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  1. Congrats Don, You are the man. Don't forget to tells us all about your Ururacu meteorites. Have you found any lately? Best, Joe K
  2. Here is a link to the contest thread. http://illinoismeteorites.com/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1204682221/0 Thanks, Joe Kerchner
  3. Hello everyone, I went to the Field Museum and took hundreds of photos of the meteorites that were on display in the main collection. I took pictures from the 19 or so meteorites from the display that is away from the main collection. I will be posting the photos of those soon, I will add them to this page as soon as I get time, I have been spending lots of time on this since last night. I made 48 new web pages, one for each meteorite in the main meteorite collection. I put the best pictures online, I think that all of the pictures are pretty good and show the meteorites well. I hope yo
  4. I used to have a photo of that iron om my icon on my webpage, I thought about it for a while and took it off because it was not mine and I never asked the owner if he care if I used it, so I decided to remove it. Best, Joe K
  5. Is it a slice or an individual? 1$ per gram is as high as I would go, unless it was one of the graphite nodules from Canyon Diablo. Also the spheroids are harder to come by than the meteorites. Best, Joe K
  6. I have just sent you payment for one of these. Thanks, Joe Kerchner http://illinoismeteorites.com
  7. WOWWIE!!!!, those sure are some beautiful m,eteorites. I Love the fresh crust. If you want to sell any of them PM me. Best, Joe K
  8. Congrats Roger, I cant wait to see more photos, I want to see the interior. Best, Joe K
  9. Thanks Don, I appreciate it.!!! I had a good one!!! Best Wishes, Joe Kerchner
  10. I just wanted to announce that a member came up with the correct answer to the mystery meteorite. There is still the bonus prize that anyone can win, you do not need to know anything about meteorites. All you have to do is hunt for hidden links/clues. If you go to the contest thread you will see how to hunt. The prize will be worth the hunt, I would say it is better than the Campo slice as the main prize. Best Wishes, Joe K
  11. Very Very Nice find, has to be one of the larger pieces found, especially recently. Happy Hunting, Joe K
  12. Hello everyone, I am holding a contest to give a meteorite away. the prize is pictured below. You will have to guess the mystery meteorite. to get clues of the mystery meteorite you have to find and use the clues. The rules and an explanation on how to play is on my site, follow the link. Here is a link: http://illinoismeteorites.com/yabb/YaBB.pl...=1190846061/0#0 Good Luck Good Luck to all, Joe K
  13. Here is a forum on dowsing. It tell you how to, and even shows finds. have any questions? ask away, the members there are very friendly. Best, Joe K
  14. I agree, slag or something from a fire. maybe even volcanic. Not a meteorite, Sorry :outtahere: Keep hunting, You can't win it if your not in it. Happy Hunting, Joe K
  15. Eric, The best way to tell is to cut it in half, then polish the cut ends with fine SP. This will tell you for sure. It is really hard to tell by those two photos. Best, Joe Kerchner
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