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  1. I just got back from the 16-1 mine. Went there to see if I could score on some good material. Dave informed me that they just hit a 50 OZ pocket. Was not their well know "A" grade because of the arsinopyrite and not pure white bull quartz. Some was certainly good enough. The most interesating part was that they just bought a GPZ and credited this find to that detector. He also said that they blasted out aother strong signal, but have yet to muck it out. I sure hope its full of "A" grade........ Guess they paid for that detector with just one signal.......They are looking forward to finding much more with the GPZ. Only complaint was the weight and having to use it up walls and overhead.......

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  2. Not all guns owned in California are required to be registered. Please get your facts straight. Many years ago I lived in Nevada and purchased some legal weapons while a resident there. I then moved back to CA. I asked my local FFL if the law required me to register them and the resounding answer was absolutly NOT ! (confirmed this with another FFL) However, I am required to go through an FFL if I ever want to sell them.

    It offends me to always hear that CA is a commy state when in fact the majority of California counties are very conservative. The cesspool areas of the Gay Bay and LA that have the most people & get most all the representation... Sometime out there in the future I hope to be a resident of the Great State of Jefferson and not even have move away from the best weather, best gold producing areas and absolutly the best climate and geography in the lowwer 48. . That same scenario goes for New York.... get away form the population cesspools and guess what....same crap.

  3. Photo number 7, the mysterious moving rocks of Death Valley. One of the mysteries that I was interested in. No one's proved how they move.

    We recently spent a week at Death Valley, Yup it is a rare combination of circumstances that cause the rocks to move and they say ice is and wind are the key elements

  4. Chris, perseverance and a positive attitude is most important in this hobby. Detecting for gold is just plain hard to do and you are right about the equipment, but I'll bet Gold Bugs have found more gold than any other single detector, the key with equipment is learning it to the best of your ability. I don't think most prospectors are slobs but just the opposite. Even up here in the Northern Motherlode my nugget to trash ratio must be 100-1, that's just the way it is. Yes, I have found a patch that is all gold and no trash, but that is friggin RARE! Also remember that 95% of the gold is found by 5% of the people, I myself am in the 95% that find less but I strive to be near the top of that group..........research research..... but I go with the old saying, go where gold has been found before. We are lucky to live in a state that is nearly 900 miles long and North to South there is gold most of the way from the Mex border up to the Oregon border........

    Keep at it and remember it is a hobby.

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