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  1. Happy Birthday Kat, I hope that you and Johnno are doing well.
  2. Chris, First I want to say thank you for the kind words. But what ever you do, don't give up. It's just a matter of time and you will start to get into some gold. I can't speak for everyone, but for me, those little pieces of gold are far and few between. Like most have said already, it's the time out in nature and the peace and quiet that is what makes the hobby great. The gold is just the icing on the cake. So in the mean time, just enjoy the time out. It's kind of like the old saying about fishing, A bad day fishing, is better than a good day at work. Take care and may the gold gods look do
  3. PLEASE... don't ever say which road it was found on, I'd hate to know that I've driven over it. Great job for the lucky finder. I just hope that it was a road that I've never been on. sourdough
  4. Hi Dakota, I watched it, it was one of the better shows that I've seen in a while, (even Perry was in it) as far as the Gold Fever Show goes. His daughter found the first piece with a ML X-Terra 705.
  5. Hi Bill, Glad to see you back on here again... The way I carry my detector is in a soft "Kolpin" quad case. I too have to break it down to make it fit, but it seems to work just fine for me. (Then again I don't ride much faster that 25 or 30 mph.) Here's a pic of how it is on my quad. Hope it helps. Plus it was fairly inexpensive compaired to some of the rear bags and boxes the I've looked at at the time. I hope this pic isn't too large to see easily. It's padded on all sides and seems to handle the bumps and bunces that I get while traveling. Plus it's big enough to carry all of my extra coil
  6. I don't know if this will help you make a decision or not, but I still have my first Minelab a GP 3500 and found a one dwt nugget at about nine inches deep with it and it wasn't a faint target. It didn't scream but it definately sounded off, no mistaking it.
  7. All I can say is GOOD SHOOTIN'. He might not have any teeth, but he sure had a set of claws on him. I think I'd like to make a rug out of that out just for posterity. Just goes to show you always need to keep your wits when something out of the ordinary happens.
  8. Herb, Thank's alot but my B-day isn't untill next week. Thank's again, sourdough
  9. Happy Birthday Jerry, Hope you have a good one. Instead of candles I hope you find one nugget for every year. sourdough
  10. Thank you Tony. But from what I've been seeing, you're not doing to bad yourself in the nugget department. You should get a quad if you want one, they are fun and you can get to places that aren't that easy to get to in a car or truck. sourdough
  11. Tailgate, thank you, I'm sure I have left you some out there. Glad you like the coin, but it's not a seated liberty, it's a 1853 Half Dime. It's almost half the diameter of a regular dime. I used that because the nugget was so small. I wanted to make it look bigger. haha Take care Tailgate and hope to run into you out there sometime. sourdough
  12. Gus, Those are the prettiest nuggets I've seen. They sure do have a lot of character to them. Keep up the good work and keep finding them. sourdough
  13. Now that is a nice looking nugget. Alot better looking than any of mine. It's got great character to it. How heavy is it and how deep was it? I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like to know. Hope you find a bunch more like it.
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