game and FISH Thanks for mismanaging our wildlife and not giving the arizona community there monies worth for a quality hunt !!!!!!!! Our wildlife is just one BIG FAT PAY CHECK to them! :ph34r2: They will do and say anything for more money and we all know its political bull! Just another way for uncle sams hand to find its way deeper into your pocket.
  13. Why is there so many used ones forsale :confused0013: Makes me wonder If they are worth the money :innocent0009: Same Thing with the Gerrett Infiniums, If they are not that great how come you dont see used ones for sale. Well either there a great detector for the money, so no one wants to get rid of theres, or they suck so bad that no one will even buy them. :innocent0009:
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