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  1. Nope, I am going to dredge a claim I have had for a quite few years in Plumas County. It's a small tributary of Nelson Creek. If that does not work out, I may go to my property on the So. Fork of the American in El Dorado County...........

  2. I thought from my post last night that would let all know who won......... I am the lucky one. I want to thank Jason, Bill, and all the contributors for a great contest that will help some of our soldiers and their families in times of need. The Fisher House Foundation will be glad. I will proudly display this flag in my home and outside on my flagpole on appropriate holidays. It will be hard to pass this along next year........ I am alos going to build a nice display case for the flag and Letter

    When I did a drawing to see who would win if I was drawing, Garimpo won.

    Sgt. Steve Wandt

    5th Special Forces ABN

  3. I'm waiting waiting waiting..................The drama is almost unbearable! The ticket will be drawn and just as Bill starts to announce the winner, there will be a commercial break or the internet connection will go poof...............then the drama of the moment will just be too much for this person to handle............

  4. I just saw Golden Girl Mining sell a claim for over $2000, It is adjacent to a claim I own, so I am very familiar with the area. There is gold on the property, but you better have an experienced team and a giant winch. They claimed 80 acres, but the way they claimed it there was ony 600-800 feet of river and the access they showed was via private property. Very typical of a fast paper claim. They find a bridge over a river or creek and if available, quickly claim it and put it up for sale

    Mtman: I have a 42.5 acre claim in the Placerville (CA) area that I have had for three years and can show the gold it produced, plus the previous owner was George Massie AKA Buzzard himself, if interested PM me.

  5. Bill,

    I have been out of town for awhile. I will go to the Mail Box today and check to see if any additional donations have come in. Then tomorrow I will mail all the ticket stubs and the remaining check I have. You can choose whomever to do the drawing and them announce the winner..............

    Sorry I did not get this closed out on the first, but an out of town (mining related) trip to Winterfest 2008 got in the way. It was a miner's Pow Wow also for fundrsiaing. see this:


  6. "Stupid is as stupid does". Know the limits and stick to them and if ya can't it's all on you! That statement certainly does not mean I have no compassion for those that get hurt, but when someone gets hurt from their own negligence, I hate to see attornies get rich. It's all in the same class as that famous cup of hot coffee spill at Micky D's

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