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  1. Yikes!!! Call me stupid! Sorry. http://illinoismeteorites.com/yabb/YaBB.pl
  2. Thanks Kaimi, Iz checkin it out! Maybe one day we can "talk story"! I lived in Hawaii for a time on both Oahu and the Big Island. Adios, Randall
  3. Stan, Shaka Bro Sorry, in case anyone is saying, "what the heck is a SHAKA?". A way of greeting friends in Hawaii. Shaka is the sign make by your fingers and hand and usually wiggled back and forth. Da Story. Story was, a long time ago, on the way to the beach the surfers would drive by this old house. And there is always an old man sitting outside who would wave at surfers as they pass by. The old man would wave the Hang loose sign and would yell out, Hang Loose, and the surfers would wave back screaming back the same greetings. After a while, the whole thing caught on and pretty soon s
  4. Hi All, Stan, Shaka Bro Thanks guys. It sounds to me like the Goldbug 2 is the popular choice with a lightweight set of headphones. It didn't occur to me at first until someone mentioned tones. One problem I have is that I am deaf to certain high frequency tones (war injury). About the last 10 or so keys on a piano and higher. Can the tones be adjusted in a lower frequency range or flashing LED's? Adios, Randall
  5. I would like to announce a contest that was started in SkyRock a few days ago. If you like contests, I hope you will stop by. I asked Bill for his permission to post here and he said "no problemo". I'll have a sister contest in NS next month and invite SR members to enter. Hey, we're all friends here! Have some fun! Randall
  6. Any suggestions. I would like one with a long battery life since I'll be taking it out in the desert and searching for days! Rugged would be a plus. Heavy duty, light, with long battery life. I think battery life outweighs anything else. Portablility since I'll be taking it on a paraplane and I'm kind of restricted to the amount of weight I can carry. If is boils down to the detector or water then I'll choose water. Randall
  7. I'm sorry but I have to disagree. I believe and so do other people that there is a main mass buried in the Carancas. I had some discussions with Dr. Nunez de Prado in Puno and Lima and we both came to the conclusion that a mass of about 1 meter in width is buried some meters below the surface. More on this can be found at: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meetings/lpsc2008/pdf/2409.pdf
  8. Meteorites are worth a ton of money! The top dealers make well over $200,000 per year. They are able to jump on a plane at a moments notice and go into a witnessed fall with pockets full of cash buying meteorites for pennies per gram and then selling them for thousands of dollars per gram. Take the example of Michael Farmer and the Cali fall. He flew in to Cali, Columbia and bought all the meteorites that fell into the barrio. Paid a few thousand dollars, and flew back to the United States where he wholesaled most of them to other dealers for upwards of $1,000 per gram. Mike Blood is selling a
  9. Ruben, I enjoyed watching your videos on Utube. Nicely done! I'm sure you've sparked some interest in hunting and collecting meteorites. It seems to me that these famous strewnfields in the United States are still producing many meteorites. Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of all the strewnfields in the United States? Has someone produced a field-guide type of video on hunting meteorites with a metal detector? Using GPS and grids, marking and mapping, ellipse, etc... Randall
  10. Hi Ruben, To me, you represent the true spirit of the hobby and your efforts are commendable. I look forward to seeing more of your adventures. Best of luck, I hope one day you find a lunar! Randall
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