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  1. SSWEAT: I also found a set of dog tags. I think you would find my post in "your best non nugget find, Page 3" an interesting read. I had considerable difficulty in getting the information needed to return the tags. It was only through the help of a member of this form that I finally was able to succeed. I was able to place the tags back in the hands of the old veteran that lost them. He was then 90 years old. We owe these old vet's so much. I thank you for your effort to return these tags. Please keep us informed of your progress. Lobo
  2. TWHaz: I seldom post but had to reply to this one. Many years ago (my first in AZ) I mistakenly had a partner. What a mistake that was! He couldn't keep his mouth shut and thought the world should know of all my research and study while contributing nothing himself. The partnership didn't last a week. It made me a solo prospector who nearly always prospected alone. Prospecting can be a wonderful, exciting, and rewarding pastime but it don't come easy and it shouldn't. You have to be willing to do the research, study, and put some serious wear on a good pair of hiking boots .
  3. My very best non nugget find is my wife of over 50 years. Having said that, let me proceed. In 2006 while prospecting in south west Arizona I popped out a single military dog tag belonging to Elvin Browning. I continued beeping and several hours later, in a separate hole, distant from the first one, out came the matching dog tag. What are the odds of that happening? After returning to Ohio I thought I would try and return Elvin's tags to his next of kin. At first I had little success. Finally a member of this form provided me with a phone number to call in Oklahoma. To my surprise Elvin Bro
  4. A sincere thank you to all for the congratulations and well wishes. They are greatly appreciated by both of us. Jack & Donna
  5. I seldom post but perhaps I have the right to "crow" just a little. Tomorrow my wife and I will celebrate our golden anniversary. It has been a wonderful adventure that has lasted a half century and is still on-going. I sure got myself a "keeper" Lobo
  6. You are in my prayers. Wishing you the best. Lobo
  7. Congratulations Explorer 1. Thank's to all for a good contest. Lobo
  8. Bedrockbob is an experienced miner/prospector who shared a wealth of information with this form. I enjoyed reading his brilliantly written posts and seeing the photos. Those that provoked Bob, knowing full well the response it would draw, should now be happy. IMHO this form is not the better because of his absence. Definitely a bummer! Lobo
  9. If a smooth bore 22cal.pistol firing shot shells would be viewed as a shotgun; barrel length would very much matter. Even a 22cal. shotgun. I have heard (but do not know for a fact) that short barreled firearms firing shot shells must be rifled. Lobo
  10. Two questions: #1 Is there a company who manufactures a 22 cal. smooth bore pistol? Something solely for the purpose of shooting shot shells. #2 Would such a pistol be viewed as a short barreled shotgun and be illegal? I don't want any trouble from the ATF and I'm thinking there would be. Thank you, Lobo
  11. Rodd: SOLD. Please check your PM. Thank you. Lobo
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