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  1. I have been out of touch with the forum. Been out mining all summer.

    This thread certainly is down my alley too. Get the 24K grain as your exchange....... You can always re-alloy it if you decide not to make it from 24K. This is probably going to be a long term project, just collecting the gold will take awhile. You will also have to figure about 15 % extra gold for the casting and surface finishing from the casting process, most of which will be returned after a cast and you should be able to recover the gold used in the process of grinding and polishing.

    The scratch test,is just as explained and not damaging......... anybone selling you an amount of scrap gold will certainly let you do the test. Or you can just trust the karat markings, they are pretty accurate as the fine for a jeweler short karating gold is very severe............ Get a jewelers loupe and visit Nevada pawn shops!

  2. Darn, you have convinced me to give my land back to the Indians. OH no, wait a minute there were never any Indians living on or near this land, seems like all they did was pass through nearby once in a while. Guess I will just have to keep it and keep out those that cannot respect it.

  3. "HEADS UP: If you have a heart problem or stress easily please be wise with the RT Examiner. RT does not accept responibility for any over-the-top effect such a powerful instrument might have. Frenzied digging and over-excitement does cause health problems. It is a tool and although you can see with your eyes what it can do, please see it as a tool and understand that Murphy's Law is alive and well in the mining and detecting game."

    Darn, Guess I should stay away from these.............

  4. Certified mail has a signed track log for every person that touches the package, plus it is stored in a safe when not in motion. I would demand an investigation with the P.O. Do not ake a no answere from anyone, keep moving up the chain and be a very courtious but demanding.

    OOps I was thinking Certified, but it is Registered mail that is the most secure..........

    Good Luck....

  5. It is post # 59 that I am referring to..........That is an attitude from the kind of people I am keeping off MY property.

    Just for general info, I am a staunch suppoerter of Jerry Hobbs and PLP. I have helped raise quite a bit of money to hel him and his small staff with the great work they do. Speaking odf that, they are having a raffle to raise money, lots of good prizes and best of all it supports a small organization that is not afraid to take the governmnet on! Here is a link to their site or caontact me and I will get you tickets. My Webpage Just go to the Forum then the Donations thread, the info is there.

  6. Well, here we go again. If you were to blow up the road and or drop trees and damage my claim in anyway, that is without a doubt against the law on many counts. I would not have to prove a single thing about the valididty of my access. Just to let you know, the BLM needs my permission to cross MY property so they can perform their inspections on my mining operation. Also the road does not go through and turns into a small trail where the claim starts.

    Folks, I am so sorry that I am taking these issues personally but they seem directed at ME. I have done some further research and the road was put in by the person that the original patent was awarded to. That makes the road a private road part and parcel to the patent and not public access. So sorry you guys are jealous because I got it and you don't, but that is life (in the free world) and always will be.

    I know this is the subject of this thread, but many other threads change directions and that is the nature of forums..........

    Area 51 is also owned by the citizens of the US.... try to get in there and they will shoot first and ask queations later! Not all government owned land is accessable to the public!

    I will defend my private property with the same energies that I defended our freedom as a Green Beret, from green tree huggers, left wing socailist and just plain jeolous people!

  7. I have had good luck and lousy luck on granite bedrock. It is always hit and miss, just have to find the right structure: translation: high water low pressure area, rotten quartz vugs, cracks and crevices. OR a good virgin spot around a big boulder. Other than that you are right, that slick granite is pretty much void of gold.

    On another claim on the upper reaches of the Middle Fork of the American , the bedrock is identical and I once found 7 1/2 oz just laying around a big boulder in less than 10" of overburden all of it in the 2-5 dwt size...go figure, but that was sure fun and my partner found 15 oz's in a crack no longer than 18"!

  8. One of the fundamental core values of this country is the ownsership of land. One of the core values of ownership of private property is being able to legally protect it! More public land is being closed to the public by The Forest Service and Park Service than any private land owners. They are the ones that you need to put your misdirected energy towards. But then again, I forget,you are new to the West and have not experienced just how much land the FS has closed off to the public as you have not witnessed it for the last 35 years as I have.

    Just as one example, do a google on the Elko Shovel brigade and you will see the kind of thing I am talking about...... There are thousands of cases just like that.

    I am very sensative towards anyone and any agency that wants to erode my privalages as a landowner. I am also very sensitive towards any agency that is constantly taking away access to public land or rights under current law.

  9. The road had not been used by the public for at least 20 years and is on private property. When I talked to the county surveyor he did not even list it as a road. That is all the research I did as I felt the county surveyers office would know more than anyone. I feel the combination of the county records and now the BLM via the geocommunicator just reinforces my decision.

    Slim I do not know why you are taking such a personal stand against me, could it be jeoulousness? Please remember. It took me over 20 years to find just such a spot that I have now, not to mention the cost of buying a 40 acre patent and paying the taxes.

    If you really feel like you need to get down to the BLM controlled river area, there is a road showing on the map north of my gate that leads to Mosquito creek. Problem is you will have to spend 2 weeks to clear the road to get in. Then when you do get down to the river, you cannot prospect because of existing claims! I think you will find that if there is a river or creek in a similar situation, you will find that a valid claim will keep you from prospecting there anyway. But I forget, you need cell coverage and there is none. There is lots of open property at higher elevations that is not claimed and fairly accessable, oops I forgot not really accessable with a big RV and no cell coverage. Your problem my friend is that you limit yourself and try to blame other for your self imposed limits. I coud show you miles and miles of just perfect land you need but your self imposed rules eliminate them. You need to get away from populated areas and private propery. As you get away from populated areas out here in the mountains, there are many places to go.

  10. And those ranchers pay a hefty lease price every year for that land knowing well that the BLM can take it away from them. Personally, I think that the BLM does a great job managing the land, it is my opinion that the Forest Circus does not do well. They have a hidden green aganda that will in many areas take away access to public land in the name of the public good. Just try to deal with the FS in an attempt to start up a real mining op vs. the BLM. Hands down the BLM will bend over backwards to do their job and the FS will bend over backwards to bury you in red tape! Been there and done that.

    And Slim, eventhough you think I am a "Piggy" you are still welcome to come on my land and or claim to try to find some of my yellow metal!

    I will be going there this week to set up a summer camp and I will post when if you want to come on down, but not in the Slimmobile (no room to turn it around). The construction crew doing the road project will only let me in from the Mosquito side.

  11. In my case, I had to clear 3/4 mile of road of manzanita, brush and poison oak so it could be passable even with my ATV. The road has obvioulsly not been used by the public for at least 20-30 years judging by the age of the manzanita. There is also another road north of my property that is totally overgrown that is accessable by the public through BLM land. so if someone want to access the river they are free to do so, but they will have to spend the 2 to 3 weeks clearing the road just as I did with mine. Mind you, that my area did not get trashed out untill I put forth all the time and effort to clear the road. It is not like it was an open road for years and I just closed it. I find that is is very sad that some have to spoil things for so many. I am also the one that does the yearly maintenance on the road with no assistance from the BLM. And, I must do it with hand tools not machinery because the reclamation bond I am forced to post with the BLM would go up tenfold if I were to use machinery to do the work. On the 40 acres that I also have under claim adjacent to my property I do Pay taxes to El Dorado county, not to mention the rather steep taxes on my 40 acres.

    Once again, I have never refused access to my property when someone has requested it, And people can certainly walk to the river through my property. Anyone that wishes to take me to court on my actions is more than willing to, but it will be a waste of their money. Also, in order the get the sheriff to take action on the people dumping, there has to be a witness.. fat chance! AND fire agencies have a key available to them and or permission to destroy the gate if needed!

  12. Slim,

    I will definatly put my two cents in this. I am one of those that put a gate across my private property where the road EVENTUALLY turns into a trail that leads to BLM land (my claim). For years I kept the road open and accessable to all. I wish you could have seen it when we were there together. People have dumped dead microwave ovens, refrigerators, boxes of unknown trash, much miscellaneous trash over the embankment on MY road. When I caught some one that built a fire in the middle of the road during a no fire in the forest time, that was my limit and I gated the road. So be it because the general public does not care one hoot about my land and looks at it like a dump. This has happened in many places in Eldorado County and the there are numerous islands of BLM land surrounded by private property.

    The BLM and the county told me it was my right to be able to protect my property and restrict acess anyway I see fit. I have also given permission to pass to any that ask. So if you want to think of me as a "piggy" owner that is up to you. My 40 acres was parceled in 1911 and signed into private property via patent by President Taft.

    Personally I thing you should take that anger to our wonderfull politicians that are constantly attempting to take away all access to public land by converting it to wilderness.


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