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  1. No doubt, I could make some fine looking jewlery out of those fantastic pieces. Most of the gold quartz I work with is from the 16-1 and I have had a few pieces where the quartz was translucent. By far my most favorite. Its so cool to be able to look down into the stone and see more gold shining below the surface. If you can look at it under magnification it is even MOORE amazing. You should take that piece and bring it to a high polish.

    This is a translucent stone from the 16-1


  2. Big nuggets no matter what! How about a picture of the cleaned up contoversial weight piece. On thing I see about that way cool chart is the weight was figured assuming the gold was 24K. While I have heard AZ gold can be high karat I doubt if it is pure gold.

  3. I.m being patient as it has only been a year since I requested a 1 ounce free sample of the dust for evaluation. All those poor slave kids can only pan a few colors at a time so I am sure my free 1 ounce sample will arrive sometime this century.

  4. I recently converted 20% of my market portfolio to gold bullion. So friggin glad I did and I may just do another 20% very soon. The single most driver that will make gold skyrocket will be when (notice I say when instead of if) OPEC wants (gold based) Euros instead of (air based)Dollars for oil. When that happens you will be so glad you have gold and not digitized money in a "Market"

    And, I will be going through as much aurifurous material next summer with my dredge as I can!

  5. Good PR is with the Forest Service in never a bad thind and getting the goods on those trashy folks will certainly earn you lotsa PR points with them. I got hard evidence against someone poaching firewood off one of my claims.... lot's of great points for me! Huge fine for him and there has been no more wood poaching on my claim!

    Go Gett'm John.

  6. Ditto" It is a piece of history and no one should actually own it, but rather just be a keeper. A few more donation letters came in Yesterday. I guess the mail has been very snailish over the Holidays because one was postmarked 17 Dec ! I have been holding the checks received so far, but will be forwarding them to Bill today.

    We are now up to $420 total. Now tht the new year has begun, I hope to see that number grow a bunch!

  7. Here is a suggestion for the recipient for this charity donation.


    The Fisher House is like the Ronald McDonald's House but it is for major VA Hospitals, both in CONUS and overseas. Many of our returning injured vets end up in long term care at one of the VA hospitals. The Fisher House is a place where parents, wives and children can stay for free in safe, clean and secure housing for as long as they need. I toured one of them in California and in all honesty they are a 5 star set up. Many spouses and children would not be able to stay with their recovering soldier without this wonderful service.

  8. I am ready to go and ready to help Bill And Jason out with this Outstanding plan.

    All checks are to be made out to Bill Southern. As mentioned each ticket is $5.00. When I receive your check, I will mail you a ticket stub for each $5 donated.

    Here is the Address to mail your checks. I will announce at least every few days what our grand total is. When the drive is over, all tickets will be mailed to Bill for the grand drawing.

    I am starting this off with the purchase of 20 tickets for myself!

    Steve Wandt

    11230 Gold Express Drive suite 310-146

    Gold River, CA 95670

  9. Most flip type digital electronic scales are only accurate to .1 gram. But, there are number of electronic scales out there that are for weighing gemstones and powder and are accurate to .01 carat. (1 gram = 5 carats) or to .1 grain. They are not your cheep ebay unit for a few bucks. Probably the best brands are Ohaus and Tanita and Presidium. As mentioned before, best bang for the buck is a reloading scale, unless of course you are willing to spend some serious $$ to get a digital scale.

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