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  1. For me it just sort of just happened. I was living in Norden, CA. The town drunk was Jim Butterfield he was about 70 years old and was from the famous Butterfield & Butterfield stage line family. One day he told me that he could teach me to find gold, if I would keep him supplied with Jim Beam. We both kept our part of the bargin and I have just been looking for gold ever since (1972). Never really had any goals other than finding the yellow stuff, kind of gives me an attachment to our history and heritage.

    He died the following year..............

  2. And to think, I see that kind of cemented gravel in rivers. Only can find it where the old timers never touched the area. I have been know to break up tons of it underwater just to get the nuggests! Darn, learn sumthn' new evry day..........

  3. Can't wait to see a fine pic of it cleaned up. Personally I think nitric is a bit extreme on the clean up side too. Depending on the gold and its alloys, it sometimes can dull the surface.

    Hydroflouric dissolving the silica and leaving just the gold would really make an eye popper. But 8 oz is just a super find no matter what. I have been on the hunt for 30+ years and have yet to find an ouncer!

  4. Just remember one thing, The BLM will not be the party that decided if a claim is legal or not, they only process paperwork and collect fees. It will be up to a judge to determine legality. If you were to file "over" him, the BLM would accept your paper work and a new claim would be recorded. Does that mean it is legal, only a judge can determine that. In my opinion of the Mining Law, his claims would certainly be open to a legal challenge.

    I would also go to gtbe BLM office and speak with a supervisor. The supervisor should provide the guidence to his staff so as not to accept such improper paperwork. Here in the Ca main office you could never get away with such erronious paperwork.

  5. Car units are just that, but they sure are top notch, 2 years ago I gave Mrs. Eldorado a Garmin Street Pilot for X-mas, This year I got Garmin Nuvi 250W. They just cannot be beat for what they are designed for.Eventhough they can be taken out of the car and used remotly, they are not for the backroads or no road. You need 2 units. I have a Delorme PN-20 for all boonie bashing and for all the reasons it is great, it isn't so good for on road vehicle direction..

    The only time I could see using a car unit remotly would be if I had to park 10 blocks away from a destination in a busy city and still needed trun by turn infor to get to my destination, or it could also work in reverse, getting back to the car parked in a 20 acre parking lot.

  6. back in my hippie days I knew everything and had little respect for opposing opinions, without getting into politics, my one regret from those days is that I could not separate the politics from the military participants. Because of that mindset I didnot give the soldiers that served the honor and respect that was, and still is their due. For that I am truely sorry...every person that serves in our Military deserves my respect for their sacrifice and service to us all.


    I was one of those on the other end of the spectrum. I want you to know that what you just posted means a lot ot many, especially me. The saying "time heals all wounds" is so very true. Once again, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I agree, that this needs to be posted in a few other areas, If it were not for "Sharing Finds", I myself would never look at the top of this forum.

  7. Chris,

    This may or may not relate to geology. In my goldsmith studies concerning casting I have learned that the crystal formation in gold relates to the speed at it cools or solidifies. The slower it cools, the smaller the crystal structure, and the faster it cools the larger the structure. It would make sense that the same hold true in a quartz vein. Dendritic crystal structure in gold while beautiful in specimens is bad in jewelry and is caused by way to rapid cooling after the gold is poured. Personally my take on gold like that is the gold solidified prior to the quartz and did it rapidly with the quarts solidifying after. Am I way off base here??????

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