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  1. thanks for the site guys, I wish I knew about this site a while ago. yeah I have heard from a few different people about some ranchers out there that are to say the least not very friendly at all. we used to go pig hunting in the area , I remember 1 season a guy shot a pig and when they were cleaning him up they found a piece a gold stuck in its teeth. wasnt very big piece but it was gold none the less. anyways thinks again< Im sure this site will come in handy.
  2. hows it goin guys, hopefully better than the way things been goin for me? the past 2 years have been tough indeed, and now I have a feeling its gonna get worse before it gets better, anyways on to the question, if anybody here is familiar with the area silver springs ? its just north of Kingman. is there a site where you can find out if there are any claims in an area, I dont want to go into an area where I might get shot :bang:
  3. sorry to say that person who is decieving these people is just another one of those bastards that should be hung out in front city hall as an example. to bad people now a days are not smart enough to realize the power in numbers especially organized numbers, if they all were we would do just as I said above, I know its harsh but so is life right now, so we have to adapt. If I offend anybody u should wake up and smell the roses
  4. :rofl2: that right there is some funny stuff. I dont care who ya are, thats funny.
  5. yeah. all of you guys are exactly right. and there is not much better to me than being out there, feelin like ur in a different time zone,. they can have there rat race. and like a few of u brought up though, their seems to be a lot of people even when u think ur by yourself that will do anything to mess with ya. thers a lot of nice folks 2, but jst not as many. I guess Im jst sayn I hate that feeling like im being watched. anyways yall have a good one.
  6. hows everybody doin? I havnt been prospecting for very long now but one thing ive noticed is that u have to be willing to go it alone. which is not always great bein out in the wilderness all by yourself. I dnt know if anybodyelse knows what I mean. another thing is that anybody who ever went out rockhoundn or lookn for gold with me--- which isnt very many people--------- but because they didnt find anything the 1st time out, their :outtahere: they just figure im stupid I guess, probly sayin look at that fool out there, he aint never found anything and never will. for me its n
  7. Really. thanks for that . its a good thing there wasnt nobody else out there. well now that I know I will steer clear of those areas. thanks a bunch.
  8. hows everybody doin? through out my explorations and such, I usually always come across these white posts. usually always around mines. R these claims? or ventilation pipes? :confused0013: :confused0013: they are just plain white posts, some with rocks stacked around them. anyway Im sure one of you guys know what these are? Thanks.
  9. :coffeetime: hey, no offence meant to anybody, and congratulation on your win, hope u r able 2 enjoy it . but I just felt like sayin, the guy thats sellin probly has a hundered of slaves workin diggin barehanded and stuff, their the the ones actually findin all the gold and and dont get crap out of it. sorry for the bad word but its the truth. i just had to say somethin bout that cuz i couldnt imagine being in that situation. all this gold traveling through your hands and u dont get 1 piece, ? sorry if I pissed anybody off but that stuff goes on everyday over there.
  10. whats up everyone. :confused0013: I got another question for ya.dnt know how good of a question, but its a question none the less. I have heard before from more than one source but I get a lot of different answers. the question is-- is it actually possible to accidentaly destroy gold dust. I mean say u find some real fine gold, is it possible to damage it with just your bare hands? I have always figured gold no matter the size is just that, its gold, it wont dissolve,crush, or anything like that am I right here?
  11. I was actually about 30 miles north of signal. cedar mines rd, granite peak area. and im positive more research would yield better finds. its just a matter of finding the time. anyways though, thanks everybody.
  12. :angry-smiley-010: Im gonna agree with Bill southern. :innocent0009:
  13. Hey everybody. hope everyone is doin ok. I was wondering if any of u are familiar with the area right around wickieup? I went down there last weekend, did some metal detecting, some panning, but didnt see much as far as any precious minerals or metals. still had fun though. But there were a lot of mines in this area, and everything around showed signs of past workings, they obviously put in a lot of work in the area? My question is what were they mining for? the tailings and surrounding rock formations, show no indications as to what the major ore was? ive looked for any historic
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