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  1. Will bring some utensil and bowls/plates for all the great food!
  2. The GPAA Phoenix chapter will be having a outing/picnic out at the LSD, Golden Dream claim Oct, 10. Signs should be posted on the roads on how to get back in to their claims. Start out on Castle Hot Spring Road off the Carefree Hwy... State Rt 74 in Morristown. After approximately 2.4 miles you will be making a left hand turn, ( the Castle Hot Spring road will already have turn to gravel from blacktop, and you will have driven pass a large pile of red dirt on the left, NW side of the road. If you drive and see the home made speed limit sign you have driven passed the left turn that will take you to the Little San Domingo wash). After you negotiated the left hand turn, your next turn will be toward your right, up N. Mine Road, aka the Little San Domingo wash. There is no posted road signs out here, so hopefully the club will have their signage out. Hope to see you there.
  3. Hey Doc, I will take #54 if it is still available. Thank you for the chance and helping all of us get through the dog days of summer!
  4. I bet the greenies would have a fit seeing that CAT working.... probably need a POO and others papers to even unload it from the truck. But I think it is great!
  5. Hey Mike, You should have some of your chili at the first sign of the flu! It might have cure it before it settle in... just like gargling with whiskey when you got a sore throat.
  6. Great time lapse Adam, is that Venus shining so bright? Early at the bonfire I think I saw the space station fly by? It was on a track from the SW to the NE I had to shield my eyes from the bonfire in order to see it. So many conversation going on couldn't bring it to many people attention. Until next time take care,
  7. I want to send out a BIG CONGRATS to TomH.... Young Tom AND old Tom in organizing and hosting a great outing! Let not mention Bill did another great job in smoking the pork butts, and everybody contributions to the pot luck dinner was tasty and plentiful. I don't believe anybody went away hungry. They was also some show and tell, proving they is still gold to be found in the LSD placers. Hopefully some pics and stories will appear filling in the good times that was had by all. Safe travels and may you find the yellar metal!
  8. Shep and Patrick... sorry to hear that you guys are not going to make it. Had a great time up at Gold Basin jawing with you. Going to miss you two, but our prayers and best wishes are with you guys and your families. Since you guys are not going to be there... we will try to keep the tall tales somewhat believable? I will see the rest of the crew there Saturday afternoon Safe travels everyone's
  9. Between the city of Mesa, and the Mesa Convention Centers, leaser.... they really stuck the GPAA with a raw deals this years! The GPAA got blind sided by this as much as the attending prospectors. I find it very hard to believe the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing.... Mesa government event planners knew this at booking date... it their complete disregard toward their customer success that is so sickening! I hope the GPAA organizer take notice of this fiasco this year and explore other local community to host their coming shows in the future. I wasn't a great fan of the shows at the fairgrounds, but they are other venues available in the valley!
  10. If you gotta buy buckets.... buy them from Firehouse subs.... the proceeds go to the foundation for firefighter. They are red in color and are pickle bucket too.
  11. There are five motel in Wickenburg and several are nearly book full now! Maybe Bill's still got a cabin left?
  12. Count me in with 3 guest. I will bring bring some lil smokies for appetizers.
  13. Congrats to all! Good looking gold and great perseverance, specially after the soggy week.
  14. I found nuggets in critters holes, beside and in dug holes in the past. So I check them all specially dry washer piles. I had open up pack rat nest before and was amazed at what they collect too... they are one of the desert recycler!
  15. Quite a bit of that white stuff melted yesterday, and with the sunshine today the snowline should retreat back up to 3000 feet. I can watch it retreat on Superstition Mountains, slowly! What get me now is that nice sticky, gooey gumbo mud! Your foot print and boot weight double in the first 15 steps.
  16. Great looking gold and a great educational post Chris, thank you! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too. Safe travels my friend.
  17. Congrats on the Q nugget mn9043 Did Lou find anything? Patrick... I think you are looking at the wrong foot print? You should be looking for a Big Foot, maybe even French speaking? Those foot pedals usually get broken off by somebody not familiar with RV fixtures. Luckily it was just the pedal right. Wish I could have been there to see everybody again, but prior commitment kept me in town. Hopefully will see everyone at Bill's LSD get together. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.
  18. Good looking nugget Bill. I saw on facebook your early delivery on Christmas present. Was this before or after the delivery? Congrats Have a great Christmas and New Year day if I don't see you before then.
  19. Thanks for the pics TomH. Sound like a good time was had by all, wish I could have been there but prior engagement kept me in town. Will be there for the LSD outing for sure. Pretty good looking gold, Congrats!
  20. Congrats! That is a great looking nugget and a great way to kick that skunk off your back.
  21. Hi Y'all, I will be making my first trip out to Gold Basin to attend this outing. Looking forward to see you all there. Take care and safe travel to all, Robert Mayo
  22. Lots of congrats to you all for finding some gold and the stories. Hoping to be out there soon myself and bump into y'all. Good luck!
  23. SWEET! Great looking nugget. Always sweet to find after dozens of bullets. Several nuggets I have found have been in previous dug holes. Dig until you find the target and check that hole again... so many times a nugget was being mask by a trash target... again... congrats!
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