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  1. Its great Shep did not put the hammer to this. The ugly plain ol rock had some very valuable treasure inside. It was all concentrated on one end of the host rock, but in all of the detected rocks I have "processed", this one gets the "one of the best ever awards. Only one cab cut so far as the remainder are still getting the Opticon stabilization procedure and wont be cut till tomorrow. Shep said he will post some pics.... The one I cut was 16+ grams or over 80carats of beauty....... WOW was all I could say to Shep.......

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  2. Well said, You probably took my post as wrong as I took yours. Having had the American, Robbers and King fires all close to where I live, I now think much different about the destruction. Yea, I used to think about how the following floods will help replenish the gold. Now I think about nothing more than how all the people and wildlife are effected. Yes, being proactive about fire prevention is friggin important! We had our Fire Chief inspect our property for that very reason. He said all the safeguards we have definitely make out place defensible and we are now on a list with fire agencies as such. It's important as heck because insurance carriers are dumping people that live in the woods.

  3. Living under the cloud of smoke from that fire makes me feel a lot of empathy for those more directly involved. Yes, there will be new visible dirt from all the dead vegetation. But you will not be able to access it for quit a long time. The forest will be locked up tight by the FS and other agencies for safety reasons. It took over a year to have access to the destruction after the 100,000 acre fire in my backyard. Theses scorched earth kind of fires are devastating on so many levels. Let's just put good thought on not how we can prosper from tragedy but on all the effected wildlife and people whose lives will be changed forever from these fires

  4. Yup, Starting Jan1st, there is going to be a dredging ban in Oregon too. This assault on dredging really sucks and they use nothing but junk science and libtard corrupt tactics. I hope they never attack fishing, but in reality fisherman kill fish and dredgers certainly do not.

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