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  1. Go back to your manual and learn how to do a special ground balance.  That has sometimes helped me in that situation.  Bill also sells a neat little device that really stabilizes the coil wire where it goes into the control box... that is a spot prone to making issues



  2. I look at the forum and FB as two completely different venues.  I know my posting here has diminished a bunch, but I still lurk a bunch. This place is almost like a bar full of friends having some great times together.  I also regularly use FB. That venue has put my jewelry skills to a new level of worldwide awareness that I could not have done any other way.  I now have stuff in Australia, the UK and Canada.........FB can use me all they want, but the way I see it, I prosper much more than they do


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  3. Sorry to hear that, best of luck. Mine jumped from zero to three, so they did some more testing and by the time (1 week later) they scheduled a biopsy it jumped to 14, two days later I was on the table getting cut up.  The cancer I had was made extremely aggressive because of Agent Orange exposure.  Many complain about the VA, I thank them for saving my life by their fast and aggressive attack on my cancer.  It all happened in a two week period.  I was in remission for 5 years when they finally told me I am in the clear, that was 3 years ago

  4. That sure was a great trip. While in AZ I was telling Dave that some trees in California easily grow to well over 200 feet he actually thought I was jerking his leg. When I showed him some in person that were over 300' he was in awe. Next trip I want to show him some of the biggest trees in the world...... Giant Sequoias, not as tall but certainly much bigger.

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  5. Tom, Mrs El Dorado keeps asking if I want to go back to Vietnam for a visit. On one hand I sure would, but on the other I am not sure how much seeing that South Vietnam is no longer a sovereign country and is under the thumb of a brutal communist government........I just cannot bring myself to spend money that will end up with a government that I risked my life to defeat....... conundrum for sure

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