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  1. in Costa Rica they do something similar, it is inside the bullring. they offer prizes to who can slap the bull in the ass, do that and win a case of beer…. like they need more beer… but it is fun the watch. around Christmas and new years they have rodeos all over the country. I guess it is just perception on if you like it or not. the more beer the better it is. bill/cr
  2. hoser a punter is a small yippy dog. bill
  3. auseeker how come the edit ? are you trying to micro manage this site ? there was nothing wrong with the way it was written..... oh thats right you have to be politically correct.............. not. bill/cr
  4. thought it was g rated myself ??? bill/cr
  5. short answer is yes, keeps all the gears turning when not needed. i would turn the hobs out . bill/cr
  6. yellow ???v what the hell are you talkin ???? yellow ,... i meaan yellow ?????? it aint yellow .... it is red and black.... good manly colors... it's not going anywhere gaiyly..... musta been smokin to much herb john. or was it the jack. bill/cr
  7. garimpo i have a Mercedes unimog, it has a 3 part rear end 2 axel housings and the 3rd member. you have pull the axel. then the portal gears and finally the axel housing to get to the locker. it is air shift. bill/cr
  8. Garimpo with the price of parts and the wear you put on them , you will have a 100,000 truck soon if not already. the lockers on my truck don't break. the only problem is the o rings get brittle and leak or break. then you need to pull 1 axel and i side of the rear end. a lot of work for 10 bucks worth parts. bill/cr
  9. heybeerman i knew you would know who this guy was ... 100,000 to build his total car ? bill/cr
  10. garimpo something like this should get you where you need to go. bill/cr
  11. hey , that pontoon boat is just about right for a 10 inch dredge !!!!!! look out Nome. bill/cr
  12. workd for me here !!! all i can say is i don´t want to be a cop in brazil.... no way ... no how.. bill-cr
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