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  1. Fred, Reboltz an I will be coming from Tucson. Can't wait for another bowl of your chiliand see the rest of the gang. Carlos
  2. i was able to get them with the new pass word..... We're on for tomorrow everybody welcome 800 arivaca general store
  3. I printed an extra guest pass and application form. There will be several vehicals there and you can easily hop a ride with one of us and leave your car in Arivaca. As far as weapons....yep! see ya there!
  4. So far, Bob B., Dave D, Bob M. (guest) and myself will meet at 0800 at the general store. AZAWARE will you be there?? Anyone else? Haven't heard from JB or Rusty or anyone from the Phoenix gang. Will try again..
  5. Looks like a group is forming. I can't find richs number but i bet he will show up if he sees this post. Waiting for several more calls but I think will have some beebers for Sat.. Mikey and Gary....You out there. Come on down this Saturday. Anybody else that is interested.
  6. I think I can make it! Boor said he wanted to go. Ill give some of the guys a call as the forum hasn't been all that active. Speaking of active. I haven't been out since dec 12th last year. Everybody else down here seems to be scapping just to get thru the everyday stuff. It sure would be nice to see everybody again and smell some fresh air maybe even find a nugget.
  7. Come on down this weekend mike. Will give that thing a try.
  8. Well I was kinda waiting for John B to write one of his reports but it seems he is busy hanging cabinets. We all did get out alive abiet at dark. Harry was the only one to find the gold. The road there has seen some amazing changes. A great deal of work has been done since the last time most of us visited. The road has everything but a white line running down the middle now and a car can make most of the trip. Access is a snap but still takes some time to get to the claims. The illegal activity seems to have decreased also. 13 of us enjoyed JB's road kill burritos and someone brought some delicious wings and green beans. Nothing like a hot lunch. Harry found two nuggets and the rest of us got skunked. JB sat on his favorite rock most of the day and smoked and the rest of us fanned out over the Alamo Wash. Beautiful weather! Great friends! Great Time! Sore knees! Sore Ankles! Can't wait for the next adventure!
  9. The Hunt is on.. See ya all in the morning.
  10. The entire ride makes me jumpy. Technically it isn't difficult but the darn road rattles all the coffee right out of me. I noticed the other guys stopping frequently to recycle whatever it is they drink also. With barely more than one wash detected at the Alamo, I would say they 99.9 % of these 4 claims have never seen a metal detector. I expect to see some nice gold once we get over that darn hill. Who else is in??? Gary? BunK? JB? Bill? Hey guys virgin teritory but bring a large gun and walkie talkies. Don't forget food and water for the day. Bob... We leave kinda late so the Phoenix guys don't have to get up at 2:00A.M. I know you and George like to sneak up on those nuggets in the dark but not this time. However, be prepared to drive out in the dark. Tell your wife your gonna be kinda late.
  11. Rich...Have you been working that area on the sly?
  12. JB you said you would go on a 1 dayer. Speak up. MIKE, Gary, Hello, where are the rest of you?
  13. LET"S DO THIS THING! OK! It is the 29th. Meet the general store in Arivaca at 8:00AM. This is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It doesn't seem to matter which weekend I pick a number of my buddies can't make it. For those that can, this represent an opportunity to check out the Alamo a second time on Sunday or maybe some of you want to make a 4 dayer out of this weekend opportunity. Greaterville might appeal to some and the "Big Toad" claim has produced some nice nuggets in the past. You can camp at Greaterville easily and you can pitch a tent over at the Alamo if you have a big enough "set". SO MINIMALLY IT WE WILL MEET SATURDAY THE 29th AT THE GENERAL STORE AT 8:00AM
  14. Looks like you and me! You think those other guys read tha story about the Mexican official having his body chopped up in little pieces and dropped off at the police station in Nogales. Im still thinking it is the hand grenades that is scaring everyone off. Think the 29th works. Desert Don, LOcatorman, Mike want to go but I am not sure the date suits them yet. They're up in Franconia right now.
  15. got so excited just looking at the picture I can't even spell. wow wowowwwwwowwww wow
  16. OK Rich, JB, MIkey, Gary, Dave et. al. Lets do this thing! PICK THE DATE!
  17. Rich, I think these pussies are afraid of a few hand grenades. Whats up? Eeverybody is so quiet. Hello! Anybody out there? :confused0013:
  18. This trip just kicks just my ass. JB and the others are pretty quite so far! Could it be that this trip kicks ther asses too? Maybe, just maybe, some of them are down there already working the area. Now OK maybe the shooting and hand grenading of the Sonoran Mexico police chief may have something to do with an apparent lack of enthusiasm. Apparently his flack jacket did not help much either. OK Does anyone own a hand grenade or two? Maybe the club can purchase a 50 caliber machine gun with some of our funds. OK, Harry lets shoot for the end of November or first weekend in December.
  19. bump OK I have been out of pocket for a while. The grandkids came over and announced they would be staying with grandma and me for a few days. They have a room here and when they hanker a good meal or a little extra attention they just move in for a bit. I really get a kick being with them. Anyway it is time for a border run. WE simply have to agree on a date. There will be no chili, steaks or goodies but there is a potential to find gold. This is a rugged full day 4 wheel trip to a dangerous area. SO PICK A WEEKEND. I'll bet JB will be there with his pointy finger. PS The Alamo Claims are on the Mexican Border and much of this ground has never been detected. Illegal immigration is minimal now but drug runners still operate across the border and this is the harvest season. Guns and walkie talkies are suggested. I am not a camper so I don't know what to tell you. JB can give you some ideas and if there are enough of you maybe a camping area near Arivaca can be established as a base. So pick a date guys!
  20. Hey guys! The weathers cool and the borders hot. Time to plan a trip to the Alamo. This place has produced some nice nuggets and only a small part of this area has been explored. JB- What do you say? Let's pick a date. It is much better to go to this place in a group. Weapons and walkie-talkies are essential equipment for this trip.
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