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  1. in Costa Rica they do something similar, it is inside the bullring. they offer prizes to who can slap the bull in the ass, do that and win a case of beer…. like they need more beer… but it is fun the watch. around Christmas and new years they have rodeos all over the country. I guess it is just perception on if you like it or not. the more beer the better it is. bill/cr
  2. hoser a punter is a small yippy dog. bill
  3. auseeker how come the edit ? are you trying to micro manage this site ? there was nothing wrong with the way it was written..... oh thats right you have to be politically correct.............. not. bill/cr
  4. thought it was g rated myself ??? bill/cr
  5. workd for me here !!! all i can say is i don´t want to be a cop in brazil.... no way ... no how.. bill-cr
  6. el d the mines look a little bit safer than what i have been in costa rica, no fan line and no power. some do have air run in but most are mined by hand. the only airflow is from where they have stoped to the surface following the vien. pretty scary. bill-cr
  7. well el d all i can say is i will wait till the morning to post.......... to many beers right now. might put my foot in my mouth or worse!!! damit i sure will miss the gold photos. bill-cr
  8. el d might as well get your dredging in there.!!! your not going to do anying in california now
  9. good to hear that you guys a fine and putting a few peices of gold a way, are you going to have a chance to put the 5" in the water and hit some of those great looking rivers ? the photos don posted of the great looking bedrock running right in the middle of gold country. i get almost as excited as looking at a good looking women :innocent0002: bill-cr
  10. i wonder how the boy's are doing ? bill-cr
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