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  1. Trip was far from boring. We did get some gold, but less than a gram. Seems I pulled a stupid move on myself. When I put all this into motion, I checked with the State of OR for permit requirements. Went to the page on the State's website and applied for a Suction Dredge Permit. Had to promise to make reports, give them exact locations I planned to dredge and pretty much agree to all their rules about salmon habitat, dredge size, etc. After applying, we got our permits in the mail. Read them and all looked good. After the second day of dredging (just sampling), we were going to move. Went to a promising area and a local dredger was there with his kids. They were using a 3" and we started chatting with him. He asked if we included this spot on our application and I told him yes. A bit more into the conversation and watching his dredge, we asked why he had big numbers on his dredge. He said it as one of the requirement of the permit. I told him out permit had no such requirement. We compared permits. Mine was from the State and his was from the Dept of Environmental Quality. Everything on my permit said we were good to go and I was confused. He understood the confusion but said we could lose the dredge and get a giant fine if we did not have the DEQ permit. Well we called the DEQ to see how fast we could get the new permit. In talking with them, they said many were duped like us and yes, they would take our equipment and possibly fine us....... If the new application was processed as fast as possible, that would give us 1 day left in the dredge season....... we said screw it.

    We moved to the coast, Coos Bay to be exact. Enjoyed the beaches and fresh seafood the rest of the time..........At least we got a couple days of nozzle time. All in all was a fantastic get away. Loved how dog friendly Oregon beaches were but was sad that we just missed the crab seaon for fresh crabs.

    Until next season

  2. Bob.

    The spot I found the speci at 2 weeks ago and the one I found last year were WELL known patches. They were just missed. The first 2 big ones I found this year we're in a spot that has only been tested. The bedrock averages 2 to 5 feet on the slopes and of course a little deeper in the gullies where they ground sluiced. I know there is a good sized speci patch left up there if you can do something with all the brush. The 2 big ones came off a little knob that is heavily covered with sage. I'm getting the details from BLM to price out a bond to do a little push on the claim. Then maybe finding that particular source might be doable. You are correct on that Bob. On one end of the district they basically just placered and the other end they just hardrock mined. Very interesting area for sure.

    I got a dig and detect approval from the BLM with only a NOI. If you want some info on that PM me

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  3. DArn, last week I had x amount of oz's of gold... the price dropped and guess what... today I still have that same amount of gold. One of these days the paper market will go up in flames and that paper gold will be smoke in the wind, but guess what? I will still have that same amount of gold.......

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  4. Many locations here in the Motherlode produce nice smooth river worn Nuggets. Then you can find a very coarse nugget with quartz still attached. Does that mean there can be a local source in addition to the placer? Maybe but most likely is during the last major flood that moved the placer that quartz nugget got smashed and released the rough gold only to settle along with the smoother gold.

    I have always felt our river canyons were carved out in a short period of time by numerous catastrophic floods.

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