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  1. Regarding the bomb fragment theory mentioned a few times on this and other forums, here's my 2 cents worth, In my time in the military, I became somewhat familiar with the results of various kinds of explosions, including shrapnel from 500LB, 1k and 2k bombs as well as a few kinds of big mines. Bomb and mine casings are designed to be lightweight since they must be attached to planes or, in the case of mines, often carried on foot. Homemade bombs are most usually made from pipe fittings or fire extinguishers, and none of the above contain the iron mass required to generate shrapnel that could be mistaken for the kind of iron meteorites found at Franconia, in my opinion. So if we set aside bombs and look at potential targets like vehicles or tanks, in every case I've seen, even when destroyed by a 2000 pound bomb, a tank gets thrown through the air, sometimes the turret flies off, but it doesn't dissolve into little pieces of shrapnel. Most tanks are destroyed by weapons like hellfire missiles, struck from above where the armor is lighter, and simply burn out. Lighter vehicles are often blown into pieces, but usually the pieces are fairly large, identifiable as such, and don't fly very far. For example, the FBI was able to make arrests after the first World Trade center bombing by reading the vehicle serial number from the frame of the van that had exploded carrying a huge quantity of ANFO explosives (I believe that was the compound used). Anyway, again, just my two cents worth.
  2. Rubin, Thanks a million for another well-made and interesting video for those of us who couldn't make it to the show! By the way, who did the music? Brilliant. S-
  3. thanks Jason. How does one know what's private property - is it posted?
  4. Nice one - thanks!! I notice all your finds are to the north of the highway and that I rarely hear of people looking to the south, although there clearly have been many finds there. Is the south considered depleted???
  5. I was the one who PM'd Jim after he so kindly sent me a copy of his Franconia map (as he said, after some quizzing). As a newbie, I was hoping for a map that gave me the overall outlines of the strewn field to work in and received instead a meticulously created color coded map displaying not only find location coordinates but also type, general size, wilderness boundaries and a wealth of other information. I am extremely grateful to Jim for that and for other help he has offered to provide; in light of current and past controversies I certainly respect Jim's caution in being careful just who he gives HIS information to.
  6. You're a great inspiration to all us newbies out there!
  7. Great story - makes me want to get out there again (once the rain stops). Useful bit on how you adjusted your technique (at least to newbies like me). thanks Del!
  8. It would be fascinating to see an article about how you create these amazing spheres; have you considered writing one? Perhaps you have already and I've missed it or maybe you prefer not to (wanting to keep the process confidential). Understandable, if so. Anyway, very impressive.
  9. I'll be in the area on the 12th so this works out well. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Sam, I have an overlay of the strewn field on a topo map I'd be happy to send you if PM me.
  11. Jim, Many thanks for your response (and to you azdigger) - exactly the kind of information I was hoping for. I'm new to meteorite hunting and am trying to do some research, reading old posts, watching videos, etc., so I don't make a complete fool of myself. I have no interest in beach detecting and don't plan on searching much for relics, so it seems the X-Terra 70 may not be my best choice. I see the GP3000 is quite a machine, but probably beyond my price range, at least for now. Scott-
  12. I've been hearing good things generally about this detector but is it a good choice, in the GMT and GB2 price range, for meteorite hunting? I know most people recommend the GMT or GB2, but am curious about this detector and wonder if anyone in the forum has experience with it. Thanks.
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