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  1. When will the lesson ever be learned....the old saying of follow the money is what should be done. This whole fiasco started near Happy Camp by pissing of some Karuk Indians. That little band of Indians got their rich tribal brothers to join the fight. Along came Wolk's AB 1032. Fortunately that was vetoe'd by the Gov. Well negotiations started between the tribes that had casinos and the state. All back door crap. Then now Wolk introduced SB670 and the Gov signed it into law. Guess what happened next? All the tribes agreed to pay up a higher royalty to the State amounting to millions of dollars each year. No matter what science is no matter what the mining law says, as long as the Indian casinos pay all that money to the State, dredging will never be allowed. Plain and simple. The people fighting the cause are trying to use good science to prove dredging is not the monster that it is made out to be. A waste of time that only enriches lawyers. Please note it's always the same two lawyers over and over.......Ochoa, even with all the best of intentions never had a chance

  2. Went up to my old stomping ground, Nelson Creek. Was wondering if it had any water at all, so we could teach the grandkids how to pan. The creek did not let us down and it was a grand time. Still enough to water to run a 4"........


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