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  1. Dang John B well if it was up too me i would say you took rogers whole cherry tree with you definetely a Nice haul beautiful fusion crust too
  2. yea he sure did found the most nuggets in the first week ill sure tell him for ya
  3. i assume this is a NWA has it been classified? do you know what type of meteorite it is ? is it from a new find smore info please
  4. yea the one problem with the atv is if it has rained lately at all the salt flats turn into one huge muddy mess and can get cars and atvs stuck very easily there are always a few people each year who just drive off the highway out there and end up getting stuck so if your guna go out and hunt there make sure it has been very dry for a few weeks. hey and as long as your out there why not try and set a new land speed record for atvs
  5. holy crap man that is one big weathered chondrite way to go
  6. To my knoledge there has only been one Achrondrite found in the U.S and that was found quite recently by sunny clarry forgive me if i spelled it wrong
  7. WOW garimpo is this turns out to be a meteorite strewnfield you could go down in history like steve arnold! :whoopie:
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