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  1. Those pics remind me of my my old pal, Rosie. She was my dredging partner, a golden retriever. There were many times while dredging, she would actually swim into my hole and try to be with me, or even pick up a rock. The deepest she ever got was when I was in about 4' of water and she was pawing me on my back.

  2. Next time you use a pair of latex gloves when you're painting or crafting, you're going to smile when you think of this:

    A dentist noticed that his next patient, a little old lady, was nervous, so he decided to tell her a little joke as he put on his gloves.

    'Do you know how they make these gloves?' he asked.

    'No, I don't,' she replied.

    'Well,' he spoofed, 'there's a building in Canada with a big tank of latex, and workers of all hand sizes walk up to the tank, dip in their hands, let them dry, then peel off the gloves and throw them into boxes of the right size.'

    She didn't crack a smile.

    But five minutes later, during a delicate portion of the procedure, she burst out laughing.

    'What's so funny?' he asked.

    'I was just envisioning how condoms are made!'

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